Animation Video Production Company Announces 3 New Tips on Social Network Marketing for Video

Animation Video Production Company Announces 3 New Tips on Social Network Marketing for Video

Animation video production company announces 3 new tips on social media marketing for video.


Through research on some top video marketing articles and blogs, Ydraw has put together this guide for marketing to social media networks. The one main point that the animation video production company Ydraw found of most importance in every social media video marketing campaign is having personality, and gearing your social media towards mutual benefit to viewers and oneself.  Let your viewers know who you are.  That way they will be familiar with who you are and the quality of your service.  If they can connect with your company on a more personal level they will become much more loyal customers.


Tip #1: It is important to keep video posts on social media platforms interesting, engaging, and to evaluate how they impact users daily, seeing what is more interesting to them and adjusting accordingly. There are various tools that can be used to help in analyzing social media, with one of the main tools that analyzes across different platforms being Klout, which helps in strengthening connections between websites like Facebook and Google+.


Tip #2: Another good tip for businesses is to make sure that one does not mix business and personal relationships. Businesses should have a separate page for a personal social media account and a company social media account, not mixing the two. Business contacts are not commonly interested in seeing pictures from a family party, and friends on social networks are probably not interested in seeing in depth animation video production company business statistics.


Tip #3: From various video marketing experts, the majority vote tells users that it is more important to build a following of a brand by sharing significant video content, as opposed to buying “likes.”  Build a following by creating great content that people want to share.  Appeal to viewers on a personal level, whether that’s by making them laugh or by inspiring them with your video, create something that will strike a chord with them and cause them to share it.

We Don’t Like Boring Videos

We Don’t Like Boring Videos

We. Don’t. Like… Boring Videos!

by Ydraw 

Ever notice the amount of boring crap floating around on the internet? There’s a lot! Yet, more and more people are putting boring content for us to read and watch online. It’s confusing! 

The human brain/memory hates anything boring. It will cast out the unimportant or un-entertaining.  That’s why it is necessary to make our explainer videos amazing… so they can be remembered, not forgotten! 

What Does the Brain Like?

The brain is a magnet! Especially for things like sex, emotional triggers, and threats.  Here are some questions it is constantly asking:

  • What’s for dinner?
  • Can I mate it?
  • Will it mate me?
  • Will it be fun?
  • Can it entertain me?
  • Will it feel good?
  • Will it hurt me?
  • Will it lift me?
  • Will it bring me success?
  • Will it make my life better or worse?

When creating your whiteboard video, keep these questions in mind.  How can you best answer them in a way that relates to your video?

1. Repetition is for Remembering:

When a client watches your video, it better be good! Good enough that it’ll be watched again and again.  Repetition is key when it comes to remembering.  It is like those songs that come on the radio. You know… the ones you haven’t heard in like, 10 years and when they finally come on, you can sing them word for word, without skipping a beat.  It’s because you’ve listened to them over and over and… over, until it was put into a long-term memory. Same thing happens with your videos! Your video needs to be repetitious and worth repeating. That way when a client needs your service, you’re the first that comes to mind!

2. Emotion Takes-Over:

The brain remembers how it feels, what it sees, what it smells, and what it hears.  The more senses you appeal to with your whiteboard video, the better the outcome.  It is time to toss out the old PowerPoint presentations. It’s time to get creative! It’s time to captivate! Now if we could only create a way for people to smell our videos. Kind of like the ride at California Adventures called “Soarin’ over California.” It releases a sweet pine aroma when you fly over the pine trees. Yeah, that would be awesome! Regardless, vision trumps all other senses. Our minds think, react, and even visualize in pictures!

3. The Ultimate Video:

If someone were to ask me what the ultimate video would be, I would say it is entertaining, interesting and makes me feel good. It’s one that makes me smile and inspires me to change. So, the next time you produce an explainer video remember that people like to be entertained before they are sold. Create a video that they will watch over and over. That way, your product or service gets logged into their long-term memory. If you’re remembered, sales from your videos will go through the roof.


Call Ydraw, for you next Whiteboard Video


How to Use Google Adwords for Explainer Video

How to Use Google Adwords for Explainer Video

Explainer videos are only as good as their advertising.


Where you place your video, how you keyword it, and what venues you use to get the most traffic is crucial for a successful explainer video.


Once you place it in the right venues, then the video will do the rest of the work grabbing attention, attracting new consumers, and making sales.


