Explainer Video Absence Creates Marketing Dilemma

Explainer Video Absence Creates Marketing Dilemma

Explainer Video Absence Creates Marketing Dilemma

The Dilemma Marketers Face in Absence of Explainer Videos. Text is Boring. Give Your Audience Something Captivating!!!

Marketers face a serious dilemma everyday when trying to reach out to their audience. Conventional methods of marketing in the form of written text is boring and uninspiring. We are faced with the daunting task of reading each and every day and often with little or no interest in the topic. Explainer Videos overcome this dilemma by offering a visual experience that is truly inspiring and captivating.


It is a dilemma that marketers and people with a message to get across know all too well: text is boring.


Quite frankly people are sick of reading. We are bombarded with so many articles and pamphlets to read each day that the average person has little to no interest reading down a wall of text to come away with nothing but a good old fashioned advertisement. This has caused many would be text advertisers to go the way of audio messages. Some choose to flock to radio airwaves with very little success. Luckily whiteboard video messages seem to combine the best of both worlds while offering even more benefits than traditional means.


Sometimes known as an explainer video, whiteboard videos can be comprised of an individual drawing out a scenario or display of information in an engaging and highly visual way. Using a simple whiteboard and some markers they create and manipulate elements in the whiteboard video that gain the audience’s attention without ever letting them go. Best of all, explainer videos can be complimentary to the video SEO strategy of your company.


Just as any other video can be shared and spread, whiteboard videos can too. This ability creates a large web like effect for your website and companies video SEO, growing larger and larger as more blogs and networks pick up on and report its message. The explainer videos are also much more likely to go viral than traditional video advertisement. This is thanks to the uniqueness of their approach and how compelling the designs of a whiteboard video can be.


+Jace Vernon

Alecsy Christensen

Whiteboard Videos – 8 Reasons Why

Whiteboard Videos – 8 Reasons Why

8 Reasons Your Company Needs a Whiteboard Video

There are a lot of reasons to not have a video for your company.  Those reasons are, for lack of a better word, wrong.

For the cost, a video is one of the absolute best pieces of marketing material you can create for your business.

According to Google:

Videos are as effective as TV in building awareness of your business. And they get results – like an average 20% increase in traffic to your website

TV ads cost a fortune, both to produce and to run. But a web video can be as cheap as you want it to be, and the broadcasting is free.

Here are some other reasons you need a video:

Reason 1 – People don’t want to read

Sure your product is amazing, and you have pages of descriptions, features, benefits, and testimonials. But a lot of people don’t want to read any of it. Speak to these people with a 45 second video that captures their attention, imagination, and interest.

Reason 2 – Rank higher in search

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, right behind Google, who owns YouTube. People are searching for YOUR product or service not just on Google, but on YouTube.  If they don’t find your video, they’ll certainly find your competitor’s.  As well, videos show up on Google searches as well.  Your video buys you more screen real estate on that crucial first page of search results.

Reason 3 – Endlessly Shareable

Videos are so easy to share and embed in other websites that if your video is compelling your fans will do your marketing for you.  No one wants to send off an entire website that’s just a boring URL until you get into it, but a video is real, it has a button you can click, even in an email or embedded somewhere else.

Reason 4 – Endlessly Versatile

This single video has so many purposes. Of course you’ll post it on your site and YouTube, but what about using it in your office, at trade shows, loading it onto a flash drive and handing it out to prospective clients? Include it on Facebook, your LinkedIn profile, and in your Twitter blasts. The REACH is incredible and will justify the cost of producing your video without question.

Reason 5 – Make an Impression

With animation, visitors to your site will remember 58% more on average than with just images and text. It is LITERALLY impressing itself on your prospect’s brains.

Reason 6 – Distinguish Yourself

Your company is the best at what it does, right? Right. Does your web copy sound like came out of some undergraduate textbook on marketing? You need to STAND OUT from your competition. A well-made video not only showcases the benefits of your product or service, it also gives you a chance to express your company’s character, philosophy, and culture.

