Have You Heard?


Video advertising is the new and most productive marketing method of the 21st century.  Some companies get it and others don’t.

Ydraw would like to show you just how to use video scribing videos for you video advertising strategies.

If you did not know already, April was another record breaking month for video advertising:  They estimated that 9.5 billion online videos ads were served in specifically the month of April.  

If you currently do not have a video, all we can say is…OUCH….that hurts.  If you do have a video, great! You are well on your way. The next question you need to ask is:

Does Your Video Convert?

Video Scribing

Video Scribing Videos are the new trend in video marketing and advertising.  Now, we do not suggest you take OUR word for it. Let’s look at the responses and numbers to see just how effective video scribing can be:

Case Study 1.

To protect the innocent from being exposed we will use “pseudo names”.  Fransico De LaJolla was a client who came to us looking to wow the company with a new form of marketing videos.  Here were just a few of the responses he received from the audience.

Saying this to the whole world, that’s the best piece of marketing to date for our company.  Awesome work.

Agree 100% with Phil. The best piece of marketing I have seen to date. Great work dude!!!

NEAT stuff!!!  Well done, Richard !!!!!

It’s awesome, Fransico!

Super Job, Fransico.  Very well done !!!

Quality work happens when you care enough to do your very best — and it is clear from this work, that you care.  Thank you for your efforts.
Best  Fabio

I love, love, love, the new marketing piece. This is soooo Awesome!!

When we first hired marketing people after our Series A, this is the type of material I hoped we would be able to get produced.  I didn’t think it would take three and a half years, but it is great to finally see some really high quality materials getting produced.  My wife was extremely impressed by the recent marketing slicks that were created and I’m sure she is going to love this video as well.

Case Study 2,3,4 5,6,7…….100 All Awesome!

The Fact is, every company has been pleased with the results of video scribing.  It just works, and has a way with the audience. You NEED Video Scribing, and you need it now!  The Video Scribing Masterpiece is completed in four simple steps.  Here at Ydraw we try to make the process easy and painless.

1. Scripting
2. Storyboarding  
3.  Recording  
4. Editing

We will create the whole video for you, OR you can create your own script.  Either way, we just LOVE YOU and want YOU to have the best video for your company.  Video advertising is a MUST and video scribing is the best way to get great video advertising, conversions, ROI, traffic to your website, and undivided audience attention.

Call Ydraw and create your Video Scribing Video today.