3 Tips for Marketing Your Whiteboard Video on Social Media

Video has become one of the effective ways to produce sales leads and increase conversion rates. Many companies will be spending millions on marketing their videos this year, but we wanted to write a post for those companies working on a shoe string budget but still wanting their message to be heard. Once we’ve produced your amazing video, how do you push it out effectively? Here are three steps to marketing your new Ydraw video.

The Day Your Video Launches

1.    Email Blast – Email campaigns are one the most effective ways to communicate with your clients and potential customers. We are always looking for new ways to build our email list with genuine leads and find what types of emails convert the best. One way we get high click-through rates is by including a thumbnail of the video and short description of the article.

 hashtags Ydraw

By linking the article to a blog post or landing page with the video attached, it gives us the opportunity to educate our audience through both video and sales copy. We always include relevant links to previous blog posts and our homepage—the longer you can keep potential customers on your site the quicker you’ll increase your conversions (linking to previous articles also boosts your SEO).

2.   Tweet Multiple Times – If you have a following on twitter, tweeting about your video 3 or 4 times the day it launches is a great way to drive traffic. This may sound spammy but because the Twitter community moves so fast, this behavior is acceptable. However not everyone has a huge twitter following, so how can you fix that?

Twitter can be hit or miss for many companies. It is easy to get overlooked by the millions of tweets that are going on all the time. However, if you can find your niche you can drive consistent traffic to your site and create a place to interact with fans of your company. Here is a great way to boost your twitter campaigns:

http://tweepi.com/ – This a site that allows you plug in the twitter URL of leaders in your industry and follow their followers. This a great way to reach out to tweeters who are already interested in your product or service. This tool also allows you to unfollow tweeters who don’t follow you back, this is important because Twitter limits the amount of people you can follow if only a few people follow you back. Tweepi is one of the most effective tools to build a genuine twitter following. This technique takes time, but as you gain a bigger following more people will be willing to follow you back.

Don’t forget to use hashtags in your twitter post. This will increase visibility!

3.    Post On Google+ — This social media platform has become a way for business professionals to share their passions. Rather than seeing status updates on what your friends ate for breakfast, people are posting their latest blog post and tips to improve your company. The most effective way to post on Google+ is to use effective hashtags and link your post to a relevant community. If you do some digging you’ll find some communities of like-minded individuals who would benefit from your content and interact with your posts.

Google+ post

Be sure to build out of Google+ profile. Google+ posts are now ranking in Google searches, by filling out your profile you’ll improve your rank.

5 Government scandals you didn’t realize involved Whiteboard Animation

5 Government scandals you didn’t realize involved Whiteboard Animation

5 Government scandals you didn’t realize involved whiteboard animation


Because whiteboard animation is a relatively new internet sensation, it would make sense to blame video scribing for the trouble our country keeps getting into. You thought it was the Obama administration, didn’t you?

Here are 5 surprising ways in which whiteboard animation has played a hefty part in the latest US scandals:

1. NSA

Americans everywhere were outraged when news of the National Security Administration’s sifting through private emails and phone calls reached their ears. There are many rumors circulating about why the NSA felt the need to invade civilian privacy – but only one is true. And that is that James Clapper’s nephew’s girlfriend had told everyone at a family Christmas party how much more business her mother was able to generate by purchasing a whiteboard advertising video and hosting it online. Unfortunately for Clapper, and ultimately America, he had never heard of whiteboard video before and was simply trying to find a way to learn more. He figured the best way to do that was to listen up on millions of internet-surfing Americans to see if he could piece together bits of information and finally figure out what whiteboard explainer videos are all about.


2. IRS Scandal

Let’s not be hasty in blaming poor old Lois Lerner for the recent IRS party-targeting debacle. No, let’s do – because she can’t possibly blame her viewing of a whiteboard video wherein a little girl and her mother were having a tea party for a scandal like that. Mommy issues can be resolved with the help of a good therapist, and she definitely could have afforded one.


