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I get asked all the time by clients and prospective clients who are looking for whiteboard videos:

“What makes you different from all the other whiteboard video companies?”

Well…I am glad you asked. We actually lost a job last week to some company in California. It always amazes me when this happens because I do not know why people settle for no name companies that produce junk. Unless it is a price issue, then I understand.

Let’s Get REAL!

Did you know that 95% of Whiteboard Animation Companies do not even create customized art? Nor do they draw under the camera. It’s all clip art and  fake hands. Welcome to the day and age of deception. If you are going with a large video production company they are most likely going to search for software that will create a fake hand.

Here is is a Fake Whiteboard Video

Here is a Real Whiteboard Video

Don’t be fooled. If you want amazing Whiteboard Animation Video results,  make sure you have a company that really does produce whiteboard videos.

Make sure they are customized and your artwork is created to match your brand and business. This will eliminate about 95 % of whiteboard video companies.

Here is a list of companies that create real whiteboard animation videos.

1. Ydraw
2. Truscribe
3. Switchvideo (look fake, but are not)
4. Whiteboard Animation
5. RSA animate (the father of Whiteboard)
6. Adtoons
7. 321 fastdraw

These 7 Whiteboard Video Companies are what I consider to be the best in the industry. We have all been around since the beginning and we focus on Explainer Videos. They are my competition and I consider them to be valid opponents (kind of).

Now Let’s Compare Whiteboard Video Quality.

Best way to compare quality is to show you some screen shots. Or you can just jump over to YouTube and check out a few videos.

Obviously I am a little biased but you will see that Ydraw is the absolute best in quality. Our artists all come from places like Disney, Cartoon Network, Marvel, etc. They worked on movies like, Land Before Time, Pocahontas, Toy Story, etc. They are one of the the things that makes us different.

Let’s Talk Whiteboard Video Pricing

This is where things can get a little tricky. The companies above have a price range starting at $3900 and goes up to $75,000. It’s rather unique how we are all over the board. Don’t ask me…  🙂

The price of a whiteboard video is very negotiable, but if you go too low, your quality will suffer. I would pay around $8000 for a one to 2 minute video. There is no need to go higher. If a company wants more or thinks they deserve more money because of some special method, don’t buy it. Have them come down!

We have a package that starts at $3900 if you are the right client, but most pay $7500 for the first minute and $2000 per additional minute.

And Finally The Whiteboard Methodology

This is where we all differ a bit, but at the end we wrap the same concepts into different terms.  For example, we like to draft our scripts using simple formulas.

1. Headline, Problem, Solutions, Call To Action.

2. Attention, Interest, Desire, Call To Action

3. Pain, Peril, Resolution.

These are all things that you need to integrate into your Explainer Video. This is what keeps their attention. I have seen all of our competitors create great videos.

Usually the number one destroyer of a creative video is the client. They say too much and forget to let us do our jobs. Below are some of my favorite videos. The first one is a great script that converts, the second one was created by RSA animate. It was one of the first whiteboard videos ever created.


Have a great day. We would love to help you with your next Whiteboard Animation Video. We consider ourselves the Best in the Industry and would love to prove it to you.

New Styles of Animation Videos | Little Twist to Whiteboard Animation Videos

Ydraw has been busy creating some New Styles of Animation Videos. We have been inventing and when that happens, their are two outcomes.

1. We bomb

2. We succeed

I think both  of these videos are a huge success. We now have a way to create drawing videos on any type of surface and still maintain the quality. That was always the hardest thing…maintaining the quality.

We are still trying to decide what to call these styles of videos, but for now we will call them cardboard animation and watercolor animation (genius).

I also added in a new animation video for Orthodontist. The animation video can be branded to any shop

Happy Birthday

1. Cardboard Animation Video

2. Watercolor Paint video (used paint brushes.)

3. New Orthodontist Video (this video can be branded with your name)

Now if those didn’t prove that we are just the coolest here at Ydraw, I’m not sure what will.  That cardboard one was just sort of fun and new and was almost just to brag that we can draw on anything.  But can we talk about that watercolor one for a minute?  Now our artists are so good that sometimes their drawings almost look like they were created electronically-yeah I’m not kidding.  Check out some of our whiteboard animations.  If that hand wasn’t there actually drawing what you’re seeing, you wouldn’t believe that some of these lines and shading wasn’t done with a computer.  So to see the watercolor animation video, well, it really shows the true talent of our artists.  There’s not faking that with a computer!  Ydraw prides itself on having some of the best people in the business, and we are here to help you create the best video for your product or company.

