Jackson Financial Case Study

How Jackson Financial Used Whiteboard Videos.

Jackson Financial has been a great customer of ours. A couple years ago they came to us looking for something unique. They had Ben Stein as a spokesperson and they needed a video to go along with his amazing personality (I might be pushing it on the personality thing…Bueller, Bueller).

The Whiteboard Videos needed to be great. Something that would stand out among the broker industry.

There are two kinds of video producers in this world, those who create and those who don’t.

Jackson Financial is a large company that has about $120 billion in assets, which is not pocket change. They were looking for a company that could get the job done and create.

Short Story

I took a trip to Vegas to speak to a prospective client. A buddy of his walked in and saw that we were talking about whiteboard videos. Immediately he said that he loved whiteboard animation and wondered if I had ever seen Jackson Financial videos. Let’s just say I made the sale.

Ben Stein Presents

Jackson built a website that would host the videos that were being created they also sent a CD to their brokers to show to clients. They are very educational in nature. It is what I like to call “marketing by education.  Here is a screen shot.

Ben Stein Presents


Q.  Why did you decide to use Ydraw?

We were looking for quality and it seem Ydraw had some amazing stuff. Plus we just liked the feel we got from the initial phone call. Curtis has been great to work with.

Q.  What are you doing to market your videos?

We have done a couple of different things. Most of our business comes from brokers and they are always looking for some additional tools. We have provided these videos to them. We have received great feed back and we know these videos were a great addition to their presentations.


Tell a Story to Make a Viral Video

Tell a Story to Make a Viral Video

5 Traits of Viral Videos

What TV commercials do you remember? It’s probably a different answer for each person, but I’m guessing there are some similarities. The eTrade commercials with the talking baby, the Chick-Fil-A spots featuring cows with signs that say “Eat Mor Chikin”.

What about YouTube videos? Which ones stand out?

We often have clients who tell us, “I want a viral video.” Easier said than done–and while there’s no sure fire way to make a video go viral, here are common traits we’ve noticed in viral videos:

  • The videos are different
  • Something unexpected happens in the videos
  • They are funny
  • They often tell a story
  • They focus on just a couple of key points

Here’s a great article about how telling a story can help promote a company’s brand and enhance business communication [http://www.fastcompany.com/3020314/bottom-line/how-screenwriting-guru-robert-mckee-teaches-brands-to-tell-stories ]

It sounds very simple but it’s true – people like stories, read stories, and respond to stories. They work.

There’s a book titled Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath and we reference it here at Ydraw all the time.  It really helps (it’s a must-read for any business owner or marketer). The authors give a number of great examples of how a story can deliver your message better than most any other approach. They even start the book with a story!

When we’re creating a video we try to answer these 3 key questions:

Will the viewer understand it?

Will the viewer remember it?

Will the viewer enjoy it?

If we can get a “Yes” for all three, then we’re on our way (we get those positive responses by using the elements from the bullet list included above). If not, we rework it until we do. It’s a different approach for sure, but by including a narrative in videos and business communication we’ve seen better responses, higher retention rates, and more interested customers.

Give it a try! We’d love to hear your comments and your success “stories” using narratives in your efforts. Don’t be shy, you can do it!

Once again, we encourage you to Tell a Story to Make a Viral Video!

Our First Whiteboard Video – Ydraw In The Making

Ok this is rather funny and embarrassing so please, no judging.

Our First Whiteboard Video Ydraw In The Making

This is where it all started for Ydraw. Every company has a starting point and this was ours. 10 trips to Best Buy, 3 weeks of figuring things out, and a bunch of YouTube videos tutorials later. Ydraw was born. It is really an amazing story. Curtis and I (Jace) had zero experience in the video world and we figured it out.  We just had a new idea, a demand by customers, and a heck of a lot of determination.

Video Number 2.  As you can see it was a trial and error with our videos.  We had to figure out our style, and what markers, papers, font, etc…worked the best for what we were trying to do.

As you can see we have improved the process a bit.  Now we have some of the best artists, editors, and writers in the business instead of just two best friends trying a new business idea.  We’re still going strong and growing, giving others the opportunity to do what we did.  Come in and learn, and become the best.  It took time and a lot of work, but eventually we figured it out.

