How Jackson Financial Used Whiteboard Videos.

Jackson Financial has been a great customer of ours. A couple years ago they came to us looking for something unique. They had Ben Stein as a spokesperson and they needed a video to go along with his amazing personality (I might be pushing it on the personality thing…Bueller, Bueller).

The Whiteboard Videos needed to be great. Something that would stand out among the broker industry.

There are two kinds of video producers in this world, those who create and those who don’t.

Jackson Financial is a large company that has about $120 billion in assets, which is not pocket change. They were looking for a company that could get the job done and create.

Short Story

I took a trip to Vegas to speak to a prospective client. A buddy of his walked in and saw that we were talking about whiteboard videos. Immediately he said that he loved whiteboard animation and wondered if I had ever seen Jackson Financial videos. Let’s just say I made the sale.

Ben Stein Presents

Jackson built a website that would host the videos that were being created they also sent a CD to their brokers to show to clients. They are very educational in nature. It is what I like to call “marketing by education.  Here is a screen shot.

Ben Stein Presents


Q.  Why did you decide to use Ydraw?

We were looking for quality and it seem Ydraw had some amazing stuff. Plus we just liked the feel we got from the initial phone call. Curtis has been great to work with.

Q.  What are you doing to market your videos?

We have done a couple of different things. Most of our business comes from brokers and they are always looking for some additional tools. We have provided these videos to them. We have received great feed back and we know these videos were a great addition to their presentations.