Explainer Video Absence Creates Marketing Dilemma

The Dilemma Marketers Face in Absence of Explainer Videos. Text is Boring. Give Your Audience Something Captivating!!!

Marketers face a serious dilemma everyday when trying to reach out to their audience. Conventional methods of marketing in the form of written text is boring and uninspiring. We are faced with the daunting task of reading each and every day and often with little or no interest in the topic. Explainer Videos overcome this dilemma by offering a visual experience that is truly inspiring and captivating.


It is a dilemma that marketers and people with a message to get across know all too well: text is boring.


Quite frankly people are sick of reading. We are bombarded with so many articles and pamphlets to read each day that the average person has little to no interest reading down a wall of text to come away with nothing but a good old fashioned advertisement. This has caused many would be text advertisers to go the way of audio messages. Some choose to flock to radio airwaves with very little success. Luckily whiteboard video messages seem to combine the best of both worlds while offering even more benefits than traditional means.


Sometimes known as an explainer video, whiteboard videos can be comprised of an individual drawing out a scenario or display of information in an engaging and highly visual way. Using a simple whiteboard and some markers they create and manipulate elements in the whiteboard video that gain the audience’s attention without ever letting them go. Best of all, explainer videos can be complimentary to the video SEO strategy of your company.


Just as any other video can be shared and spread, whiteboard videos can too. This ability creates a large web like effect for your website and companies video SEO, growing larger and larger as more blogs and networks pick up on and report its message. The explainer videos are also much more likely to go viral than traditional video advertisement. This is thanks to the uniqueness of their approach and how compelling the designs of a whiteboard video can be.


+Jace Vernon

Alecsy Christensen