How To Keep Your Audience Interested Through HUMOR!

What makes things funny? Our own sense of humor isn’t always funny to the guy sitting next to us. So, let’s look at a few simple principles used in Improv to make your video funny to all of your audience!

First and foremost, there is TRUTH in COMEDY! The funny comes from the experiences we have all had in our lives. Think about sitcoms, why do they work? They take something so simple, like everyday life and exploit it. The ups and downs of dating and heartbreak or fighting for that perfect job, only to find out that it isn’t so perfect. But where does the comedy come from?

The funny comes from the unexpected. The moments of truth. It comes from showing not telling. We have all been there…the time in the grocery store when two people are having a conversation in public and you can’t help but listen, even though you know the topic should have probably been left at home…yeah that stuff.

So let’s take a look at this funny scenario….

We see two shadowy figures digging holes in a graveyard. It’s dark, but we can see that there’s a body behind them. It appears that they are covering up a murder! The scene is quite grim and creepy… so how is this funny? The car lights flicker on and we get a better look of the situation… only to reveal…two clowns? Okay, now this is way more terrifying, but their must be more to the story… so as we get closer, we overhear…

Clown 1:“Look Stan, all I’m saying is I’m sorry she left you. You deserve better!”

Clown 2:“You know Joe I just don’t understand, I did everything I could to make her happy.”

Clown 1:“Hey, you know,  it’s okay if you want to cry. It’s just us brother.”

Clown 2: (in tears) “Life is just so unfair! But hey how’s the wife and kids?”

Clown 1: “They’re real good. Sally just started walking…”

The conversation continues as they are digging a shallow grave wearing their clown costumes. So, we know they are clowns, we know they are friends, and we know what happened…but they don’t have to tell us that they murdered this guy. We just know! If we focused on the body, or what happened the scene would drag on, the audience would get board with details and information that they don’t need.

This scenario leads us to the truth of comedy…Relatability!

Think about how you feel when you pop bubble wrap.  Did that put a smile on your face just thinking about it?  How about when you scoop peanut butter from a freshly open jar, yeah there’s that satisfaction face. See how easy it is to relate? All you have to do is capture a moment when someone has used your product in such a way that it brings a clear feeling to your audience.

Just remember that comedy is subjective, but so is being bored out of your seat.  By using these tried and true principles of Improv Comedy, you can help your audience laugh at the unexpected, learn about your great product/service and keep them interested and wanting more.

So, let’s get out there and take a fresh approach to comedy, and whatever you do, if you see two clowns walking your way…RUN!

Video Scribing Videos Ydraw announce increased ROI

Video Scribing Videos Ydraw announce increased ROI

Do You Make These Video Mistakes?

Video scribing by Ydraw is hitting the mainstream. Consumer experience is becoming increasingly competitive, and according to, video is the fastest growing online ad format. 181 million US online users watched almost 40 billion videos online in January, and there are 48 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute! We are competing with billions and billions of marketing videos online, which means your video to be the most unique, high-quality, and unexpected video to get the most views as possible. Most company videos today are ordinary, flat, long, and lifeless. That’s why we developed Ydraw.

Why Most Videos Make Mistakes

Many marketing videos online are informative but uninteresting, businesslike but un-amusing, low quality, and unoriginal. Why? We are used to seeing the same marketing videos, and copying them from others. Some examples of these unoriginal videos can be: an interview style video, a power-point presentation video, or an animated video. These videos have been seen and done. Viewers are now expecting more. Quality is important, because the quality of your video directly reflects the quality of your business.

What Ydraw Does for Video

Video scribing is a successful unique video marketing strategy. Ydraw’s video scribing videos are high-quality, created by professional Disney artists, specialized video editors, script writers, and researchers who are constantly looking for the new “wow “ factor to entice an audience through video.

Ydraw videos connect the viewer with the marketing company in a unique way. Video scribing educates, motivates, and inspires, impacting the viewer emotionally and visually. Our brain is wired to seek out and categorize visual stimuli. Numerous studies have shown that pictures inherently and automatically attract attention, especially pictures of people, animals, or anything that implies possible danger.

One of the basic ways that illustrations aid retention relates to the well-researched dual coding theory of memory.  This theory proposes that information is stored in long-term memory both as verbal propositions and as mental images.  It suggests that when information is presented verbally and visually, it has a better chance of being remembered.

Videos Increase ROI

Specifically, unique videos like whiteboard animation videos. Ydraw uses specific strategies to gain search engine optimization through keywords in titles and descriptions, as well as providing valuable linking opportunities through specific web video launching guidelines.

The basic principle of Ydraw’s videos are geared towards entertainment, education, effective marketing, and increased traffic to the targeted company. We want to inspire and impact viewers in a new light. Imagine the impact video scribing videos would have on education, if every time someone wanted to learn a new bit of information, they just had to look up the video scribing video and watch an informative, amusing video, explaining large amounts of information in only 3 to 4 minutes. This would optimize time spent looking up, studying, and researching valuable information. Video scribing is an easier way to learn and remember things, capturing both visual and contextual channels in the brain for optimized learning.

This excellent video marketing mechanism is priceless, and will soon take over the marketing strategies of many fortunate companies who feel the importance of this new viral trend.