Let us know how we can help you today!

New Style of Animations Videos, brought to you by Ydraw.

Three Ways to Use Interactive Animation Videos

Three Ways to Use Interactive Animation Videos

Three Ways to Use Interactive Animation Videos

It has been a long time coming, but our 3rd Interactive Video has finally arrived. We think the industry is going to be heading in this direction and want to make sure our clients and future customers get the benefits.

Did you get a chance to look at our interactive video? If not, you will want to click on the link below so you can see what I am talking about.

Interactive Animation Video

You may ask- why get an Interactive Animation Video?

The answer: Why not!? Feel free to share my answer on all your social media sites. 🙂

You see advertising, telling your story, or teaching, all involve audience engagement. Think about it, how often do you see an advertisement that you can remember? We immediately click skip, turn off, or tune out.  Long gone are the days of boring videos!

Here are three different ways you can use Interactive Animation Videos. The ideas are still flowing because, interactive videos are new and over time they will only get more amazing.

1.  Tell your story with a twist

Imagine telling your company’s story with a bit of a twist. Example would be telling the same story from two different perspectives. At Ydraw we have two owners with slightly different perspectives on how the company began. It would be a blast to create an interactive video from Curtis’s perspective and my perspective.  We would then let the audience choose which one they want to hear and jump back and forth between the two.  Trust me, they will go back and listen to both sides. Curiosity is a hard temptation to overcome.

Another example would be to let the audience make a decision or ask questions like, “If you were in my situation what would you have done?” If they pick the right path then the story continues. If not, you can send them down a road that would eventually lead them back….or you can just make fun of them. 🙂

The possibilities are endless. I want all of you to think about ways you can use this. I can’t do all the thinking all the time, so get to work. Come up with some great ideas and let’s get started.

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2.  Segment and target the right message for the right audience.

Yes, I know this may sound a bit confusing, so let me explain. Your video may or may not work for every audience. You have age groups, demographics, buyers who are ready, buyers who are not, investigators, browsers, future customers and current customers.

Instead of presenting a one size fits all, why not provide options and deliver a targeted message. This allows you to provide a hamburger to someone who is craving a hamburger, salad to vegetarians, and cold cereal to geniuses. Catch my drift? Geniuses eat cold cereal and Geniuses use interactive videos.

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3.  Be different, stand out, have fun

We can’t afford to be boring. I can’t tell you how tired I am of seeing junky videos on TV, YouTube, and websites. What’s worse, I know some of the junky videos cost hundreds of thousand of dollars. It’s like standing in front of the toilet expecting to pee, but for some reason it just doesn’t happen. You older men know what I am talking about. We expect amazing and very seldom do we get it!

Interactive Animation Videos are all about being different, having fun, and creating some hype.  If nothing else, you want others to share the video just because they like it.

These interactive videos will give you an advantage in the field of influence, which is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone. It matters and your videos matter.

Think about it this way- let’s assume you meet a very attractive female at a party. She is stunning, and gives you her number. Afterwards, you meet another girl who is also pretty, but does not quite match up to your former catch. The second girl will strike you as less attractive than she actually is.  Welcome to business! The more unique and creative you are, the more you will stand out. Your competitors will not stand a chance, unless they have deeper pockets and buy out our services forever. 🙂

Have a nice day!

Oh and if you’d like to watch a little video about why interactive videos are so amazing, here’s this:


We only have a couple of spots open for interactive videos so please call.

+Jace Vernon

The Ydraw Guru – Part 1057

The Ydraw Guru – Part 1057

The Ydraw Guru — purveyor of nonsense knowledge, convoluted conclusions, wacky wisdom, and wrong-headed reasoning.

Q. Dear Ydraw Guru. What causes muscle cramps? tim

A. Snorkeling…in a wheelchair. Why? It is a simple matter of the scientific principle “form follows function.” Just look at a snorkel and doesn’t it look like a muscle cramp in action? It’s all twisted and makes you clench your teeth and breathe like Darth Vader. As for the wheelchair…I don’t dare say too much for fear of nasty comments from wheelchair manufacturers but the next time you go snorkeling in a wheelchair take notice if you don’t start to feel a big muscle cramp developing in your lungs.

Q. Dear Ydraw Guru: I was happy that Obama won the election but I know a lot of people are angry. Conservatives seem to favor the rich and liberals favor the poor. Isn’t there a way we can all be happy? Ellen.

A. Ellen, you’ve asked a question so easy to answer that it won’t display my powers of logic and reasoning to their fullest. But I suppose even easy questions need answers so here it goes.

