How biology can help you make better videos!

Lets face it…

At one point or another, each of us have had that gut feeling that defies the facts and numbers. When everything looks right on paper but for some reason it just doesn’t “feel” right.

So where does that feeling come from?

Contrary to what you may be thinking, it actually comes from the BRAIN!

Simon Sinek, a British-American author and motivational speaker, does a great job explaining this in his book called “Start with Why.”

He talks about the two parts of your brain

The Neocortex or “the what” and the Limbic or “the why”

The Neocortex being responsible for our rational and analytical thought and language and the Limbic being responsible for our feelings, behavior and decision making. He also talks about how our Limbic brain has no capacity for language.

What this means is the part of our brain that DRIVES BEHAVIOR, our Limbic Brain, doesn’t even understand the vast amounts of information you are throwing at it. It just hears BLA BLA BLA!

So how does knowing all this, help make better videos?

Studying the human brain helps us understand what motivates our audience leading to lifelong business.

Like Simon mentions, when we first communicate the “why” and get our viewer believing what we believe, we establish an emotional connection. After that connection is formed, it doesn’t really matter what we have to offer them or how we have it because “people don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.”

You can explain to your viewer till your blue in the face what all of the facts, features, benefits and details are of your company but at the end of the day, if they don’t trust you, they aren’t going to click on your website or set up that free consultation or even think about contacting you.

So before smack your viewers in the face with 7 million reasons why your company is exponentially greater than your competitors….

Ask your self WHY you do what you do. Ask yourself if you actually need all that nitty gritty, technical jargon in your video. Ask yourself if you are selling a product or selling an idea.

Understanding the role of the emotional unconscious and how it plays a role in the decision-making process of your audience is critical in making your video successful.

Remember…. “People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.”

Influencers move over. We’ve found the secret to successful content.

Authenticity… WHAT IS IT?

First, I’ll tell you exactly what it isn’t.

We’ll use the “hot Instagram mom” as our example.

Go to any Instagram famous blogger’s profile and you’ll immediately notice a few things.
At first glance, you’ll see a perfectly formatted profile aesthetic that makes you question the time spent planning out their pictures.

Dive deeper into their individual posts and their life looks PERFECT. Keep scrolling and you’ll probably start thinking that they have never had a bad hair day in their life. Their kids never cry. Their husband surprises them with flowers every day. They do 10 squats a day and have six packs, AND they still eat ice cream. The list goes on…

Every picture is planned. Every caption is formulated. These paid posts are there to distort your perception enough to buy into whatever product they are promoting.

Although advertising through these influencers has become a go-to for companies, this is NOT being authentic.

Think about some of your favorite brands or people that you follow on social media. Why do you like them?

Is it because you relate to them? Because their posts are shareable? Or maybe because you value their honest opinion?

Hopefully, you have a few of these “real” Instagram friends. Those ones that tell it like it is, and as you’re reading the post you nod your head and say “yeah, I relate.”

But what does all of this have to do with you, your business and being authentic??

I promise that you don’t have to be a “hot Instagram mom” to be successful. It’s actually the opposite.

You need to be authentic.

Stop complicating things. It’s time to get real with your customers.

So HOW do you do this??


We love stories. We remember stories. We relate to stories.

Last week we sent out an email that featured our favorites! Don’t worry if you missed it! You can view the post HERE.

One example of an effective story is a customer review.

Check out this amazon review that was submitted to the Squatty Potty that we turned into a video.

Video customer reviews work because they’re honest, real, relatable, and reliable.

Why does it all matter?

Let’s face it… No one wants to feel like they’re being sold to. We want to make a decision for ourselves. Brands need to take this into account as they are producing authentic content for their consumers.

Ydraw was built on the “explainer video”. For years, we have created amazing videos backed by metaphors, facts, summaries, and fluff. Consumers no longer want to be bombarded with that information. What they do care about is getting right to the point so that they know exactly if they want do business with you.

So what is Authenticity?
-It’s being honest.
-It’s being REAL.
-It’s understanding your customer’s problems and actually FIXING them.

Find your story, and then contact us and we’ll bring it to life 🙂

BE AUTHENTIC. Tell stories.


YouTube Ads are only getting better. Are you playing the game?

The battles of YouTube Ads are not won today by men with the largest forces.

Sure they can spend a lot more than you, but that doesn’t mean they are going to win.

YouTube ads have changed and they can be tested in a couple of weeks. There is no long waiting—no serious uncertainty—no drawn-out period when expense overtops result.

One gets his answer immediately. The YouTube campaign is based on exact information that you can see right in your Analytics and Adwords accounts.

What you do in 1 state can be one is all 50, and the views and click will be in proportion to your test states. The law of average is sure. When you expand, you will be spending your money on absolute certainty.

Let’s do a quick recap before we check out whats new.

TrueView ads

TrueView ads provide a way for you to drive traffic and sales on YouTube. Businesses who run YouTube ads often see a big lift in brand search and traffic.


You have to know what you are doing.

TrueView ads can be skipped after five seconds—so it’s important that your video is done correctly and will capture attention in the first 5 seconds. Unless you’re optimizing based on action or reach (more on that below), you only have to pay for these ads when the viewer watches 30 seconds or more, which makes them a pretty safe bet for advertising on a budget.

TrueView ads have two formats, In-Stream ads and Discovery ads. Here are the differences:

Play before a video

Show up in search

Here’s what’s new with YouTube.

TrueView For Action

Couple week back YouTube can out with TrueView For Action Youtube ads.

You can read about it on our last blog.

It was in BETA but now my accounts have this new feature.

“Soon you’ll be able to reach people on YouTube who recently searched for your products or services on Google. For example, an airline could reach people on YouTube who recently searched for “flights to Hawaii.” We call this custom intent audiences. Custom intent audiences can be an effective way to move undecided customers to action using the persuasive power of video. To get started, all you have to do is create a keyword list for your video campaign in the new AdWords experience.”

Here’s a simple video tutorial where you can see how to set up a TrueView For Action video campaign.

TrueView For Reach

If you are looking to build brand awareness and increase market penetrations, you may want to look at TrueView for reach.

I would not recommend it because I think TrueView for Action are better.


I know they are better.

YouTube Video Ad Reach Planner Tool

One of the big problems with YouTube ads are the unknown. They lack transparency but they are changing. Google has launched the do Reach planner tool.

“Starting today, we’ve made it easier to answer questions like these by introducing Reach Planner, a new tool in AdWords. Now, for the first time, advertisers can forecast the reach and frequency achievable on YouTube and across Google’s video partners, in over 50 countries. This resource will simplify the planning process by providing unique reach across devices, for all core audiences and video formats.

Please for all things practical get on this and start running ads. If you need help, that is what we are here for. Contact us and we would be happy to create a killer YouTube Ad to help you drive more traffic leads and sales.

Simple YouTube Video Ad.

We love simplicity. We run a lot of online marketing ads and have found that the simpler your message, the better your results.

Here is a video we just created. We made it so anyone can brand it…

If you want it, let us know.

Other companies that have killed it with a simple video campaign.

Next week, I am going to show you how a company went from Zero to 300 Million in revenue with a video campaign.

Happy Easter.

A Simple Yet Effective Video Production Process.

We love simplicity. It’s something we try to focus on.

Maybe we are just simple minded…:)


Our process is the same way.

There are 4 simple steps: Scripting, Storyboarding, Recording, and Editing.

The video below will explain everything.

Most of our Videos are completed in 25 days, but we can have them done in 3 days if a rush is needed. Our timelines are usually based on the customers’ needs.

If you need a video, you know where to find us.