The Madness Behind Whiteboard Videos: The Best Way to Deliver Your Message…Guaranteed

Many people wonder how Ydraw creates a whiteboard video. If you have no clue what a whiteboard video is you better check out the video above to see what we are talking about. The process and steps that Ydraw takes to make one of these videos amazing and we are going to walk you through the steps. Without giving away our secrets of course. In this video we included a bit of animation, funny business, humor and color. Most of our videos are just black and white, but we like color. Enjoy and read on…


First, the whiteboard animation video process starts with a simple idea. In this case, we decided  to create a video with no voice narration, something different, something completely mad. Brainstorming begins, and ideas are thrown around until a creative story is planned out that will fit the goals of each company perfectly while still sustaining entertainment.


Once the story line is set, and a basic understanding of where the video is going to go, it is time to script. Scripting consists of dividing the story up into different segments so that a single piece of artwork can be developed into each scene plan. Then the text for the voice narration is planned out, but because there is no narration in this video, we skipped this step.


Whiteboard Animation Video

Whiteboard Animation Video

When the scripting and scenes are plotted out and approved, they are then sent off to the artist for drawing. This process of drawing is where the artist creates the black and white previews of the artwork that will be featured in the video. Some of them come back with color, but in general they will come back as black and white images. We always get approvals on each step of the whiteboard video process.  We would hate for our clients to not be satisifed with the ending result.  Once we get an approval from the client we move onto recording.


Whiteboard Animation Video

Whiteboard Animation Video

It is now time for the magic to begin.  The artist is recorded from start to finish while they draw all the scenes for the final product. This is a very precise process, where the artist has to make sure that everything is perfect. If he forgets to hit record on the camera, he starts all over.  Which has happened more than a couple of times..:) There are some whiteboard video companies that use computer programs with a fake hand, but not us.  What you see is the real deal. During recording we may add color and other enhancements depending on the project and the budget of the client.

Voiceover and Music

In most cases, after the video is finished recording, the voiceover is then recorded. This video is much different than any of the other ones, and has no voiceover, so we skipped this step, and just let the soothing music and the animations tell the story.


Once all of the recording is finished and the voiceover and music are chosen and approved, all the video clips, voiceover clips, and music tracks are taken to Ydraw’s talented editors who then speed up the drawing sequences, making the video scribing video come to life.

Final Product

The overall process of making a whiteboard animation video with Ydraw takes between 21-30 days, depending on the time spent collaborating and approving scripting, storyboarding, voiceovers, music, etc. With on average 6-7 people working on one project at a time, Ydraw would love to work with you and create an amazing video scribing video for your company.  Have a great day.

+Jace Vernon

Video: Whiteboard Video Madness

Ydraw creates Whiteboard Videos and this new whiteboard video is a great example of what we can do. The video explains the process and steps that Ydraw takes to make one of these videos amazing. Without giving away our secrets.

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