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New YouTube Video Ad That Will Blow Your Mind

Obviously you need to check out this New YouTube Video we created for YouTube Video Marketing Ads   It is not easy being this creative, but somebody has to do it. We came up with this YouTube video for one specific purpose. That is to create YouTube Trueview ads. Awhile back I blogged about the…

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After Effects Animation Video

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New #Ygram Videos

A video posted by Whiteboard Animation (@ydraw) on Dec 12, 2014 at 4:18pm PST Testing a new ygram video #ygrams #videograms #ydraw A video posted by Whiteboard Animation (@ydraw) on Dec 12, 2014 at 4:06pm PST

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Blackboard animation video

Blackboard Animation: A New And Exciting Way To Tell Your Story

This article was originally posted on I have been harping on my office to finish our new blackboard animation video. They say that they have been busy, but I’m not buying it. After days of torture, I can finally say that our blackboard videos are ready for production. Check it out. Blackboard Video Process So, now that…

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Jackson Financial Case Study

How Jackson Financial Used Whiteboard Videos. Jackson Financial has been a great customer of ours. A couple years ago they came to us looking for something unique. They had Ben Stein as a spokesperson and they needed a video to go along with his amazing personality (I might be pushing it on the personality thing…Bueller,…

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Animation Videos For Companies

Best Animation Videos By The King of Animation

Animation Video Decision Maker, King, Ruler, Leader, Law Changer, and, Protector of all things animation videos. You are the king of your company. Your product/services your kingdom. The world wide web is full of your loyal subjects… It’s up to you to remind them just how loyal they are. And how, pray tell, do you…

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