What can a Whiteboard Animation Video do for you?

Would any market savvy business owner toss aside a polished, entertaining, informative system that delivers “YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT/SERVICE IN YOUR LIFE!” messages and keeps potential purchasers watching intently with eye pleasing drawings and storylines of audio delight??? BREAKING BUSINESS NEWS!!! Hundreds do every single day! It’s crazy and it’s a darn shame. Common reasons…

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What is Video Scribing?

What is Video Scribing? What does Video Scribing Mean?   Video Scribing – Let’s break it down: So what does Video Scribing even mean? It’s actually pretty simple: it’s the term used to define someone acting as a scribe to the narration while being videoed.  Simple enough, right? Video scribing is the Chef’s Surprise of…

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video scribing

Video Scribing: How Visuals Enhance Learning: Ted Talk Series TedxSunriver

Video Scribing: How Visuals Enhance Learning: Ted Talk Series TedxSunriver Summaries   Speaker: Kent Barney Summary by Alecsy Christensen   How Visuals Enhance Learning   What is so important about having visuals and videos anyway? Why should you be convinced to put visuals and videos in your materials for successful business goings and ventures? Why…

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Video Scribing company

Hand Drawn Videos

Hand Drawn Videos What are hand drawn videos?  Obviously they are exactly what they sound like, and they are exactly what we do.  They are pretty self explanatory but I thought it would be nice to give you a video example of a hand drawn video.  So, why would you want a hand drawn video…

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Where To Submit Your Video

Where is the Best Place to Submit Your Completed Video Scribing Video? This is one of the questions I get when I am out talking with clients. They want to know where are the best places to submit their brand new video. I am going to tell you exactly what we do when we create…

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Video Scribing Example

Great Example of Video Scribing. This was done by the LDS church not sure who did the Video Scribing but we wanted to show a example of its uses plus we like the message

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