How Whiteboard-Style Explainer Videos are the Updated Version of a 40-year-old MLM Breakthrough!

Attention multi-level marketers: Every single day multi-level marketers are asking the same tough questions: • How do we communicate more in less time? • Or: How do we communicate more, and not only make it stick, but also actionable? • Or even tougher: How do we communicate more, and make it stick, actionable, and worthy…

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Some of my Favorite Ydraw Explainer Videos

We are always producing new explainer videos and I at times I forget to check out our latest merchandise. Well here are some fun new and exciting explainer videos.

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New Styles of Animation Videos | Little Twist to Whiteboard Animation Videos

Ydraw has been busy creating some New Styles of Animation Videos. We have been inventing and when that happens, their are two outcomes. 1. We bomb 2. We succeed I think both  of these videos are a huge success. We now have a way to create drawing videos on any type of surface and still…

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What can a Whiteboard Animation Video do for you?

Would any market savvy business owner toss aside a polished, entertaining, informative system that delivers “YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT/SERVICE IN YOUR LIFE!” messages and keeps potential purchasers watching intently with eye pleasing drawings and storylines of audio delight??? BREAKING BUSINESS NEWS!!! Hundreds do every single day! It’s crazy and it’s a darn shame. Common reasons…

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Range Rover Interactive Videos

How To Use Interactive Videos…The Storytelling Of The Future

Do you have any idea what you can do with an interactive video? It’s a whole new way of storytelling while allowing your audience to take control of their experience. 99.9% of the population has not caught the vision yet, but it’s ok. They are new, exciting, and soon people are going to catch the vision.…

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970 Likes in 6 minutes and 500,000 Views in a couple hours

I am all for creative videos.  We want to thank the Piano Guys for letting Ydraw be apart of this video. It stretched us a bit., but the end result was so worth it.  It was an experience for everyone involved.  Each person doing something a little bit new, and a little bit outside of…

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