Explainer videos are only as good as their advertising.


Where you place your video, how you keyword it, and what venues you use to get the most traffic is crucial for a successful explainer video.


Once you place it in the right venues, then the video will do the rest of the work grabbing attention, attracting new consumers, and making sales.


Google has now added a video ad program to optimize explainer video adwords and get the best results at placing your video in the right place. Using the right video is extremely important, one that people will be compelled to watch once it is viewed in adword campaigns. That is why Ydraw creates new and exciting explainer videos that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats, interested to watch any length of video.


By clicking on Google Adwords Explainer Video here, this will take you to the exact site where you can start your Google Adwords video campaign. This will give you step-by-step instructions to complete your campaign and get the best results possible.

google adwords explainer video

google adwords explainer video

Google also provides a help site for explainer video marketing, where specific guidelines can be used to get better results. This site talks about certain aspects like using YouTube as a placement for your video to drive traffic, how to use text overlay, image ads, video ads, info on viewer interaction, and excluding sites or content.


Video adwords for Google additionally has information on how to target explainer video audiences, where Google goes into detail about specific targeting strategies like tips on targeting specific demographics, age groups, topics, and interests. Analytics with adwords will tell you how your video did with impressions, click through rates, viewing rates, etc.


Google Adwords pricing is a lot like other products that Google offers for advertising. The only time you have to pay though, is when someone watches your video. There are options available where you can choose how much or how little you want to pay for each view, and then go from there by analyzing your effort.


Don’t miss out on this great explainer video adwords opportunity, as it could benefit your video marketing strategies immensely.


Alecsy Christensen, Ydraw