Think about the people you follow on social media. You probably choose to follow these people for multiple reasons.

1. You have a personal relationship with this person and you are interested in their life.
2. You appreciate their insight on topics you care about.
3. You enjoy their posts because they relate to you.

For companies, however, social media can be hard to master. You’ll need a strategic approach that will first peak their interest, and then engage them.

How to Create a Conversation Using Your Social Media Platforms

The first conversation can sometimes feel awkward and forced. Picture talking to your crush circa 8th grade. Sometimes our business social media platforms feel that way too. Content becomes generic and wordy and before you know it, you sound like a robot spitting out marketing terms.

Here are 6 ideas to spice up your posts!

1. Think personal, BE A REAL HUMAN!
Customers appreciate when a business behaves like a normal person. Make your captions fun and engaging! Ask questions. Keep up on current events and tie them into your content.

2. Take the focus off YOU and put it on your customer.
-Talk about their pains, and THEN you can talk about how you can solve their problems!
-Use their content. (Example: A clothing company reposting a customer’s picture of them wearing their clothes)
-Reach out to clients and ask for a testimonial. These are great for gaining credibility, and developing trust with your followers!

3. Give them something.
-Who doesn’t love a free item? Offer them a discount off of your services, create some promotional items with your logo on them, do a giveaway! This will encourage your followers to comment on your posts, and is an easy way to create a conversation with them!

4. Ask a question.
People love to give their opinion. So why not engage with your followers by asking some fun questions!

5. Think like a consumer.
Evaluate your target audience, and what they want to see in their social media feeds. You could even look at your competitions pages to help with ideas (Just remember to not steal their ideas. Use their posts for inspiration.)

Teach your followers and provide them with content that is adding value to their lives. You’re the professional, so share your knowledge!

Just remember-
Keep it Simple.
And Real.

Happy Marketing!
P.S. Only 40 sleeps until Christmas. We got this!