Video Remarketing Strategy For YouTube Ads – Moron Monday

Video Remarketing Strategy For YouTube Ads – Moron Monday

In 2019 we are sharing all the goodies. We’re starting a video series called Moron Monday talking about what we’ve learned about video marketing over the years and what you should be implementing into your business.  You can check these out weekly on our YouTube Channel.

In this weeks video, Jace is sharing some tips on video remarketing and why it’s important.






Video Transcription

Hey guys, Jace over here at Ydraw. Today I want to go over just a couple things on video remarketing, why it’s important and what you need to do to put it into play.



1. Build Your Audience

First off, most people take multiple touches for them to become a customer.

If I’m going to go get a product, usually I’ll look at it online, I’ll talk to somebody, I’ll look at it some more, and then finally a couple months to sometimes years down the road, I’ll finally make a decision.

Something you can do to stay in front of your audience is create a simple video remarketing campaign.

Very first thing you need to do is actually build that audience.

Google gives you the ability to put a pixel on your website. If you go to Google Ads, within Google Ads or Google Analytics, you will find a pixel. You can also use Google tag manager.

You go in there and you find a pixel, you get the pixel and then you put it on the header of your website. That way when someone comes to your website they then get a cookie and you can start running and remarketing.

But you can go a step further… so instead of just running and remarketing, you can run them a video remarketing campaign that shows up on YouTube.

Also, they’re getting pretty aggressive on their TV advertising, so if people are coming to your site, they’re home watching TV, you can then run them an ad.

The very first thing is to get that pixel and get it on your site. You should be doing that anyway and building out your audiences. A 30 day, a 15, a 7 day, a conversion, there’s all types of audiences.

Then also, make sure that you build out an audience of anybody who has watched your YouTube videos.


2. Get A Video

Step two, you need to get a video. It can be professional or it can be homemade. You just need to get one, make sure that video’s very engaging.

Make sure that you have a good call to action on there and you’re telling the audience what you want them to do.

Another thing you can do to help it be engaging is educate. Kind of like what I’m doing here, I’m going to give you guys a lot of education, provide you some value, and then you can turn around and ask for their business later on.

If you can’t afford an expensive video, pull out your phone and give them some good education. Then make sure you give them a call to action like go visit your website.




3. Create Your Google Ad

Then finally when you have those two things in place, you got your pixels, you’ve tracked your audience, then you have your video, now you need to go create your campaign.

Go to Google Ads.

You’re going to target your website visitors or target anyone who’s watched your YouTube videos.

A small budget works but if you have too small of a budget, you need to make sure you exclude videos like games.

I even like to exclude mobile sometimes. I feel like when people are on their mobile phones they’re going to a YouTube video they want to watch that’s there and they’re more likely to skip.

But on their desktop, I get higher conversions. So, I’ll turn off my mobile remarketing campaign and just leave it on desktop.

There it is. If you have questions, you can go visit us at Feel free to call us. We’d be happy to help you on your video. We’d also be happy to help you set this up.

We’re doing video marketing campaigns all the time and this is just one little aspect of video marketing.

Video Marketing Basics. Lets Start Simple!

Why you should definitely consider Video Marketing

As technology becomes more accessible, our means of marketing continues to evolve. Over the past decade we have seen a significant increase in video marketing efforts from brands both large and small. The reason people are so ecstatic about video marketing is because it works!

Not only has the costs of producing a video dropped significantly over the years, the means of promoting your video have become much more sophisticated, helping brands reach the right target audience much more quickly.

Below we’ll dive into the main reasons why you should definitely consider making space in your marketing budget for video, and some of the best ways to reach your ideal buyer in no time.

Get your Message to the Masses

They say that an image is worth a thousand words, however, video is estimated to be worth 1.8 million words according to Dr. James McQuivey. People are predominantly visual by nature, meaning that by implementing video you cater your marketing message to the masses.

While a striking image may captivate the attention of a person rather quickly, the moment you add motion to it, you significantly increase engagement and retention. This is why video marketing has seen a steady increase in use over the past few years.