Google has now added a video ad program to optimize explainer video adwords and get the best results at placing your video in the right place. Using the right video is extremely important, one that people will be compelled to watch once it is viewed in adword campaigns. That is why Ydraw creates new and exciting explainer videos that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats, interested to watch any length of video.


By clicking on Google Adwords Explainer Video here, this will take you to the exact site where you can start your Google Adwords video campaign. This will give you step-by-step instructions to complete your campaign and get the best results possible.

google adwords explainer video

google adwords explainer video

Google also provides a help site for explainer video marketing, where specific guidelines can be used to get better results. This site talks about certain aspects like using YouTube as a placement for your video to drive traffic, how to use text overlay, image ads, video ads, info on viewer interaction, and excluding sites or content.


Video adwords for Google additionally has information on how to target explainer video audiences, where Google goes into detail about specific targeting strategies like tips on targeting specific demographics, age groups, topics, and interests. Analytics with adwords will tell you how your video did with impressions, click through rates, viewing rates, etc.


Google Adwords pricing is a lot like other products that Google offers for advertising. The only time you have to pay though, is when someone watches your video. There are options available where you can choose how much or how little you want to pay for each view, and then go from there by analyzing your effort.


Don’t miss out on this great explainer video adwords opportunity, as it could benefit your video marketing strategies immensely.


Alecsy Christensen, Ydraw

Animated Explainer Videos Improve Landing Pages

Animated Explainer Videos Improve Landing Pages

Animated explainer videos are essential for improving landing pages


Ydraw believes this, and wants to share with others the benefits of using animated explainer videos in landing pages.

Animated explainer videos improve landing pages in many areas, and here are four that are defined in detail.

Expanding Technology

Because technology is continually expanding and businesses are always looking for ways to increase traffic and improve their conversion rates, learning more about the current trends in advertising and promotion are very important to businesses.  Just because a website was fabulously popular a year ago doesn’t necessarily mean that it is still making conversions at the same high rate.  Many people are finding that using an animated explainer video is an excellent way to improve conversion rates.

Interest Level

One reason for this is the interest level that videos have over simply having text to read.  In today’s world, interest must be grabbed quickly and is easily lost.  Being able to grab and hold attention is the key to getting conversions.  Animated Explainer Videos move quickly and constantly as the scribing follows along with the voice to keep a person’s attention much longer than just text or an audio clip.  The clever pictures that are drawn and the injection of appropriate text keep the viewer interested and guessing what will come next.  This keeps the attention focused, which is what most businesses want to happen on their landing pages.

Increased Conversion Rate

Statistics seem to uphold the notion that video keeps attention longer than just text does, as companies have reported increased conversion rates when using video on landing pages.  When the overall marketing strategy has a landing page video to focus on, then email, social media, PPC advertising, SEO, and all promotions can drive prospective customers to the landing page where the video provokes a higher conversion rate.

Focal Point

Whether the animated explainer video is designed to instruct for the purpose of training, describes the company and what it offers, explains a service provided by the company, or demonstrates a product, its fast-moving animation keeps the customer’s attention riveted.  The combination of visual and audio input provides more information to the customer who is then more willing to make a purchase or at least take the next step to learn more.


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New Animation Production

New Animation Production

The animation production company Ydraw is now not only releasing video scribing videos, but animation videos as well.


When it comes to video marketing, Ydraw is indeed the place to go to for instantly appealing animation production. These videos are content rich and reach out to all age groups alike.


The animation production work at Ydraw is on par with any top animation studio, and after looking at all of their animated videos, it becomes quite obvious that they are made with all the standards of quality, craftsmanship and attractiveness kept in mind.


The animation production is done in a way that it should remind everyone of their childhood, sitting in front of their TV and watching Frankenstein being brought to life by the scientist. In this video however, it is a lead pencil that is made alive by the scientist who then proceeds to encouraging it to draw.


This is of course very close to what Ydraw is in reality i.e. making their art come to life via animation production and helping other organizations with their intelligent and innovative concepts of video marketing.


Ydraw helps people in bringing their ideas and products to life on the internet in a much refreshing way. And one can rest assured that any project they do would also be a very satisfactory experience for the customer in terms of the quality of the output.


Being a company that specializes in animated marketing videos, the people they work with have little to no worries regarding the development of their marketing strategies from the drawing board to the computer screens. And the final product is almost always exactly what the customer companies are looking for. Ydraw is indeed one of the pioneer companies of video marketing using animation production and is paving a way for small and big corporations alike to promote their businesses on the internet in a creative and subtle way.

+Jace Vernon
Alecsy Christensen