Whiteboard Videos Maintain Website Visitor Attention


Whiteboard videos have become a growing trend and is booming for many reasons. The past forms of getting a message across are cold and distant. Viewers seem ultimately to not care about what is being presented to them even if it pertains to their interests. Whiteboard videos can be engaging where text information leaves them unmotivated to carry on with the reading if every line is not stuffed to the top with dynamic and attractive word use, which can be difficult with some not so interesting topics to say the least.


Audio, such as radio advertisement, can be an improvement on this, essentially doing the reading for the listener but even those results can go downhill quickly. Different listeners can react differently to the tone of voice used by the voice actor or actress. This can cause major distractions that are going to decrease their focus on your message as it is only being conveyed with a single medium unlike whiteboard video.

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard Videos


However, with whiteboard videos, viewers are pulled in from the very moment you wish to convey our messages. The constant movement in their viewing window reels them in wanting more and more interaction. Video Scribing entices the viewer to remained focus as the video animation elements build and play upon each different element increasing the amount of the message that remains on their mind after the viewing process is over.


Even more beneficial, whiteboard video uses visual learning to display facts which has been proven to be the most common form of learning. This means that video scribing can present otherwise hard to convey details and facts about your product or service that would in other forms be too difficult to teach your viewers when utilizing only text or audio formats of message conveying.


+Jace Vernon

Alecsy Christensen