Live Video Mixed On The Side

Live Video Mixed On The Side

Our team has been innovating again. It’s a constant battle to keep producing new and exciting videos to keep the audience engaged. Check these videos out.

Tempore came to us looking to incorporate their live video that was created by one of their executives. We took the live video and mixed it with some animation. Here is what we came up with.

We liked the Tempore video so much we decided to use a video that was done by one of our voiceover artists and turn it into an engaging animation video.

If you need a video or need a team of creatives to discuss your ideas, we can help.

Book a call with one of our team members.

Edutainment Videos to Keep Your Audience Engaged

Your video has to entertain and educate at the same time. Here are some great examples and some ideas to help you make the best decision for your audience.

Great example of an animation video while presenting a topic.

Taking a complicated topic and turning it into something that will entertain while you are educating.

Kick starter Campaign about a new card game.

What is your story?

Marketing Insights

I had a great week, which I am going to tell you about, but first I want to give you some quotes from a book.

Recently, I found a simple PDF online about “The 7 Lost Secrets.” I’m only giving you 5.

It’s right on the money and I wanted to pass along a couple of quotes that might change your life forever…and if it doesn’t, at least it will give you some ideas on how to improve your marketing.

The First SecretReveal the Business Nobody Knows

What are you REALLY in the business of delivering? What universal need are you fulfilling? Look past the obvious.

The Second Secret: Establish Yourself as the Expert

Can you establish yourself as an expert in your field? Can you write a book about your service?

The Third Secret: Tell Your Story

What are your stories? Who has bought from you and prospered or changed? Learn to use “story selling” methods.

The Fourth Secret: Dare Them to Travel the Upward Path

How can you challenge your customers without insulting them? Think of the Marines.

The Fifth Secret: The One Element Missing

Do you sincerely believe in what you are doing and selling? If not, why not?

This last week I had a chance to play in the USA Fantasy Basketball League in Las Vegas (yes, I did get MVP). My coach was “Thunder Dan Majerle.”

We had a private party at the Wynn where I met Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Paul George, Steph Curry and all the other big NBA stars. It was a great experience.

Not to mention the fact that we got to play a lot of basketball. Which is the whole reason I went to the camp.

The NBA players are good at their craft. One morning, I watched Kyle Korver and another guy (sorry on the name, I don’t watch a lot of NBA), have a shoot off. Each of them hit fifteen 3-pointers in a row until finally one of them missed. They did that twice.

The thing I noticed was the consistency. Their hand motion and tempo were the exact same on every shot. They work hard at perfecting the little things that make a big difference.

I’m telling you, these guys are masters of the game.

They are experts!

Are you an expert? Do you take the time necessary to become the best in your field? If I purchased your product or service would I be getting the best?

If not, why not?

When it comes to explainer videos, you are not going to find a better company than Ydraw. We hire the best and expect them to continue to improve upon their craft.

A great example would be our new blackboard videos.

We have generated a new system that will allow us to draw and record on any surface.

It’s awesome.It’s clean.It’s perfection.

Let us know when you are ready to get started on your explainer video.

I will end with this:

“If you do not let these people know about you and your services, they will not know to call you. They will go to whomever they have read about, heard about, or seen advertised. These new buyers will be the new king and they will not know of you.”

“Either advertise and continue to advertise or a new breed of customers will arise who will ignore you for one simple reason: they won’t know you exist.”

Remember, that every day a new set of customers appears. Jobs change, kids become adults, interests, lifestyle, and habits are constantly changing. Just keep planting and customers will come.

Have a great day.



2.5D Animation Videos by Ydraw

Simply put, 2.5D is the next evolution in animation. It is affordable and gives the viewers something different.

The world of animation is split into all different styles like Two-dimensional (2D), Whiteboard animation, Motion graphics, and three-dimensional (3D).

Now, while these styles may be the most popular among modern animators, there is a unique blend of the two rapidly gaining notice.

This hybrid style is known as 2.5D animation and it has been around for several years but has gained popularity over the last year or so.

Ydraw is now doing 2.5D animation videos

In the past, Ydraw has created some 2.5D style animations, but we really didn’t let all our customers know about it. Now we are. If you are looking for a cool style of video that will stand out, we can help.

Funny Explainer Video For A Kickstarter Campaign

We’ve done a lot of kickstarter campaigns, but this has to be one of our Favorites. The voice over alone had to get pretty creative to pull this one off. It’s not easy to make your voice sound like that. Thanks to everyone for making this happen.

If you are looking for a video to grab attention, capture leads, train your team or look amazing. Ydraw can help!

We need your help! Which video style do you like more?

We need your help! Which video style do you like more?

We are constantly building new styles and wanted to give you some ideas of what we can do with Animation Videos. Here are 3 different styles and we would like you to vote on which one you like better. We are constantly adapting to the markets to make sure our clients get the best.

Video 1

At the top of the list you have the a fun little animation style created by our Editor Lee Wiley. The guy loves drawing and editing videos.

Video 2

This video is rather time consuming and more of your traditional animation style. Turned out great!

Video 3

Here’s a simple preview of what is to come. We like this story style video because it grabs attention and teaches you at the same time. If you want one, we would be happy to create it for you!

Video 4

We have always enjoyed this style. Watch it and let us know what you think.

It’s time to VOTE. Which one do you like?