How The 76ers Work With Ydraw To Add To Their Legacy – Case Study

On-court legends share their off-court stories and see them come alive! Backstory The Philadelphia 76ers—one of America’s oldest basketball franchises—have a rich history including three NBA championships, and has been home to many of the greatest players in the sport. For decades, the Sixers have thrilled fans with the on-court show of force from the…

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The writing’s on the wall—and it says no one reads writings on the wall any more

Sad, but true. Especially if that wall is your home page, Facebook wall, or email marketing campaign. This has less to do with writing and more to do with people’s changing preferences and attention spans. If not writing, what do they want? Video killed more than the radio star… In fact, for more than a…

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Use Stories Every Time—Not Just Once Upon a Time

In 1944, two psychologists made a brief animated movie. Fritz Heider and Marianne Simmel’s movie was part of a study entitled “An Experimental Study of Apparent Behavior,” and consisted of two triangles, a dot, and a box: These inanimate objects moved around the screen and “interacted” with each other. When test subjects were asked to…

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How Whiteboard-Style Explainer Videos are the Updated Version of a 40-year-old MLM Breakthrough!

Attention multi-level marketers: Every single day multi-level marketers are asking the same tough questions: • How do we communicate more in less time? • Or: How do we communicate more, and not only make it stick, but also actionable? • Or even tougher: How do we communicate more, and make it stick, actionable, and worthy…

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[Why Losing Videos Are Created and How Ydraw Prevents It.] Ydraw + Your Message = Amazing Results

It was the 2nd quarter and he launched his clipboard into the ground, breaking it into pieces. “#&*$^%^…get over here. What the #$%^$?” (we love it) That, my friends, is Shane Battier, my coach for the next 3 days. For those of you who do not know who Shane Battier is, you should Google him.…

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The Made to Stick Philosophy

Since I’ve started here at Ydraw, I’ve gotten familiar with the Made to Stick method, the formula that makes an idea remembered. It is categorized in 6 principles. 1) Simple 2) Unexpected 3) Concrete 4) Credible 5) Emotional 6) Stories Each of these principles represents the methods to help stick your ideas in the heads…

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