5 Reasons why Whiteboard Explainer Videos are so effective.

Sometimes it doesn’t work to just tell your audience how your company can be essential to their business plan and how they need you so they can live a long and fruitful life. There are a lot of ads that are patronizing to the audience with incredibly dull narratives and poor acting. Perhaps by explaining what you do will persuade consumers better than any actor pretending to care about your company ever could. But here’s the problem, sitting and explaining your company is boring. It’s not engaging, it’s uninspired and it’s so very boring. Like, Jane Austen narrated by Ben Stein boring. So how do you balance out an entertaining video and explaining your company’s concepts and ideas?

Whiteboard explainer videos, of course! Let’s go through why.

  • ILLUSTRATIONS CAN HELP CONVEY COMPLEX CONCEPTS EASIER. Visual concepts are a driving force that allows your audience to grasp your ideas easier. The perfect example are the before and after pictures of meth addicts, though grisly they may be. The before pictures shows a healthy person who doesn’t seem to have any effects of drug abuse. The after pictures show the devastating and shocking effect that meth has on the human body. It appears as though the life had been sucked out of them. Without having to go into detail on how the drug has this effect, or why the person started to take the drug, the story of how it destroys you is clearly presented instantly.


  • WATCHING THE CREATION OF THE VISUALS IS CAPTIVATING. As the artist creates characters, environment and situations, the viewer is watching the story unfold in front of them. The simplicity of being able to watch that process pulls in the viewer and in turn they are keen on watching to see what comes next. Being able to see the illustration come to life adds a human touch to the video. Rather than having a polished animation from start to finish, the viewer gets to connect with the person behind the drawing. Knowing there is somebody behind that pen lets the viewer know there are people behind the drawing, just like there are people behind your company.


  • SIMPLE AND AFFORDABLE. Without having to use a crowded infographic that can come across more complex than it intends to be, a whiteboard animation is simple and tells your story without having to assault your viewer with statistics and mission statements. Perhaps the thing that stops most people from using video for their company is the cost. Luckily whiteboard explainer videos are incredibly cost effective and can reach a large number of people quickly.


  • USING NARRATIVE CAN PERSUADE AND MOTIVATE VIEWERS. Any parent knows the influence any kids TV show has on their children. Why when I was a lad, I too became a victim of Saturday morning television shows and for about 2 years straight dressed up like Pee Wee Herman…. EVERYDAY. It happened, deal with it. Just because the audience you have are now older and wiser doesn’t mean they can’t be persuaded by an engaging video. A study by LaMarre and Landreville in 2009 found that the difference of watching a film that reenacted a historical event and a documentary on the same subject had similar levels of issue interest and engagement with the narrative presented. Fictional stories are as effective as factual stories in persuading and shifting ideas related to the narrative. Both can be engaging and compelling experience for the viewer.
  • EASY TO DISTRIBUTE. Distribution of digital video is incredibly simple. A video can be uploaded to a many platforms an infinite amount of times. It can be sent in an email to consumers or link to your YouTube account. The entire world can take part of your company and the video can work its magic every hour of every day. Reaching your audience has been easier than ever.


A promotional video using whiteboard animation can present a complex subject matter into something that can be easily understood while being entertaining. That entertaining video can retain a high engagement rate and rack up views to direct consumers to your company. It’s simple, affordable, it’s easy to distribute to your clients and perhaps you’ll be able to have some free time to catch some Pee Wee Herman yourself. If that’s your thing, it’s certainly mine.

2014 Video Product Launches

2014 Video Product Launches

So what are the new video marketing trends coming out in 2014?  Web video is still seeing massive growth, it has become a main stream activity for almost every house hold and should be a big part of your marketing budget.. Here are some interesting stats:

89 million people in the United States are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today. (ComScore)

Online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion in 2016. (Cisco)

Only about 24 percent of national brands are using online video to market to consumers. (Kantar Media)

Online video now accounts for 50 percent of all mobile traffic and up to 69 percent of traffic on certain networks. (Bytemobile Mobile Analytics Report)

Consumers give up on an online video if it doesn’t load in two seconds. (University of Massachusetts Amherst and Akamai Technologies)

Users sharing video on retail and brand sites chose Facebook 46 percent of the time, with email accounting for 40 percent and Twitter capturing 14 percent of shares. (Invodo)

Globally, online video traffic will be 55 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2016. (Cisco)

52 percent of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions. (Invodo)

Mobile and tablet shoppers are three times as likely to view a video as laptop or desktop users. (NPD)

Mobile video ads that include social media buttons drive 36 percent higher engagement. (Rhythm NewMedia).

