Do You Make These Video Mistakes?

Video scribing by Ydraw is hitting the mainstream. Consumer experience is becoming increasingly competitive, and according to, video is the fastest growing online ad format. 181 million US online users watched almost 40 billion videos online in January, and there are 48 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute! We are competing with billions and billions of marketing videos online, which means your video to be the most unique, high-quality, and unexpected video to get the most views as possible. Most company videos today are ordinary, flat, long, and lifeless. That’s why we developed Ydraw.

Why Most Videos Make Mistakes

Many marketing videos online are informative but uninteresting, businesslike but un-amusing, low quality, and unoriginal. Why? We are used to seeing the same marketing videos, and copying them from others. Some examples of these unoriginal videos can be: an interview style video, a power-point presentation video, or an animated video. These videos have been seen and done. Viewers are now expecting more. Quality is important, because the quality of your video directly reflects the quality of your business.

What Ydraw Does for Video

Video scribing is a successful unique video marketing strategy. Ydraw’s video scribing videos are high-quality, created by professional Disney artists, specialized video editors, script writers, and researchers who are constantly looking for the new “wow “ factor to entice an audience through video.

Ydraw videos connect the viewer with the marketing company in a unique way. Video scribing educates, motivates, and inspires, impacting the viewer emotionally and visually. Our brain is wired to seek out and categorize visual stimuli. Numerous studies have shown that pictures inherently and automatically attract attention, especially pictures of people, animals, or anything that implies possible danger.

One of the basic ways that illustrations aid retention relates to the well-researched dual coding theory of memory.  This theory proposes that information is stored in long-term memory both as verbal propositions and as mental images.  It suggests that when information is presented verbally and visually, it has a better chance of being remembered.

Videos Increase ROI

Specifically, unique videos like whiteboard animation videos. Ydraw uses specific strategies to gain search engine optimization through keywords in titles and descriptions, as well as providing valuable linking opportunities through specific web video launching guidelines.

The basic principle of Ydraw’s videos are geared towards entertainment, education, effective marketing, and increased traffic to the targeted company. We want to inspire and impact viewers in a new light. Imagine the impact video scribing videos would have on education, if every time someone wanted to learn a new bit of information, they just had to look up the video scribing video and watch an informative, amusing video, explaining large amounts of information in only 3 to 4 minutes. This would optimize time spent looking up, studying, and researching valuable information. Video scribing is an easier way to learn and remember things, capturing both visual and contextual channels in the brain for optimized learning.

This excellent video marketing mechanism is priceless, and will soon take over the marketing strategies of many fortunate companies who feel the importance of this new viral trend.