The Skinny on Making a Big Fat Profit: Mobile Advertising

You’ve just sat down to watch TV, and instinctively you search your pockets for your cell phone or your surroundings for your tablet. Sound like a familiar scenario? While TV viewership is on the decline, video viewing on mobile devices is on the rise. According to a survey by YuMe, aside from eating, the biggest…

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5 Reasons Jimmy Kimmel’s Twerking Girl on Fire Video went Viral

5 Reasons Jimmy Kimmel’s Twerking Girl on Fire Video went Viral – and How Yours Can Too This article was originally featured on   Monday night on his show Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he was the genius behind the video that received more than 9 million views in less than a week – Worst…

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Video Hosting Alternatives to YouTube

Video Hosting Alternatives to YouTube When it comes to video hosting sites, everyone is aware that YouTube takes the cake (ok, so your grandparents are still a little unaware). However, there are other options out there. Here is a list of 5 video hosting sites that will host your marketing video just as well, but…

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Video Marketing Statistics | A Comparison

Video Marketing Statistics | A Comparison   Below is an infographic showing a comparison of a few 2013 video marketing statistics compared with similar statistics from 2012. Obviously video marketing is becoming more and more popular – if you don’t have an online video marketing campaign yet, you ought to. +Jessica Anderson

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Understanding Your Audience | 3 Things to Remember

Understanding Your Audience | 3 things to remember when getting to know your consumers.   Getting the most out of your video marketing campaign can be as simple as understanding your audience. Maybe it doesn’t actually sound so simple – and here’s the thing – It’s not. If you want to broaden your marketing horizons you…

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An Insignificantly Significant Testimonial

An Insignificantly Significant Testimonial TRUE STORY: The other day I was at my mom’s house and she was watching TV. During the commercial break, there was an ad for the Les Olsen Company that was made using whiteboard animation. My mom (who doesn’t know a whole lot about what I do) was watching with wonder…

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