Why Video Is Not For You

Videos are everywhere and YouTube is launching stars like Justin Bieber and songs like What the Fox Says almost every day, or so it seems, … but they’re probably not for you. Sorry.

Ok, ok, before you begin a rant of why you, your business, or your product deserves a video… let me explain.

I’ve been involved in marketing in one way or another for most of my professional career, 17 years now (yikes),  and this has all brought me to this conclusion…. video isn’t for you!

You see, video isn’t for you at all… it’s for your viewer, your customer, your lead, your contact, your fan, etc. It’s not meant for you, so stop being so selfish!!

I had a client the other day who said he wanted a video that would compel the viewer to contact him and buy. Sounds good. Then the client went on to say here’s the script I’ve written, here’s the visuals, here’s the music, and here are all the supporting documents. After I read what was provided I was confused. I didn’t know what the product truly was, what was being offered and more importantly, why I would care in the first place.

So… I asked the client, who’s your customer, your viewer? How familiar are they with you, your product, and what you do? His answer… “They aren’t. This is to attract new customers.” My response was, “I don’t know you, so could I be one of your customers?” His answer, “Yes, of course!”

I hated to shoot down his enthusiasm, because he was very passionate about his business, but I had no idea what he was trying to say in his script. None. There were so many details, so much business jargon, I was lost in a matter of moments… long before his conclusion and call to action. I never got that far. Why? Because the video was all about him, what he knew, what made sense to him, what he wanted, and really had nothing to do with me (the viewer). Which was why I didn’t “get it.”

Trust me. I understand your passion. I understand you have a lot riding on this video. I understand no one knows this stuff or can do it better than you… but that’s why it’s so important that the video isn’t about you. It has to provide value to the viewer, a laugh, something to remember, a reason to contact YOU.

And that’s why video isn’t for you, it HAS to be for them. So before you spend the time, money and resources to create your perfect video, make sure you are not building something that only you will find interesting to watch. Unless that’s what you had planned on all along. And if that’s the case… good luck.

+Chris Salisbury

Ydraw Creative Director