We are constantly building new styles and wanted to give you some ideas of what we can do with Animation Videos. Here are 3 different styles and we would like you to vote on which one you like better. We are constantly adapting to the markets to make sure our clients get the best.

Video 1

At the top of the list you have the a fun little animation style created by our Editor Lee Wiley. The guy loves drawing and editing videos.

Video 2

This video is rather time consuming and more of your traditional animation style. Turned out great!

Video 3

Here’s a simple preview of what is to come. We like this story style video because it grabs attention and teaches you at the same time. If you want one, we would be happy to create it for you!

Video 4

We have always enjoyed this style. Watch it and let us know what you think.

It’s time to VOTE. Which one do you like?