Leveraging YouTube for Video SEO

Leveraging YouTube for Video SEO

Video SEO

Here at Ydraw we have been looking for new ways to boost our Video SEO. In an effort to make adjustments to fit the new Penguin 2.0 update Google rolled out, we were looking for ways to set ourselves apart as experts by using the most effective type of content. In the past, we have had success with videos landing in the top spot of Google within days of posting them, so we feel pretty confident that we know what we are doing. With that in mind, we decided to find some ways to leverage YouTube to boost our ranking in Google searches.  The method below can be effective if your videos have great content in them. It is the key to shares, comments, and likes. As Google’s new update is beginning to reward those who are experts in each field, these social interactions have become even more important, maybe even essential, to boosting your SEO.

We love infographics so much here at Ydraw, we started creating our own.  Check this one out and learn more about how you can boost your video SEO.

Wasn’t that informative?  Didn’t you just learn so much new information?  Now you  have no excuse to not to be boosting your video SEO in a major way.  We just gave away FREE marketing tips on how to create more leads, boost your SEO and MAKE MORE MONEY!  What other company will do that for you?  Not many, but here at Ydraw, we love you!  So, if you have any questions, comments, or more tips to boosting your SEO, feel free to drop us a line.  And, as always, thanks for reading.

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Whiteboard Videos Maintain Website Visitor Attention

Whiteboard Videos Maintain Website Visitor Attention

Whiteboard Videos Maintain Website Visitor Attention


Whiteboard videos have become a growing trend and is booming for many reasons. The past forms of getting a message across are cold and distant. Viewers seem ultimately to not care about what is being presented to them even if it pertains to their interests. Whiteboard videos can be engaging where text information leaves them unmotivated to carry on with the reading if every line is not stuffed to the top with dynamic and attractive word use, which can be difficult with some not so interesting topics to say the least.


Audio, such as radio advertisement, can be an improvement on this, essentially doing the reading for the listener but even those results can go downhill quickly. Different listeners can react differently to the tone of voice used by the voice actor or actress. This can cause major distractions that are going to decrease their focus on your message as it is only being conveyed with a single medium unlike whiteboard video.

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard Videos


However, with whiteboard videos, viewers are pulled in from the very moment you wish to convey our messages. The constant movement in their viewing window reels them in wanting more and more interaction. Video Scribing entices the viewer to remained focus as the video animation elements build and play upon each different element increasing the amount of the message that remains on their mind after the viewing process is over.


Even more beneficial, whiteboard video uses visual learning to display facts which has been proven to be the most common form of learning. This means that video scribing can present otherwise hard to convey details and facts about your product or service that would in other forms be too difficult to teach your viewers when utilizing only text or audio formats of message conveying.


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Scribed Video Practices for SEO with Online Video

Scribed Video Practices for SEO with Online Video

Scribed video practices for SEO through online video can help improve internet marketing results, help develop a relationship with users, help in online presence for a company, and in social media efforts.


Scribed video practices for search engine optimization to get better video results are essential for any successful video marketing campaign. These tips are critical to remember and follow when marketing and releasing a video.


Tip #1: Learn about the latest search engine news and guidelines from SEO sites including SEOMoz, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, SEO Book, and Search Engine Land.


Tip #2: Do some keyword research on YouTube, to see what users are essentially searching for. To get more niche keywords that are searched, it can help to use a filter on YouTube as well. Research keywords on Google as well, and see what people are searching for.


Tip #3: Create a video sitemap for the video, so that Google can recognize where the video is without hesitation.


Tip #4: When putting a scribed video on a website page or post, make sure the video is shareable through social media plugins like Facebook and Twitter. This will improve SEO, with Google announcing that they take into account likes and tweets with internet marketing. This is also great for word of mouth through people being able to share content and hype of trending videos.


Tip #5:  Also with a website page and a video, or any page for that matter, make sure your landing pages load quickly and effectively. Google also ranks websites and pages based on factors including how long it takes a website to load. Faster pages improve user experience and result in less bounce rates. Tools to help with site speed include PageSpeed, YSlow, WebPagetest, and Webmaster Tools. Take advantage of some of those tools and improve the quality of a page or website.


Scribed videos alone can improve video marketing results, but including this, there are many other factors that make a scribed video available for users to conveniently view. These five tips can help a video marketing campaign in many ways, and make company videos viral.