Whiteboard Videos & How They Work

Whiteboard Videos & How They Work

Whiteboard Videos and How They Work for You!

Whiteboard videos are a dynamic marketing tool with lots of benefits. They incorporate many aspects of a traditional animated video yet they have an imaginative twist–the animation is drawn on camera as the whiteboard video progresses.

The artistic aspect of a whiteboard video has the advantage of engaging an audience in a unique way. Drawing out the message of an ad while viewers are watching helps keep them focussed intently as the point of the ad is presented. It takes more to distract a viewer who’s eyes are glued to the sometimes hypnotizing movements of a pen in hand on paper as the story and point of a video are revealed.

The creation process of whiteboard videos breaks down to the message, script, sound and animation. All of these key factors work hand in hand–no pun intended. Pinpointing the message your organization would like to share with the world is essential and guides the process.

Message: Choosing your message is relatively simple. Decide what you want your viewers to take away from the whiteboard video. The takeaway may be your organization’s values, service, or the quality of the product being marketed.

Script: Once you are confident in your message, begin writing your script. Scripting is where imagination comes in as you write your message in story form. You’ll also want to write out what is going to be drawn during the art phase.

Voice Over: Next, consider what your whiteboard video is telling viewers and then decide what kind of voice over you want to have–if any. Typically there is either one person narrating the whiteboard video or none at all.

For instance, if you are creating a video for a  political campaign you may choose to use a narrator and have the Star Spangled Banner playing in the background.

If you prefer to produce a video free of narration it can be drawn and animated to music as words pop on or are being written out on camera. Your audience doesn’t necessarily have to hear spoken words to get your message.

Animation: When your script is finalized and you are ready to step into the wild world of animation, the sky is the limit. Use your imagination and have fun with it!

As most of us are visual learners, the whiteboard video style of drawn out animation helps us grasp the message(s). It is truly an art form and can translate your message into something exciting and fun. Just as children love cartoons, grown-ups are still captivated by animation.

Financially speaking, creating a whiteboard video advertisement is very economical. Compared to a typical television commercial there are overall lower production costs.

Because whiteboard videos are produced for the internet, there is an added aspect of consumer sharing.This means that your whiteboard video can be shared between internet users via social media and is, in a sense, a form of word of mouth advertising.

Choosing a whiteboard video as a way to advertise has many benefits and is an excellent way to promote brand awareness.

There are many platforms where you can launch your whiteboard video including the landing page of your website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email blasts, etc.

Enjoy the creative process and add whiteboard animation to your brand marketing.

Try using a whiteboard video for your business today.

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Animation Video: Essential, Entertaining and Engaging

Animation Video: Essential, Entertaining and Engaging

Animation Video: Essential, entertaining and engaging

Having an online business presence in today’s world requires digital media.

If you have a business with an online presence and you need to get word out about your goods and services you need digital media such as animation video. What was once a novelty is now fast becoming mainstream due to faster and cheaper internet combines with an increase in mobile devices that allow people to connect faster than ever. An animated video with a bit of humour and proper SEO can improve your search engine ranking and reach your audience quicker than ever before. 

You may have noticed the rise of videos over the past few years on the internet. A video on the internet was once a curious novelty reserved only for those with exclusive high speed connections and expensive computers. Today, people watch videos on their smartphones and other inexpensive devices all around the world.

Videos have become a mainstay of entertainment and information on the internet and animation video in particular has achieved a great level of success in promoting products, providing information and entertainment for hundreds of millions of people around the world. If you are running an online business, then animation video production should be an avenue you need to consider to help establish your company to potential customers. Mastering the art of animated video SEO, or search engine optimization, will definitely increase your customer traffic and may lead to having your company expand exponentially over the internet.

Animated Video

Thanks to new advances in software, an animation video production of good quality is now even easier and cheaper than before. Everyday, animation video production studios around the world, some of which are simple, one person operations using a single computer and program are producing high quality animation video on a regular basis. While it may not have the depth or movie screen quality of a fully animated film that you see in the theatres, many animation studios do have a sophisticated, eye pleasing look that makes them perfect to hire for promotional projects that you employ. They can be entertaining and engaging allowing a business to deliver their message in its entirety.

Video SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a well known standard for creating greater customer traffic to your website. While most people recognize how SEO works for their text content, it can also be of great benefit for videos as well. Popular search engines will view good quality video as a definite plus on results pages. This means that between otherwise equal use of proper keywords and key phrases along with link quality and such, a weblink with a video will rank higher than one without. Therefore, it pays to have a good, high quality animated video that will help you get noticed by more people and create more customer traffic.


Animated videos have a special place in the hearts of people who readily remember the hilarious cartoons that they grew up with as children. Plus, animation has established itself prominently on network TV, cable stations, and the like. This means that when an animation production of good quality and great humor appears on the internet, people will take notice.

In fact, humor is the best way to deliver a positive message about your company or the products that you carry. While its true that everyone has their own sense of humor and what may be hilarious to some may not be so well received by others, it is often the earnest intent of being funny that is enough to bring people over.

