Why Businesses Create Boring Videos

Why Businesses Create Boring Videos

Why They Need to Stop and How Ydraw Can Help


Why do businesses create boring videos?


It’s a given that not all information is going to have people on the edge of their seats, especially when it comes to business content. Ideas, concepts and new products need and deserve exposure for sure, and video is a great way to make it happen.


But seriously..where is the logic behind investing time and money into something with no entertainment value whatsoever–even if it happens to be informative? At best, people are forced to watch and try to digest it, and worst case, it gets completely ignored and/or even criticized. Boring videos can be a waste of your viewers’ and your time.


Put yourself in your audience’s shoes.


Think about your life. Think about your typical routine from how you feel when your alarm clock goes off, to getting up and ready, to starting work whether you work in an office, from home, or on the road. Think about what you do and where your mind and mood are at different times throughout the day.


Now think about how you feel when you take a quick break to check your phone and surf the web, Facebook or YouTube. What kinds of things catch your attention and what will you skip over?


Finally, think of yourself at the end of the day. How does your brain feel? What do you want to think about and what do you want to avoid? Chances are, the last thing you want to do as you unwind is sit and watch some boring video explaining…anything. In fact, if you come across dry information not only are you likely to quickly move past it, you might also be slightly annoyed by it.


Boring Videos = Lost Messages = Lost Money


I think I can fairly speak for the general population and reiterate what has been said on this site before when I say that people just don’t like boring videos!


And yet, they keep getting produced. They’re everywhere! From promoting the latest scientific wonder of a supplement to hit the shelves to teaching employees about harassment policies, to rounding up support for a cause that will save the world; these important, informative and boring videos are being created, not watched…and…messages….are….getting…lost!


We all know that video is by far one of the best ways to market a product or idea. People remember more when visual is combined with audio, so yes, please, make videos and use them to put your point across. Just be sure those videos are attention-grabbing so any time and money you invest into them doesn’t go down the drain.


Entertaining Videos Can Make You Money


I get it; there are some pieces of critical information that just aren’t that interesting but can be if you present them the right way. Entertaining marketing and corporate videos can definitely make you money!


Marketing: It’s obvious how an entertaining video can help sell just about anything. Marketing is all about catching and keeping the attention of clients or potential clients as a message is delivered. With all the competition out there, you’ve got to be creative to get noticed!


Corporate: How can corporate videos be profitable? Good guestion. They’re necessary and people generally get paid to watch them. Step one is getting colleagues and/or staff to watch the video. Step two is keeping them engaged so they actually remember what it’s all about.


If your training videos are interesting enough, your employees will pay attention, remember what they’ve been taught and actually act on it. If they make your employees smile or laugh–even better! Happy employees who know what they’re doing, love their jobs and think their company is cool, work harder by default. When they work harder, production goes up and you make more money.


If your concept catches your colleagues’ attention you’re more likely to get their support. More support means more recognition and in most cases more recognition leads to…you guessed it…more money.


 Ydraw Can Take the Boring Out of Boring Videos


Ydraw videos are well known for their high-quality art and quirky storylines that keep audiences engaged. It’s no secret that we pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our entertaining videos.


From the perfect script to entertaining storylines, to captivating artwork to the voices that bring it to life; the Ydraw team of experts is on a mission to stop the epidemic of boring videos!


As our client, we ask that you be open to our suggestions as we work together to make sure your audience isn’t bored. That way we can deliver an entertaining, memorable share-worthy video that will help your company produce amazing results and increased revenue.


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We Don’t Like Boring Videos

We Don’t Like Boring Videos

We. Don’t. Like… Boring Videos!

by Ydraw 

Ever notice the amount of boring crap floating around on the internet? There’s a lot! Yet, more and more people are putting boring content for us to read and watch online. It’s confusing! 

The human brain/memory hates anything boring. It will cast out the unimportant or un-entertaining.  That’s why it is necessary to make our explainer videos amazing… so they can be remembered, not forgotten! 

What Does the Brain Like?

The brain is a magnet! Especially for things like sex, emotional triggers, and threats.  Here are some questions it is constantly asking:

  • What’s for dinner?
  • Can I mate it?
  • Will it mate me?
  • Will it be fun?
  • Can it entertain me?
  • Will it feel good?
  • Will it hurt me?
  • Will it lift me?
  • Will it bring me success?
  • Will it make my life better or worse?

When creating your whiteboard video, keep these questions in mind.  How can you best answer them in a way that relates to your video?

1. Repetition is for Remembering:

When a client watches your video, it better be good! Good enough that it’ll be watched again and again.  Repetition is key when it comes to remembering.  It is like those songs that come on the radio. You know… the ones you haven’t heard in like, 10 years and when they finally come on, you can sing them word for word, without skipping a beat.  It’s because you’ve listened to them over and over and… over, until it was put into a long-term memory. Same thing happens with your videos! Your video needs to be repetitious and worth repeating. That way when a client needs your service, you’re the first that comes to mind!

2. Emotion Takes-Over:

The brain remembers how it feels, what it sees, what it smells, and what it hears.  The more senses you appeal to with your whiteboard video, the better the outcome.  It is time to toss out the old PowerPoint presentations. It’s time to get creative! It’s time to captivate! Now if we could only create a way for people to smell our videos. Kind of like the ride at California Adventures called “Soarin’ over California.” It releases a sweet pine aroma when you fly over the pine trees. Yeah, that would be awesome! Regardless, vision trumps all other senses. Our minds think, react, and even visualize in pictures!

3. The Ultimate Video:

If someone were to ask me what the ultimate video would be, I would say it is entertaining, interesting and makes me feel good. It’s one that makes me smile and inspires me to change. So, the next time you produce an explainer video remember that people like to be entertained before they are sold. Create a video that they will watch over and over. That way, your product or service gets logged into their long-term memory. If you’re remembered, sales from your videos will go through the roof.


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