Online video production will account for more than one-third of all online advertising spending within the next five years. (Borrell Associates)

76 percent of marketers plan to add video to their sites, making it a higher priority than Facebook, Twitter and blog integration. (Social Media Examiner)

92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others. (Invodo)

More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month, spending more than 4 billionhours watching videos (YouTube).

2 billion video views per week are monetized on YouTube, and every auto-shared tweet results in six new YouTube browsing sessions (ReelSEO).

Obvisoulsy we love video and we want to show you what we have coming down the pipeline. Here at Ydraw we want to stay on top of the new trends but more importantly we want to keep doing what works and what will drive you the most revenue.

1. Whiteboard Video

Our whiteboard videos continue to outperform all other types of video. Many of them have a 75% retention rate. They are still a hot commodity so look for our new innovations in whiteboard animation videos, this also includes the yswipe videos. If you have not seen our whiteboard animation video you can check them out here… whiteboard demo videos

2. 3d Animation

Up until now, 3d animation videos have been very expensive. They take a lot of time and collaboration just to get started. Ydraw is about to change this. We now have a team of 3d animators. A lot of companies will spend $20,000 for a simple 2D animation video, but now they can have a 3D video. Check out our screen shots. We will have it completed next week for the whole world to see.3d animation video

3. Animation Videos

It is hard to get away from the standard animation videos. We have been very hesitant to enter this field due to the fact that their are a lot of good companies creating simple animation videos. They can also be called After Effect videos. If we can not be the absolute best then we usually do not enter the game. That is going to change in 2014. Ydraw is now going to offer simple animation/After Effects videos. We have been seeing a lot of junk being produced and we know we can produce a lot better quality for the same price. Plus, we have the talent to make it happen. Our animation demo video will be launched next week.  Here is a nice picture to give you a preview.




Get ready to order your new Whiteboard Video, 3D Animation Video, or your Standard Animation Video.




Animation For Business

Animation For Business

Video Animation for Business

If you want your business to have an online presence, you will need to use digital media. Video animation will help you get the word out about your goods and services. In today’s world people connect faster than ever and because of that are impatient and unwilling to sit through anything they don’t have to. Initially, consumers are only interested in the quickest way your business can convey information to them. But using animation for your business can pique the interest of viewers and keep their attention longer than any other means of advertisement.

Why Does Your Business Need Video Animation?

Animation is a very effective and inexpensive way to boost business, and when used correctly will increase customer traffic and lead to a more established internet presence. Technology is constantly changing, and chances are your competitors are also looking for ways to keep up. Here are a few reasons why your business needs video animation and how it can set you apart from your competitors, but for check out this video.

People Don’t Have Time

In this day and age it’s all about instant gratification. Who can provide me with the most pertinent information, and quickly? Sure, your product is amazing and has the potential to help a lot of people, but your pages of descriptions, features, and testimonials just aren’t going to hold attention for long. Get your message across with a creative minute-long animated video that sparks their interest and captures their imagination.

Consumers Care to Share

…If it’s worth sharing—and the chance your fans will do your marketing for you is improved if your content is fun and unique. Animated videos are so easy to link to and embed in other websites; all it takes is one click and your business just got a whole slew of new online viewers.


Not only will your video serve as an effective marketing technique—you can use it in the office, at trade shows, load it onto a disc or flash drive and hand it out. Post it to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc… Video is endlessly versatile and its reach is incredible.

Very Impressive

Statistics have proven that your business will benefit from animated advertising. When it comes to animated videos, viewers retain 58% more information than they do just viewing images among black and white text. This is because animation caters to both sides of the brain. The left turns thoughts into images, allowing animation to communicate to left-brain thinkers in a way that words from live-action actors can’t. The right side of the brain likes animation because it easily ignites emotion and feelings. Animation is also more entertaining to right-brain thinkers, and they tend to hold onto the memory for a long time. In simpler words: if you want your audience to remember your business, show them an animated video.