It’s true that half of the country is happy right now and half is dismayed, depressed and even angry. But as Obama promised, hope and change are on the way. History and a little educated forecasting by yours truly shows us we are on the right path. You see in 1980 only about 20% of our population needed government assistance and now we’ve progressed to 47% with more progress to come. Here’s how it will work.

It’s really a simple cause and effect equation. As liberals raise taxes on the rich, the rich will layoff more people from their companies which will create more poor people on government assistance which will mean taxes will have to be raised on the rich again and there will be more layoffs and more poor on government assistance. Up to this point conservatives will still be unhappy but then the tide will start turn for them. The rich will not like the high taxes and many will try to escape with their money. The government won’t allow that because then they won’t have anyone to tax and so they will erect a strong fence along all our borders which should make conservatives happy that government will finally be controlling immigration. And conservatives will soon see another favorite program being enacted– the flat tax. To pay for people’s welfare needs the government will have to institute a simple flat tax (of 100%). The few rich people left will finally join the ranks of the poor and all will be equal. And if everyone is equally poor then one could also say everyone is equally rich. This means everyone will be rich which should make conservatives happy and everyone will be poor which should make liberals happy. I challenge anyone to find a flaw in this logic. All we need is a little patience for hope and change to take effect and make everyone happy. It is really as simple as that. Now on to important questions that cause me a little bit of strain.

Q. Why are men so visually stimulated?

A. Men…visually stimulated? Obviously, this question comes from a woman. (I’m a genius when it comes to women) This is a modern-day myth perpetuated by hair salons and beauty cream manufacturers. Think about it. When is the last time a man noticed that the bathroom had just been cleaned, or that you had just put a colorful bouquet of flowers on the table or that the kids were sticking spaghetti sticks up their nose? Have you ever heard your man as you walk in to the neighbor’s house and comment on the beautiful carpet or reply in surprise when you walk through the door, “Honey, you’ve done something new to your hair?” (Unless you just came back from chemotherapy and forgot to put on your wig.) The fact is men have a much higher threshold to overcome to get any visual response jolting through their synapses and registering in their brains. Just as women according to tests have a higher pain threshold which is why they put up with men in the first place.

Q. Why are gas prices so high?

A. It all has to do with inflation of the lower intestines and…oops, that’s another kind of gas. Filtering this through my massive reservoir of useless knowledge I realize now that you are referring to gasoline, the petroleum product. The short answer to your question about high gas prices is— Dentists.

Understanding why though takes a little more research and reasoning. You see oil workers learned that dentists get paid hundreds of dollars for drilling a few millimeters through a hard rocky substance while they are getting paid much less to drill for miles through another hard rocky substance. So the Petroleum Products Union (or the double P. U. as they are fondly referred to) investigated the reason why dentist are able to charge so much more for drilling so much less. The union employed a skilled mathematician who came up with this formula—D x P2 = $$$$. (Where D=dentist and P=-pain.) Therefore, the double P.U. deduced that people will pay a premium for pain. That’s why we now have higher prices called “Pain at the Pump.”

Such Simple Questions

Mark Swan the (Ydraw Guru)

Look forward to Part 30490 of the Ydraw Guru (coming next fall or next week)

Animated Corporate Videos Are Awesome

Animated Corporate Videos Created By Ydraw

How many of you have seen an animated corporate video? Most of you have seen all different styles of corporate videos. Did you know that one of the highest converting video for large corporations is a nice clean animation video done in a corporate style. This might be a shocker to you because we continue to see the lousy boring live videos all over the TV. They work on occasion, but most of the time they do not. When we see their million dollar commercials the dead switch come on and we start doing something else.

The art of the corporate animation video

Every video needs to stand out a be a little bit different. I am always talking about this and pushing the concept that things need to be new and original. I know it is not rocket science, but most corporations have a huge issue with adopting new and exciting things.  They think they have tested and tested what works and anything other than what was proven to work 15 years ago is wrong.  Like Nielsen ratings.  Nothing is ever new or different, just the same basic story lines regurgitated.   Trust me, new and different…will work.

Here is another great animation corporate video:

As always, we would love to hear from you. Do you have any questions? Maybe a few comments? Several different ideas that we could steal for our next corporate video that will make us buko bucks? Or maybe you just wanna tell us a story about your great-aunt Blanche. That’s cool. Feel free to email us or leave us a comment below, or give us a call.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments about corporate videos, or call to see about getting your own corporate video by Ydraw.