A Simple Yet Effective Video Production Process.

We love simplicity. It’s something we try to focus on.

Maybe we are just simple minded…:)


Our process is the same way.

There are 4 simple steps: Scripting, Storyboarding, Recording, and Editing.

The video below will explain everything.

Most of our Videos are completed in 25 days, but we can have them done in 3 days if a rush is needed. Our timelines are usually based on the customers’ needs.

If you need a video, you know where to find us.

A Fast Motion Video On Setting Up A Video Campaign

Simple steps to creating a Video Marketing Campaign.

1. Develop the right message and video
2. Optimize your YouTube channel
3. Create a Landing Page to drive Traffic to
4. Set up an Adwords Video Campaign
5. Test and adjust

Grow Your Business

Marketing Hy (our sister company) created this high speed video to show you our work in action.

Why You Need An Animation Video. There’s Nothing Like It.

Why You Need An Animation Video. There’s Nothing Like It.

Let’s make this quick. I want to show you the power behind animation videos. Especially when you use them to tell stories or teach lessons.

Here is an example of one with Jerry Seinfeld and Louis CK.

People love these styles and I just found a new one today by Gary Vaynerchuk. You can go check it out on YouTube, but be careful because Gary likes to drop the F bomb.

Here are some of the comments.

I hope the wheels are spinning on the different ways you can use animation. If you need an Animation video or would like one, get in contact with us.

Now for my FREE gift.

Spring is here and I want to give you a gift for FREE. (free for you not me)

Video Views!

Since I am always running YouTube promotions, I have a way to get YouTube views for less than 1 cent.

Would you like 1000 of them?

Just send an email to jace@ydraw.com with the subject line “Because We Like You” and give me the YouTube video (the url) you would like me to push.

  • jace@ydraw.com
  • Because We Like You

I will create a simple promotion to your YouTube video for FREE.

The number of Views may vary a bit, but it will be close to 1000.

Don’t pass this up. I only have a limited number of Videos that I can promote.

Have a great day


Brother of the Cloth – Here Is A Funny Video About Simplicity

Brother of the Cloth – Here Is A Funny Video About Simplicity

Don’t say too many words.

Get a ydraw video.

“There are times when referrals don’t come easy to me…but in this case, Ydraw proved to be an excellent partner in the development of Parentlink’s video. They were responsive and flexible, they came in on budget and on time, and were very professional throughout the entire process. I did speak to three other firms before landing on Ydraw and none were as agile and customer-focused. Many had drawn out timelines that could not be adjusted to fit our schedule. Others were just way to expensive. Curtis and his team wrote the script with very little input from us and we were pleasantly surprised at how spot they were and willing to adjust as we worked our way through message development. We absolutely loved their work! I highly recommend them.”

Erin Peacock

Manager, ParentLink