Tutorial Videos Most Viewed:

Tutorial Videos Most Viewed:

Tutorial Videos are informative but seldom interesting. With video scribing on the rise, audiences are more compelled to watch a Ydraw video.

Tutorial videos get the most views when they are informative and entertaining. With complicated information, it is important to make a tutorial video easy to understand. Viewers want three things when watching a tutorial video: memorable visuals, fast viewing, and valuable information.

Memorable Visuals:

To get more views, be creative. Do not use the same old homemade tutorial video format. Video scribing is a great way to be out of the box.  Drawing while learning is not yet mainstream, but soon will become so. Think of a different video setting, use color–something that catches the eye to keep audiences interested. It is very important for the eyes to be engaged at all times.

Fast Viewing:

People do not want to sit and watch a tutorial video for more than 3 minutes. Make sure to keep info videos short and to the point. Loading time of a video should be speedy, as people do not like to wait for videos to load.

Valuable Information:

Informative videos should have precise information, taking out all the unneeded filler words. Being short, to the point, but at the same time light and fun is important. People love to laugh and smile, so while preparing info, use some personality. Have a little fun, make a little noise, just make sure you don’t make chaos.

Making a tutorial video mainstream can be complicated, but with the right tools, a person can get their videos to the top of any search engine. Get creative, maybe even use a video scribing company, be original, informative, and to the point.  There are plenty of things that you can do in order to get great, new, and fresh content, and coming up with those ideas will increase your views and leads.

Video Scribing: The Importance of Relevant Images

Video Scribing: The Importance of Relevant Images

Video Scribing Images – Why You Need Ydraw

How can we convey any type of concept or strategy that can really stand out to individuals? People create all types of different tips and apply their theories in different forms of advertising. On television or over the World wide web we can see messages  being delivered in different ways. But there’s another kind of method that is starting to emerge out of the depths of advertisement.   It is referred to as Video Scribing and it is shaping the way we provide facts to individuals in the most detailed way that is very engaging.

The possibility of Video Scribing to the advertising industry is truly flexible. This method may be used to implement ideas in promotion, training, public consciousness, demonstration, you name it and Video Scribing can do the job for you. But you may ask, what makes this form of communication unique from the rest? The uniqueness is the way this method tackles the issue from a persuasion point of view.  Video scribing, other wise known as whiteboard animation, uses pattern interruptions and a couple other key tactics to convert viewers into customers.  You might want to refer to our article about influence and persuasion.  It will explain a bit more.

How does it function? The presenter is  dedicated to deliver particular information to numbers of viewers, giving constant stream of phrases and information in sync with imVideo Scribingages being drawn in front of a camera to provide the information exactly what the attendees wanted to see and hear. Through this continual balance between images and phrases, you have continuous flow of facts and images that engage the minds.

In the hands of a well skilled artist you can easily understand the reason for the eye catching display.  Simply sit back, watch the show and see how it can make you motivated and inspired to take actions. Plus they actually are pretty cool and just look good.

It may look simple from the audiences vantage point and say, “Hey! I can do that too.

A little more information about Video.

Do you know what is the best internet marketing video?

Best Videos For Internet Marketing and Conversion

Have you ever wondered what videos produce the highest conversions or Opt-in .  Let me tell you! Obviously you are on my Ydraw site therefore I am going to tell you that Video Scribing and whiteboard animation videos have some of the highest conversions.  Here are a couple of reasons:

1.  They are engaging

2. They create buzz

3. They use pattern interrupting techniques.

4.  There are all kinds of subconscious factors involved in Videos Scribing which I have written about in earlier posts

Now you do not have to take my word for it.  Take a look at what some of the Top internet marketing gurus are using for their videos.  Russel Brunson has a whiteboard animation video and it is converting at 57%.  Others include  7 Figure Empire speaking, Tony Robbins, Scott Boulch etc.

Videos scribing videos really do produce the highest op-tin conversion for any video.

Marketing to be Remembered


How Mnemonic Devices Can Create Marketing to be Remembered


Mnemonic is another word for memory tool. Mnemonics are techniques for remembering information. The whole idea behind using mnemonics is to using unique ways to encode information so that it is easy to recall when needed.  The best way to accomplish this task is to be creative, use vivid mental images, use video scribing, or involve other senses.

Mnemonics make the information more meaningful to a person by using associations or creating a pattern.  Often times, if the information is a list, the first letter of each item on the list will be attributed to a word that is then put into a sentence.  An example of this would be the planets in the solar system:



Or, for example, take the colors, where you take the first letter of the word and create a name instead of a sentence.


Mnemonics help to organize the information in a way that is easier for your brain to retrieve it.  The best kind of mnemonics are ones that create a visualization of what you’re trying to remember.  Visual stimuli are much easier to retrieve than abstract words.  The more vivid or abstract the image is, the easier it will be to recall.

Here are a couple of steps that will help when you are marketing or advertising.

1.  Use positive images and not negative ones.  With so much negativity in the world today our brains tend to hold positive information better.

2.  Use vivid color and graphics.  Involve as many senses as possible.

3.  Exaggerate the important parts of your message.

4.  Use humor.  People like to laugh and smile.

When creating a video scribe or a presentation use these steps.  Be creative and your message will be remembered.  Let us know if you have any questions about how to create mnemonic devices or how they can be useful to your marketing approach.

Video Scribing