The Made to Stick Philosophy

Since I’ve started here at Ydraw, I’ve gotten familiar with the Made to Stick method, the formula that makes an idea remembered. It is categorized in 6 principles. 1) Simple 2) Unexpected 3) Concrete 4) Credible 5) Emotional 6) Stories Each of these principles represents the methods to help stick your ideas in the heads…

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Broken Chair, broken lives.

So, I broke my chair. I’m not saying I broke my chair by doing something irresponsible or life threatening or trying to race down the parking lot or anything. No. I sneezed. I sneezed and broke my mother-flipping chair. How does that happen? HOW? Let me explain it as best I can. My desk is…

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Today’s double down audience.

What are cave paintings, essentially? A pretentious art show in the middle of a damp cave, that’s what. I’m sure the artist was standing there next to the paintings in a Woolly Mammoth beret looking bored. At some point there were probably caveman art critics to go along with them. “Oog no like use of…

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Master your skills, especially if it involves meat.

Have you ever had one of those weekends? A food fueled smorgasbord that leaves you with a meat hangover? I did this last weekend. (Pictured: a heart attack) It was AMAZING! Three racks of ribs, two full home grown chickens and ten bratwursts. I spend over 9 hours making this. That picture was taken near…

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5 ways changing your job is a huge hassle.

Man, changing jobs is such a dang hassle. First off, jobs are a curious thing. There are a lot of people who make the best out of the career they thought they were going to enjoy. A lot of people hate their job but have to go everyday because they have no choice. Then there…

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The Rise Of Video Marketing Ideas and How To Make It Stop

We love our customers and appreciate the business you all have given us. Without you, we would not be eating. You would think that after creating animation videos for five years our ideas would run out, but they have not. Success breeds more success, and animation video creation only breeds more video ideas. It’s racking…

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