3. GSA Conference Fiasco

The lavish GSA conference held in Las Vegas is said to have excessively spent on ultra-fancy suits, gourmet dining and no doubt all the call girls $800,000+ will buy. But what the GSA is unwilling to admit is the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent actually went toward producing and viewing some of the most hilarious whiteboard animation videos known to man. Including the infamous Star Trek parody, which was so funny they laughed themselves sick – or maybe it was just the memory of the $50,187 that was spent on producing the video that upset their fragile stomachs. Either way, Martha Johnson had apparently developed an unhealthy obsession with explainer videos, and used the conference as a way to get her fellow employees hooked – thereby putting an end to any and all teasing and “whiteboard fetish” remarks around the office. I mean, what would you do in a situation like that?

Sadly, those hilarious whiteboard videos will never be seen by anyone else, because they were soon after destroyed by sheer embarrassment and shame. After all, that money could have paid the welfare of almost 900 Californians for a month!


4. Rising National Debt

Because Martha and President Obama have gotten together to play crazy eights every Tuesday night since his inauguration, it was only a matter of time before Barack developed a fascination with whiteboard animation, too. After billions of dollars were spent without reason Americans became suspicious. Some would have started questioning their own political moral codes if it hadn’t been for all the focus they put towards lobbying for Green Energy and Obamacare – which as it turns out are just excuses for him to develop more explainer videos – because producing whiteboard marketing videos is what he wants to do when he grows up.


5. Politicians Exempt from Personal Responsibility

Politicians across the nation say whiteboard videos are so engrossing that they can’t help but do whatever they are told while watching. A whiteboard video’s call to action is simply non-ignorable. Any self-exemption from responsibility by a politician can almost always be traced back to viewing a whiteboard marketing video, and statistics have shown this to likely be 100% true.


Well, now you know. America is on the path that it is because of whiteboard animation videos. Now, you can either be offended and turn to the streets to protest, or you can recognize the kind of great things whiteboard video can do for your business and jump on board the gravy train.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Whiteboard is not just for classrooms anymore. What once was used to explain complicated concepts in math, science and English is now used to explain complex features of a very helpful product. Say you have a product or service that has the potential to make millions of lives easier – but no one is buying simply because they don’t quite understand what you do. Creating a whiteboard explainer video is perhaps the most efficient way to incorporate a narrative explanation along with images and sound effects in order to maximize impact and ease of understanding. Suddenly, the light bulb flickers on – your audience gets it. And your audience wants it.


In the past, whiteboard videos were primarily a way to inform or explain complicated concepts without necessarily pushing or selling. However, with the attention-grabbing and memory retention tactics used in whiteboard explainer videos, viewers can often be sold to without even realizing it. To the viewer, watching a whiteboard animation is a fun and painless way to get more information on a topic they’re interested in. But because whiteboard animation utilizes memory retention techniques – such as appealing to each type of learner, incorporating humor, and combining fast-paced visual information with sound – they walk away from the video with tons of information about your company tucked away in their long-term memory; easily accessible next time they run into a problem your product or service can fix.


The reasons your business needs a whiteboard video are several, but simple. In fact, if it were any more complicated we could probably create a whiteboard explainer video about whiteboard explainer videos. But I’ll tell you what – just in case you’re a little confused or still not convinced, we have made an explainer video about explainer videos, and you can watch it here.

+Jessica Anderson

How To Create a Whiteboard Video

How To Create a Whiteboard Video

Hello everyone! It is great to be back from the Holidays.  I spent mine up in Northern Utah with lots of family, food and presents.  When you have 4 kids Christmas can be pretty entertaining especially for 2 year olds.  Christmas/New Years is always a great time to sit back and plan for the coming year so I hope we all can take some time to set a couple of goals.   We have a funny whiteboard video that is coming out next Monday that talks a little bit about setting goals.  It is funny, so please mark this pages so you can see it.  Enough chat lets take video scribing!

I have a confession to make! I am not the best script writer in the world, nor do I have one bit of artistic talent, but I am the best stealer; ok not really but I do like to take different ideas from all around the internet.  If I see something that I like, I will use it on my next script or video.  That is how I came up with the new whiteboard video of yvideo.  I found a script that I really liked and decides to adjust it to fit my needs and my company.  It is a great way to create a video.  Check it out.

So here are the steps to creating a great whiteboard video

1.  Write your script.  If you have no idea how to write a script, here is a simple guide for you: How to write a script.  It works and if you still can’t figure out how to write a script then you can find one you like on the internet and adjust it to fit your company.

2.  Create the Artwork.  This is pretty self explanatory.  If you can’t draw, pay someone who can. Or you can always produce junk that reflects nicely on you and your company.