People are waking up to the fact that in a world where everyone is bombarded with information on a consistent basis, it is important to be able to draw their attention away from the clutter and look at your message.

The Viral Potential

Video marketing done right can reach millions of viewers with a small budget. Above any other content format on the internet, video has the quickest potential to go viral. It’s much more memorable to share a video as opposed to a blog post. An image may impact people, however video captivates them and keeps them talking.

Facebook has shown to be one of the best video marketing platforms for viral video marketing. While YouTube is still the king of video on the internet, the advertising platform and precise targeting options within Facebook, allows you to put your brand video or product video in front of the eyes of a very precise demographic.

However, it is important to understand that both YouTube and Facebook are two different platforms that ultimately serve different purposes. On both platforms, videos can go viral and drive in heaps of traffic seemingly overnight.

Understanding Different Types of Video Marketing

Video is versatile and can be utilized in many different areas of your business. Whether you use video for promoting a product or your company, to facilitate customer engagement or simply to add value to your brand, there is no downside to using this marketing method.

Quick Ads – These ads are typically no longer than 30 seconds and most are even shorter. For the most part, this format is used on popular video platforms like YouTube. These are the videos that appear in between your video playlists that give you an option to “skip this ad” after five seconds. This means that if you are going to implement this strategy, you have to hook the viewer within five seconds. It’s a good way to break into relevant markets if you don’t have any followers or to push a time sensitive promotion.

Tutorials – These videos are typically longer in nature and can last up to 20 minutes. While you aren’t ‘selling a product’ directly, you provide value to the viewer by giving them insight into a product/service you might be promoting. Tutorials are also excellent for SEO as it keeps the viewer on your page meaning that the ‘on page time’ increases and bounce rates decrease.

Explainer Videos – These videos are typically no longer than 2 minutes. However, for the vast majority of these videos 90 seconds is the goal. These videos are dynamic as they could be used to introduce a brand or product and should establish a problem and solve it within the timeframe. Most brands implement these types of videos in their marketing campaigns.

Sales Videos – These videos can range anywhere between 5-10 minutes and are typically used on landing pages or squeeze pages. As opposed to explainer videos, these videos can go into greater detail about the product/service you are promoting and should have a clear call to action at the end. Sales Videos are designed to make it easier for your prospects to understand what it is you are selling.

Viral Videos – For the most part, viral videos are quite short. Similar to Explainer videos, this format typically is no longer than 2 minutes in length. However, the ideal timeframe you should be shooting for is roughly 30 seconds. The purpose of a viral video isn’t to sell but to drive in traffic. You optimize a CTA to drive people to your squeeze pages after the video has gone viral. In essence, these videos should contain a strong emotional link to your target demographic and your CTA should relate to the contents of the video.

What to Consider when Using Video for Your Brand

Your budget will change depending on what type of video you need. There are a few elements you need to consider when making a video:

  1. Script – This is the heart and guide of your video. Without a compelling script a video cannot be made. Depending on the writer you get, a script budget could range from anywhere between $50 USD – $100 USD. Scripts are presented in Audio-Visual format. (Two Column Format)
  2. Voice Over – Once the Script has been created, voice over is required. There is a great wealth of ‘voice talent’ online and the type of voice actor you require will influence your budget. These V.Os can range from $30 and upward depending on the experience and portfolio of the V.O artist.
  3. Production – Once you have the script and the voice over completed, you will commence with producing the video. Typically people use programs like After Effects or other video editing software. The format you chose for your video will influence the price. Don’t “skimp” out on the price–the quality of your video will have a direct impact on your conversions rates.
  4. Platform and Promotion – Once everything has been produced, you will need to load it on the appropriate channels and apply an advertisement budget to it. The price tag associated with this action is entirely up to you.

We hope this in-depth overview of video marketing provided you with the necessary tools to engage in video marketing for your brand. If you have any questions or doubts, be sure to get in touch with us today!

