Why Advertising Doesn’t Really Work

Why Advertising Doesn’t Really Work   Ha! That’s hilarious. Advertising does work. In fact, it works so well that every single person in the entire world – minus the aborigines, the lost tribes and the Gods Must Be Crazy kind of families – has been influenced by some kind of advertising. If during a moment…

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Understanding Your Audience | 3 Things to Remember

Understanding Your Audience | 3 things to remember when getting to know your consumers.   Getting the most out of your video marketing campaign can be as simple as understanding your audience. Maybe it doesn’t actually sound so simple – and here’s the thing – it’s not. If you want to broaden your marketing horizons you…

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The Key to Eliminating Video Abandonment

This virtual environment has made it increasingly difficult to engage an audience through video. If you plan on leveraging video to boost sales and grow your business you must be aware of video abandonment.

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Video Scribing: The Importance of Relevant Images

Video Scribing Images – Why You Need Ydraw How can we convey any type of concept or strategy that can really stand out to individuals? People create all types of different tips and apply their theories in different forms of advertising. On television or over the World wide web we can see messages  being delivered in different ways. But there’s another kind of method that is starting to emerge out of the depths of advertisement.   It is referred to as Video Scribing and it is shaping the way we provide facts to individuals in…

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Marketing to be Remembered

  How Mnemonic Devices Can Create Marketing to be Remembered   Mnemonic is another word for memory tool. Mnemonics are techniques for remembering information. The whole idea behind using mnemonics is to using unique ways to encode information so that it is easy to recall when needed.  The best way to accomplish this task is…

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Video Scribing Example

Great Example of Video Scribing. This was done by the LDS church not sure who did the Video Scribing but we wanted to show a example of its uses plus we like the message

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