3.  Record under camera. Get a nice camera and record the drawing of the artwork. You can use an Iphone but it might not turn out that hot.  You can’t have any type of shakes so make sure you use a stand of some sort. You can do this on a whiteboard or you can use a piece of paper.  Either way works.

4.  Edit your Whiteboard Video.  You can use Final Cut, After Effects or any other editing software.  We like Final Cut and Adobe After Effects.  Editing is pretty easy when it comes to whiteboard videos so if you have made it this far the rest is easy.  Add music, voiceover and sound effects.  We will usually get our voice overs from www.voiceover.com.  I highly recommend spending the money for a professional voiceover it can add so much to your video.

So there you have it 4 simple steps to creating a whiteboard video.  If you have questions please feel free to contact us anytime.
+Jace Vernon

Creating a Sales Funnel With Video

Creating a Sales Funnel With Video

I have had my eyes opened these last few weeks.  It all started with a couple of books and it ended with a class in Dallas, Texas known as the GKIC workshop put on by Glazer and Kennedy. It was amazing and proved to be well worth my time.  Hence the reason for this blog post.

Its all about the Sales Funnel

One of the most important parts of any business is sales and marketing, yet most businesses do not spend the necessary capital. If they do, they spend it on the wrong things.  Small businesses can not market like large corporation nor should we want to. For us it comes down to leads, leads, leads.

If you do not create leads, you will not survive.  If you do not have faithful customers, you will hardly grow.  Simple, right?  Well, it is easier said then done. Our whiteboard videos are designed and created to capture leads.  We want people to call us on the phone or fill out a form on our site to capture info.  That way they enter our sales funnel which has a nurturing campaign.  Once a lead enters the door we have a series of videos or emails to follow up with the clients.

I learned this technique of survival back when I served a two year mission in El Salvador at the ripe old age of 19.  We would spend hours each day knocking doors, talking to people, or asking for member referrals.  It was tough to find people who would listen to our message about the Savior. Once we got into the door we would teach the first discussion and move them into the nurturing pool where we would follow up with 5 more discussions making sure to resolve doubts along the way.  It was not easy and it took alot of work to get the leads into the pipeline and nurture them.  Luckily for us, we do not have to knock on doors 9 hours a day.  We have software that systemizes the whole nurturing process until someone is ready to act. Here’s a great quote.

“Most business owners and marketers lead lives of DESPERATION, because they do not know how to create a STEADY and SUFFICIENT SUPPLY of GOOD LEADS.”-Dan Kennedy

How to Capture Great Leads

  1. Use Video- the first step is to create a video that is fun, educational and has some type of value proposition.  We love whiteboard videos, but animation videos created by Ydraw, Epipheo, Demoduck, or Common Craft are also great.  Once you have a great video the job is to put it in front of your target audience.   If you have no idea who your target audience is, you will waste a lot money on advertising to people who do not need your product or service.
  2. Create Landing Pages-Landing pages are a great way to capture a lead.  You can use CPC ads or banner ads to drive people to a landing pages. That page needs a form on it to capture info.
  3. Direct Mail- This is something I do not know a lot about, but I am implementing it and will let you know the results.  From what I have read direct mail is still the most powerful way to generate leads.
  4. Monthly Videos or Newsletters- Currently at Ydraw we are implementing this plan.  Each month we create a general video that people enjoy watching hoping it will get passed around. The video is more for entertainment and fun than a business pitch.

Those are just a few ideas on capturing leads. Start with one and work your way up to where you have multiple avenues.  The more leads you capture the better.

Nurturing your Leads

Once you capture a lead you have to nurture it.  We spend so much time, energy, and money in capturing leads, it would be a shame not to get the most out of them.  Nurturing leads is an easy step to automate, it just requires a bit of planning and design.  Use Aweber, Mailchip, or Infusionsoft to start email follow ups. Be careful with bombarding your lead pool with too much advertising. You do not want to end up in spam folders or trash. One email per week works great. Make your emails educational, and entertaining; using stories, videos, receipts, and  a direct mail piece.

Of course, most businesses will read this article and go on their merry way not implementing this strategy.  It takes too much effort, organization, and discipline.  Don’t be them!  Jump in with both feet and become the 5% who actually experience sustainable success.

+Jace Vernon