Video Scribing for Your Video Advertising

Video Scribing for Your Video Advertising

Have You Heard?


Video advertising is the new and most productive marketing method of the 21st century.  Some companies get it and others don’t.

Ydraw would like to show you just how to use video scribing videos for you video advertising strategies.

If you did not know already, April was another record breaking month for video advertising:  They estimated that 9.5 billion online videos ads were served in specifically the month of April.  

If you currently do not have a video, all we can say is…OUCH….that hurts.  If you do have a video, great! You are well on your way. The next question you need to ask is:

Does Your Video Convert?

Video Scribing

Video Scribing Videos are the new trend in video marketing and advertising.  Now, we do not suggest you take OUR word for it. Let’s look at the responses and numbers to see just how effective video scribing can be:

Case Study 1.

To protect the innocent from being exposed we will use “pseudo names”.  Fransico De LaJolla was a client who came to us looking to wow the company with a new form of marketing videos.  Here were just a few of the responses he received from the audience.

Saying this to the whole world, that’s the best piece of marketing to date for our company.  Awesome work.

Agree 100% with Phil. The best piece of marketing I have seen to date. Great work dude!!!

NEAT stuff!!!  Well done, Richard !!!!!

It’s awesome, Fransico!

Super Job, Fransico.  Very well done !!!

Quality work happens when you care enough to do your very best — and it is clear from this work, that you care.  Thank you for your efforts.
Best  Fabio

I love, love, love, the new marketing piece. This is soooo Awesome!!

When we first hired marketing people after our Series A, this is the type of material I hoped we would be able to get produced.  I didn’t think it would take three and a half years, but it is great to finally see some really high quality materials getting produced.  My wife was extremely impressed by the recent marketing slicks that were created and I’m sure she is going to love this video as well.

Case Study 2,3,4 5,6,7…….100 All Awesome!

The Fact is, every company has been pleased with the results of video scribing.  It just works, and has a way with the audience. You NEED Video Scribing, and you need it now!  The Video Scribing Masterpiece is completed in four simple steps.  Here at Ydraw we try to make the process easy and painless.

1. Scripting
2. Storyboarding  
3.  Recording  
4. Editing

We will create the whole video for you, OR you can create your own script.  Either way, we just LOVE YOU and want YOU to have the best video for your company.  Video advertising is a MUST and video scribing is the best way to get great video advertising, conversions, ROI, traffic to your website, and undivided audience attention.

Call Ydraw and create your Video Scribing Video today.

Animated Doodle Video by Ydraw

Animated Doodle Video by Ydraw

Animated doodle videos are constantly being viewed everywhere. They might just be the next big thing in video marketing. Ydraw thinks so, and this is why they released a new animated doodle video exclusively for Beat Generals.

Animated doodle videos are the next marketing trend.

Ydraw recently created a video for Beat Generals using rapid drawn animation to entice viewers and get more video views. These unique presentations are being watched over and over again, because of the enticing sketch art and video animation drawn by the most qualified artists.


Doodles that are used in rapid drawn animation are hand scribed by professional artists including those who have created video animation for many treasured Disney films.

The video scribing process is done in stages.


First the client fills out a detailed questionnaire. After this, the scripting begins. Once the scripting is complete, it is time to storyboard the doodles to create a video that flows together. Next the animated doodle video artists take over and complete the artwork, and the video is then edited and refined to create an outstanding scribed doodle video.


Stop motion videos are nothing compared to Ydraw’s animation style and delivery. There is no other animated doodle video company out there that can give clients a clean, detailed, customized video with better quality than Ydraw’s detailed doodles.


Video marketing professionals are always looking for the next big thing in videos


Low and behold, it has arrived. But it isn’t just about the video, the doodles, and the animation, it is also about staying on top of the new trends in video advertising, and tweaking videos so they are always ahead of the new and improved video marketing strategies.


Search Ydraw’s website for further examples, how to articles, and animated doodle video presentations; or contact Ydraw to discuss further information on how to start your processes for a unique, professional, animated doodle video.