Selecting the Right Voiceover For Your Video Production

The proper voice for video voice over is often overlooked and incorrectly thought of as insignificant.

Selecting the proper voice for your video voice over is an important and integral part of video production. The voice is what will give your viewer and potential customers the first impression of your business and what you are trying to communicate to them. The voice you select must reflect the message you want to convey and the manner in which you convey it. A tone, pronunciation, accent and volume are but a few of the essential elements that will determine whether your viewers have the attention span to view your video through to completion. 

When creating a video production, selecting the right voiceover for your narration is vital to the success of the video. The perfect voiceover will add greatly to the tone of the video and bring out what the message is trying to achieve. A voiceover is the final addition that can make or break the potential of success that your video will enjoy. There are a number of standards that you should set when finding the right person to do a video voiceover so it can enjoy the maximum success when broadcasted on the internet or television.  Therefore, if you are shopping around for a person to do the voiceover, then you’ll need to approach it with a number of considerations. 


While experience helps, it’s not necessarily essential to hiring the right voiceover person. After all, you are looking for the right tone to set for your video and whether that person has been in the business for a half century or a half an hour matters little as long as they can do the job the way you intended.

Experience does count to a certain extent when comparing candidates who have similar qualities, but one has more experience and a reputation for getting the job done quickly while the other is still establishing themselves. However, if you are hiring voiceover artists in a freelance manner, then you can pick and choose the one that is right for a particular video.


What is the tone of your video production? Are you trying to be serious, funny or simply informative? Whatever the tone of the video, your voiceover artist needs to match that tone well in order to deliver the message properly. However, you should be open somewhat when interviewing voiceover artists and listening to the demos that they provide.