Moral of the story: Don’t give up.  It might take multiple fails, but eventually you’ll figure it out.  And once you do, you can begin to figure out the best way to do what you’re trying to do.
Here at Ydraw we have tried and failed a few times and have since perfected our video process along with our marketing process.  If you have any questions or comments for us here at Ydraw, let us know and we would be happy to pass on some of this sage old wisdom.  If you haven’t found what you were looking for on our blog yet, let us know, so we can take care of that immediately.  We’re all about free tips.

Whiteboard Animation Video Question and Answer: Greener Cleaner

At Ydraw we create unique videos that people will watch and take action.  Thats our mission!  The Greener Cleaner is a great video, its fun, engaging, unique and short. It will give you a couple of ideas for your next video. Here are some simple questions and answers to help you create a great video.

How Long Should Your Video Be?

90 Seconds (250 words, shorter than this blog) if you are just planning on capturing leads. If you are looking to educate your audience or make a direct sale, the length should be dictated by the message and material.  But don’t add too much content or you might lose your viewers somewhere in the rambling.  Short and sweet is always best, just make sure you keep your point in there.

Should Your Video Have Music?

Depends, we have found music helps keep everyone engaged. If you find the music distracting, then you should at the least add in some great sound effects.  You can buy libraries of music or Foley sounds, or you can find a lot of them online for free, just double check they are public domain before using them.  No one wants to have to take down their video because of one small sound effect.

Should I Write My Own Script?

No, unless you create scripts for a living. Great scripts make great videos so let our writers create your script.  If it is not in the budget, then take the time to educate yourself about the techniques of writing scripts, or find a friend or relative that knows a thing or two about the written word.

Where Should I Post My Video?

Everywhere!  Use YouTube, Vimeo, and every other video site.  Also, post your video on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram just to name a few.  If you have a video, use it and abuse it.  Shoot us an email if you are having problems getting your video out there. So there you have it.  Short and sweet! Have a great day and get a video.     +Jace Vernon

5 Celebrities that Would Endorse Ydraw for Whiteboard Animation

5 Celebrities that Would Endorse Ydraw for Whiteboard Animation

5 Celebrities that Would Endorse Ydraw for Whiteboard Animation


Whiteboard animated marketing videos have become a hot commodity in the recent years – such a hot commodity that there are a few celebrities who know all about them and would love to put in a plug for Ydraw’s creative whiteboard genius. Take a look at 5 celebrities would would endorse Ydraw in a heartbeat – if they only could:

Amanda Bynes

Bynes left movie making to get into the video scribing market, but try as she did, she couldn’t compete with Ydraw’s unwavering success. Turns out this historically balanced and well-rounded actress couldn’t handle the pressure and went seven different kinds of crazy. However, if she were in a more mentally stable place she would totally recommend investing in a Ydraw whiteboard video for your business.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga actually gets most of her outfit ideas from Ydraw videos. Our artists sketched characters in outlandish getups for audience entertainment purposes, and Lady just went gaga over them – using her endless resources to turn those imaginary outfits into realities.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton – or shall we call him Chris – has recently proven himself a pretty good guy. With his viewpoints on climbing the ladder of success being kindness and hard work, who’s to say he wouldn’t endorse Ydraw whiteboard videos? We just haven’t had time to ask him yet.

Demetri Martin

Demetri has always been a fan of Ydraw’s whiteboard animation skills. He has even tried to replicate them in his comedy acts, yet he never progresses past a magic marker and jumbo pad of paper. Bless his funny little heart.

Jimmy Kimmel

It’s no secret that Jimmy is always on the lookout for the next hilarious viral video, but did you know that passion was sparked by watching Ydraw whiteboard videos in his free time? It’s true. He was so impressed by Ydraw’s creativity and uniqueness that he started looking for other videos to make him laugh, which brought him to Youtube. Unfortunately, there are so many videos to sift through on Youtube that he hasn’t been able to promote Ydraw videos yet – but just you wait.

+Jessica Anderson