Reason 7 – Entertaining your prospects

It’s tough to make web copy that is both entertaining and effective. It’s easier to lose someone with text, easier to be misunderstood. People are used to videos that are all over the place. If you sell blankets, make a video with a murder-mystery theme. Have a new accounting system? Your video can show how it’ll keep your books during the inevitable zombie outbreak.  Entertain your prospects with a funny story, witty dialogue, or fascinating visuals. Even if your message is pretty standard, there are some amazing visual styles that are entertaining in and of themselves.

The latest trend is video scribing, or whiteboard animations, done by companies like Ydraw.  No matter what your message, this type of creativity is sure to engage your viewers.

Reason 8 – Some Stats

–        Including your video in an email marketing blast will increase your click-through rate by 96%

–        Adding an explainer video to your website can increase your conversions by 20%

–        Videos on your site also increase brand recognition by 76%

Still not convinced?  Your competitors are. Get your Whiteboard Video today.

+Jace Vernon

New Whiteboard Animation Video Benefits Social Media

New Whiteboard Animation Video Benefits Social Media

Whiteboard animation videos have shown great success in social media methods with Ydraw.


These videos develop an engagement with the audience that is not found in other online videos, benefiting any social media campaign by creating fans.


Whiteboard animation videos are increasingly successful in helping Ydraw with their social media efforts around the web. Unlike other video marketing strategies, Ydraw’s whiteboard animation videos connect with viewers in a way that will promote devoted social media followers.

With whiteboard animation, Ydraw has seen the engagement of the viewer, or the time span that the viewer watches the videos, to be much longer than that of other videos. This animation technique consistently has shown a great impact on viewers and the dwell rate of how long they will view a video on YouTube or Vimeo.


As stated by an interviewed source in ReelSEO,


Pictures are worth a thousand words, but videos are worth a million…


Videos, specifically whiteboard animation videos, add a personal touch that is not seen anywhere else in video.


The viewer actually gets to watch artwork come to life before their eyes, as they are taken through the whole process of the development of such intricate animations and illustrations. This will then develop a sense of engagement and connection in the viewer, inviting them to watch more and more of the video. Most viewers of Ydraw videos find they look forward to watching future videos, as whiteboard animation videos are mesmerizing in all ways.

Placing whiteboard animation videos on social media allows it to reach more people.  If someone sees a great video they are more likely to share it.  Which is free marketing for your product or company!  Ydraw knows this, and recommends that all companies seek out various social media platforms to help promote their videos.

Written by Alecsy Christensen

Dr Drum Beatmaking Video a Whiteboard Video Success

Dr Drum Beatmaking Video a Whiteboard Video Success

Dr Drum’s Beat Making Whiteboard Animation Video Goes Viral

Dr Drum came out with a new whiteboard animation video and if I am seeing this right it has over 1.5 million hits in a couple of days.  Dr Drum Beat Making video is a huge hit and I am trying to figure out if their video received so many hits because of their site or if a Tastemaker made mention of it. This isn’t the actual video but here is an example of a video scribing video

Explainer Video

A very small percentage of videos get over a million hits.  How did these guys do it?  Today, it was one of the most viewed videos on YouTube and I must admit I am a bit confused.  Obviously people love Whiteboard animation videos and Dr. Drum did a good job on their video, but I am seeing some numbers that are a little crazy.  Usually it take 3 steps for a video to go viral.

1. Tastemakers: Certain people’s tastes influence those of a larger audience.

2. Communities of participation: The audience determines what is popular. “We don’t just enjoy now; we participate.”

3. Unexpectedness: Things that are unique stand out.

Dr. Drum also uploaded another video to Youtube the same day that had over 500,000 views.  You can see that the Whiteboard animation video almost doubled the performance of their other video.  Why do you think that is?  We continue to push for video scribing and hope everyone can see the results.  We have seen 400% more viewers and 85% more sales.  They just work!

Dr. Drum you did well!  I do not know how your video went viral so quickly, but kudos to you.

It is a simple $39.95 product so it might have been pushed by all kinds of affiliate programs.  I am just happy you used a Video Scribing Video or we can call it a whiteboard animation video.