How Do We Determine Video Pricing?

We know that you are searching to know exactly what Ydraw is going to charge to you for a video. Here’s your answer…it depends. That is such a terrible answer and we think you deserve more. We are going to give some prices below, but first, let’s take a look at what determines your cost. If you have a budget under $500, we are probably not a good fit. We have costs and our quality does not fit that kind of budget. We have tried to make low-budget videos work, but they just don’t.

There are a lot of variables, so let us teach you.

1. Length of Video

Explainer video pricing is based on the length of your video. A 1-minute video is a lot less than a 5-minute video. Our first question is always going to be…”What is the length of video you are looking for?”

If you do not know, we have recommendations and would be happy to walk you through them. Your length should be determined by your message and the results you are looking for. A simple 1-minute video may work to capture someone’s attention or email address. But, if you are trying to convince someone to take action like a $20 purchase, a 1-minute video may not get you the results.

This also applies to training videos. A 1-minute training video may not be enough to get your desired results.

Our recommendation is… The length of the video should be whatever it takes to get the desired result.

2. Style of Video

What is the style of video you are looking for?

A 2D animation video is going to be double if not triple the price of a whiteboard video. There is a difference between 2D, motion graphics, animatic, 3D, and whiteboard. If you are unsure of the type of style you are looking for, reach out. You may have seen examples and just don’t know what style of video it is.

We can walk you through it.

The video style is one of the biggest determining factors in price.

3. Voiceover Artist

It’s important that you get a professional Voiceover Artist for your video. Ydraw has some of the best voiceover artists.

A quality Voiceover charges about $500 per minute. Since we order so many, we get a discount which gets passed on to our clients.

4. Custom Music

Ydraw videos include custom music. The cost is determined by the length of the video.  We have royalty-free music which can save you a lot of money, but it’s nothing like custom composed music.

We have a guy on staff we do pay for his time and talent.

5. Script Writer

We provide the script for 80% of our clients. The other 20% like to write their own script and have us do the storyboarding.

A script can make or break a video.

It’s important that your writer understands the process, timing, copywriting, and what makes a good video. At the end of the day, you want results.

Ydraw provides you a scriptwriter and a project manager to make sure your video is good. We want you to love your video and your viewers to love your video.

Here It Is. Explainer Video Prices

Here is the moment you have been waiting for. We are going to give you pricing for some of the styles we offer.

This pricing is not a quote.

It will give you an idea of what you can plan on spending. If you want a custom quote, you can call us or you can fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

1. Low budget pricing is $1,890 per minute

This option was created for non-profits, new businesses, and companies on a tight budget. It will get you what need, but it does not include all styles, scripting, or color.

For $1,890 a minute you will get a simple Whiteboard Animation Video or a Motion Graphics Video. Very simplified characters and very little background.

Either fully black and white or a simple color pallet. The quality is still amazing and you get the Ydraw love!

2. Standard Whiteboard – $7,500 for up to 90 seconds.  ($2,000 per each additional minute)

This is the most common package and I would estimate that 75% of our clients order this package. 

With our Standard Whiteboard Package, we’re able to put much more detail in the characters and backgrounds.  Our scriptwriters come on board and are able to work with you and your team to get the perfect script.

We’re also able to add more shading and rendering to the characters, add some color, and even do some pose swap animations if necessary. 

3. Premium Whiteboard – $9,000 for up to 90 seconds. ($2,500 per each additional minute)

With Premium, the Creative Director doesn’t have to be held back at all.  We can add in animations, movement, full color, whatever it takes to make it the best whiteboard you have ever encountered.

4. Line Character Animation – $8,500 for the first minute. $2,000 for each additional minute

These videos are fully animated, but the style is more simple to create and animate compared to frame-by-frame full-color characters.

5. 2D Animation – $9,000 per minute

We created this style because full 2D animation is typically too expensive for most companies. We do full-color images but simplify the frame-by-frame animation to keep costs down. All these videos come with full color and custom composed music and sound effects.


Now that you have seen pricing, you may want to see examples of the videos with pricing, that way you can see exactly what you will get. For that, we are going to have to send you to a different page.

Please remember, if you are not seeing exactly what you need, we need to chat. If you have a budget and just not sure which package is going to best for you, call us. You can also fill out the form below and we will give you a custom quote.

We would love to work with you. Hope this helps. This is all we can reveal when it comes to Explainer Video Pricing!

The time has come for you to fill out the form and get instant access to our pricing or you can pick up the phone and call us at 435-772-5002.


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I just wanted to follow up with you concerning the Pilot Pay Shortage video that your team created. In the less than one week that it has been available on our YouTube Channel, we’ve received nearly 50,000 views.

That’s in addition to a separate upload on Facebook that has received many thousands of additional views.

Even though those numbers may not be that impressive compared to a lot of videos that are on YouTube, for us it is our most viewed video ever… by far. The message and imagery are really resonating with our pilots, and your team did a great job of making that happen.

I just wanted to say thank you for making the process so easy on us and for developing such a top-notch product in such a short timeframe. I was told that payment had gone out to you, but please let me know if that is not the case. Take care and I hope we work with you again in the future.

Eric Davis

Airline Pilot Association