Explanation Animation Boosts Website Traffic

Explanation Animation Boosts Website Traffic

Explanation Animation Boosts Website Traffic


If you are marketing your products or services online, your major objective is to draw more audience to your site while promoting your products. The use of videos is not a new marketing strategy. A different way of attracting website visitors using video presentation currently focuses on the popular explanation animation videos. They use video animation in order to catch the attention of your website visitors and to build more traffic to your site.


explanation animation

Explanation Animation

There is no doubt that video marketing is considered to be a fundamental approach to market products and services online. It can easily grab a viewer’s attention and you can easily convey your message to them in less time.  Moreover, some potential customers do not like to spend time reading to understand what your market is all about. Presenting a video through explanation animation is a good way to keep them interested in your products and services while the artist of the video attempts to tell a story through entertaining graphics that move.


Click through rates are believed to increase with a video animated graphic presentation. Technology and internet are changing the way people obtain information. From the traditional method of email marketing comes into play the different educational and marketing videos that seem to be more entertaining.


You can use viral videos in order to drive traffic to your website. This marketing strategy is mainly used for distributing and promoting products and services, making it known to the virtual community.


When using videos on a homepage the video should be one that is informative yet entertaining to make them more interesting to your site visitors.


With a video animated presentation you are giving your visitors a unique form of entertainment. The use of dry erase board animation presents a different way of presenting your ideas which can take your visitors to a different journey using a video marketing tool. You also get an advantage position against your competitors that are likely using video as a marketing tool in promoting their market. Although you are also using video marketing, your video presentations in the form of explanation animation is quite different.


Just make sure that your video presentation is one that will educate, communicate and inform your online visitors in a straightforward but entertaining manner. Some marketers have been using videos as a promotional and marketing tool but they are not using it correctly. Your advantage is to understand your market and products and design a video animation that can communicate with your customers well with the entertainment factor. There are different risk and beneficial features associated with using videos to market your website products and services. But there is no denying that videos can be a powerful medium to drive traffic to a website and dry erase board animation is capable of becoming an effective viral video, a conversion video and educational video that can boost your site’s traffic.


+Jace Vernon

Alecsy Christensen

Animated Explainer Videos Improve Landing Pages

Animated Explainer Videos Improve Landing Pages

Animated explainer videos are essential for improving landing pages


Ydraw believes this, and wants to share with others the benefits of using animated explainer videos in landing pages.

Animated explainer videos improve landing pages in many areas, and here are four that are defined in detail.

Expanding Technology

Because technology is continually expanding and businesses are always looking for ways to increase traffic and improve their conversion rates, learning more about the current trends in advertising and promotion are very important to businesses.  Just because a website was fabulously popular a year ago doesn’t necessarily mean that it is still making conversions at the same high rate.  Many people are finding that using an animated explainer video is an excellent way to improve conversion rates.

Interest Level

One reason for this is the interest level that videos have over simply having text to read.  In today’s world, interest must be grabbed quickly and is easily lost.  Being able to grab and hold attention is the key to getting conversions.  Animated Explainer Videos move quickly and constantly as the scribing follows along with the voice to keep a person’s attention much longer than just text or an audio clip.  The clever pictures that are drawn and the injection of appropriate text keep the viewer interested and guessing what will come next.  This keeps the attention focused, which is what most businesses want to happen on their landing pages.

Increased Conversion Rate

Statistics seem to uphold the notion that video keeps attention longer than just text does, as companies have reported increased conversion rates when using video on landing pages.  When the overall marketing strategy has a landing page video to focus on, then email, social media, PPC advertising, SEO, and all promotions can drive prospective customers to the landing page where the video provokes a higher conversion rate.

Focal Point

Whether the animated explainer video is designed to instruct for the purpose of training, describes the company and what it offers, explains a service provided by the company, or demonstrates a product, its fast-moving animation keeps the customer’s attention riveted.  The combination of visual and audio input provides more information to the customer who is then more willing to make a purchase or at least take the next step to learn more.


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New Animation Production

New Animation Production

The animation production company Ydraw is now not only releasing video scribing videos, but animation videos as well.


When it comes to video marketing, Ydraw is indeed the place to go to for instantly appealing animation production. These videos are content rich and reach out to all age groups alike.


The animation production work at Ydraw is on par with any top animation studio, and after looking at all of their animated videos, it becomes quite obvious that they are made with all the standards of quality, craftsmanship and attractiveness kept in mind.


The animation production is done in a way that it should remind everyone of their childhood, sitting in front of their TV and watching Frankenstein being brought to life by the scientist. In this video however, it is a lead pencil that is made alive by the scientist who then proceeds to encouraging it to draw.


This is of course very close to what Ydraw is in reality i.e. making their art come to life via animation production and helping other organizations with their intelligent and innovative concepts of video marketing.


Ydraw helps people in bringing their ideas and products to life on the internet in a much refreshing way. And one can rest assured that any project they do would also be a very satisfactory experience for the customer in terms of the quality of the output.


Being a company that specializes in animated marketing videos, the people they work with have little to no worries regarding the development of their marketing strategies from the drawing board to the computer screens. And the final product is almost always exactly what the customer companies are looking for. Ydraw is indeed one of the pioneer companies of video marketing using animation production and is paving a way for small and big corporations alike to promote their businesses on the internet in a creative and subtle way.

+Jace Vernon
Alecsy Christensen