Some of my Favorite Ydraw Explainer Videos

We are always producing new explainer videos and I at times I forget to check out our latest merchandise. Well here are some fun new and exciting explainer videos.

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Video thumbnail for wistia video Fast & Easy Video- Blue Man Video

They All Laughed When We Put Out Our Video, But Then The Sales Came In…

Hello customers, new customers, and future customers. Many of you may not know the humble beginnings of Ydraw.  It was started by a financial guru and a cement worker. People thought we were a bit crazy until we launched our first video on YouTube. Our simple company was started because of a YouTube video and…

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Client Sample sent to Ydraw

Can We Create An Explainer Video Using Other People’s artwork?

Can We create an Explainer video Using other peoples artwork? Great question.. and one that we get asked a lot. The answer is…AB-SO-LUTELY. The other day a client came to us and asked us if we could put together a video using his artist’s work instead of using one of our Ydraw artists to create…

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5 Ways Whiteboard Videos Can Help Your Business

5 Ways Whiteboard Videos Can Help Your Business Big or small, every online business can benefit from a whiteboard video marketing campaign. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a whiteboard video: They’re Affordable In some instances, the cost may be as little as a pack of dry-erase markers from the drugstore. Whiteboard videos…

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Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Whiteboard is not just for classrooms anymore. What once was used to explain complicated concepts in math, science and English is now used to explain complex features of a very helpful product. Say you have a product or service that has the potential to make millions of lives easier – but no one is buying…

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Explainer Video Commercial

Is your Explainer Video Likeable?

Innovative Commercials – Explainer Video Likeability I love innovative commercials and I especially love an innovative explainer video that is fun and likable at the same time.  Many say Mitt Romney lost the elections because of his like-ability factor, so do not lose customers over videos that nobody likes.   Be fun, be creative, and be likable.  Here is…

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