Set Yourself Apart

If you’re company is the best, makes the best products or provides the best service, let people know. Stand out from your competition! When you use animation for your business, not only can you showcase products and features, you have the ability to do so creatively and express your company’s unique character. While your competitors provide boring, dry and lifeless pages of text to sift through, you provide humor and entertainment. And perhaps the best part of animated videos is the ability to convey information about your business in a way that anyone can easily understand it; from five years old to ninety.

OK, You Need Video Animation for Your Business, Now What?

Animation video, in particular, has achieved much success in product promotion and providing information while being entertaining enough to grab and hold consumers’ attention. Alright, you get it; video marketing has become pertinent to getting your information in front of a massive audience. So you decide you’d like to invest in an animated video for your business, but before you start, here are a few tips:


Video is versatile. Your animated video can (and should) live everywhere, including:
– On your website
– Social video sites i.e. Youtube, Vimeo
– In emails sent to clients
– On a big screen at a trade show
– On a computer during meetings
– On handheld devices such as tablets and smart phones

Video is a tool every company needs in the realm of online advertising. Video animation can be a huge boom to your business by allowing large amounts of information to be viewed and retained in a short amount of time.

Animated videos get a higher click-through rate compared to other marketing videos, in turn giving you an increased return on investment, leading to a potential 85% increase in sales.


To throw a snooze-fest—be imaginative. Using video animation to promote your business allows you to break through the boundaries of reality. The benefit of using animation over live action is the ability to create something that is unique, engaging, and high impact all while being within your budget.

To shoe-horn technical jargon and sales lingo into script. Your video should be entertaining and engaging. Use a storyline—introduce a problem (hit a hot-button issue) at the beginning and heroically provide the solution.

Power Point techniques. Avoid the urge to fill your video with text. Aim to entertain viewers with an eye-catching mix of moving imagery and sound. Use text only when necessary—highlight key points about your business but let the text flow with the overall design of animation.

If you’re looking to market your products or services online, your focus is on drawing people to your site while promoting your products. If you make sure the animated video for your business is educational, entertaining and informative, your online visitors will be likely to spread the word by sharing your video, and your site will experience a hefty boost in traffic.

To make a long article short, the reason you need video animation for your business is simply the fact that they lead to more views and more money. Online video has an infinite reach, widely distributing your content for a minimal investment. Technically speaking, it’s not the video your business needs, but the results that an animated video delivers.

+Jace Vernon

Animated Business Videos Successfully Deliver Engaging Messages

Animated Business Videos Successfully Deliver Engaging Messages

Animation Videos for Business Have Increased Success in Delivering Engaging Messages


Getting your message out there can be one of the most troubling projects one can go after. It seems that there is just nothing that has the ability to get customers to focus on the message at hand and be able to remember what they have been told. This is where video scribing comes in. Video scribing is a form of video animation in which whiteboard video displays are created in order to seize the audience’s attention. In this type of video animation an actor or actress performs a type of animation that is actively occurring on the screen. It is done in multiple steps that are designed to engage the viewer and keep them looking forward to the next step.


This form of whiteboard video is having a great success in getting points across while being memorable enough to deliver long lasting and efficient results. It is especially useful for products or services that require a little bit of education to sell. The video scribing is done in a way that is simple to watch and can get hold of the focus of even the most difficult to reach group of customers. This is due to the fact that it is more engaging than making the customer read a block of text and is more dynamic than listening to a radio advert. Essentially, when it comes to video animation there is nothing that customers would more rather choose to view than whiteboard videos because they don’t feel like advertisements. Instead this form of video scribing feels like art, and art is memorable.


Length Benefits:

animated business videos

animated business videos

Because these videos are so engaging, it is easier to convert and get an audience to watch your video for more than the average viewing time on YouTube. On average, viewers tend to watch videos for a minute and a half, then clicking away because they lose interest. With animated business videos, the average watch time from viewers is much longer, because viewers tend to stay engaged with the video for longer than other video mediums. Amazing!




The process to make animated business videos goes into many different categories including filling out the questionnaire, script writing, storyboarding, creating the animations, doing revisions and going back and forth between the client and the company, editing the video, adding voiceovers, adding music, and more. Depending on the style of artist, clients can create anything they can imagine, it is limitless what can be done whiteboard animation. Whatever someone can think of, can be created.

+Jace Vernon
Alecsy Christensen