Ydraw Art Styles

Ydraw has numerous talented artists that have years of experience working for Disney, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, and Marvel. We are always open to creating a new style, so if you don’t see something you love, let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Style 1: Ydraw Signature

This is our most popular style.   The characters tend to have very rounded artwork and seem more fun, cutesy, and cartoonish.   This is a good choice if you want to appeal to all audiences both young and old.   If you want a cartoony Disney-like feel, this is the style for you.

Style 2: Calvin & Hobbes

Another fun, cutesy, and cartoonish style. Known for the character’s large heads and small bodies, this style mimics the old Calvin & Hobbes cartoons. This is a great choice if you want to stand out and appeal to an older generation of comic book lovers or the kid in all of us.

Style 3: Ydraw Line Art

This is a simple line art style that we use in a lot of animation videos.

Style 4: Fashion

This is a great style for you fashionistas out there. We usually use a paintbrush tip instead of a marker tip to create this unique style. If you really want to go all out…then we can do it full watercolor as well.

Style 5: Realistic

Some clients love video scribing but just don’t want it to look too cartoony…that is why we’ve created our realistic style. Do you want to wow your audience with incredible art?….then this is the style for you. This artwork takes longer to create and we add a small fee, but the end product is amazing!

Style 6: Semi – Realistic

This style isn’t quite realistic nor is it quite cartoony…so we call it Semi-Realistic (very clever uh?). This is a great style for any corporate video or message. Usually fits well with a script that isn’t too light hearted or funny.

Style 7: Silhouette/Corporate

This is a popular style for corporate videos. We created two different versions of this style. Some corporations don’t want to show faces, so we developed our silhouette style, which is a great way to tell a story, without the emotions of character faces or backgrounds. The second style makes the background images as silhouettes, instead of detailed. This puts more focus on the characters. These usually have logos and icons telling your story.

Style 8: Elongated

Known for the cartoony and elongated legs, arms, and bodies, this is a really unique style. This style has been chosen for corporate, financial, and light hearted videos. It is really a unique style that can fit with any script.

Style 9: Ypaint

Quickly becoming one of Ydraw’s favorite styles…the Ypaint. This is a fully watercolored masterpiece. Usually done with Realistic Art and watercolor painting. This style does cost a little extra and take a little bit more time to produce. We can literally paint this artwork, but this style is usually best done by a watercolor digital reveal. Do you want to stand out from the rest and truly impress? Get a Ypaint video!