Innovative Commercials – Explainer Video Likeability

I love innovative commercials and I especially love an innovative explainer video that is fun and likable at the same time.  Many say Mitt Romney lost the elections because of his like-ability factor, so do not lose customers over videos that nobody likes.   Be fun, be creative, and be likable.  Here is a great little video that was created for World B Free. It’s just a guy telling a story and we added some great animation to it. The 76ers were talking about their hero Dr. J

I also love it when corporations decide to go out of their comfort zone. Here is a great commercial created by Mercedes.

This video did not take a huge risk, but it is fun and speaks highly of Mercedes.  Most big companies have the hardest time creating great material due to the fact they they have so many checkpoints, regulations, and committees. But when they decide to step out of the box, the results can be amazing.

We all have great product and I know we want to share them with the world, but you want to restrain yourself from talking too much about your amazing product.  We like to talk about features, services, and products when nobody really pays any attention to those things.  Be likable first and then you will get the attention.   Companies like to keep their explainer videos safe and with that comes a loss of innovation, creativity, and likability.  Some might disagree with this statement but that is what I have seen and continue to see.  Instead of producing something that is exciting we usually end up with something that  is boring and nobody pays any attention to.  Lets discuss a few things to watch out for and a few ways to improve our videos.

1. Be Likable and Fun

This should be one of the number one requisites when producing any type of material. Check out this VW commercial that was created in 2011.  It has 55 million views on YouTube and it does not say a word about VW’s features, looks, or excellent customer service.

This explainer video is likable and brought VW a lot of success.  The VW video should give you something to shoot for along with old spice commercials.  The idea should be to create a video that the viewers will watch over and over just because they like it.

“But things really got rolling after the début of a Volkswagen commercial featuring a little boy dressed as Darth Vader, who brings a 2012 Passat to life using “The Force.”

How do we do this?

Be creative, think outside the box, do random things, do the unexpected, add music, be optimistic.  People like to feel that everything is on the upswing especially with todays crazy media. We are bombarded with so much negativity from the internet, to the radio, to the TV.  It is nice to get a break from it all and find a video that is upbeat.  The exuberance of optimism as expressed in the song hit, “Oh, what a beautiful morning ” gives exhilaration and increases people’s over all confidence.  Make your audience smile and feel good about life. Any product or service that inspires someone becomes their favorite.  Never ever create a video that can make an audience feel deflated.  I am sure many of you would agree that the world could use a lot more  positive, videos.  Stay away from cynicism, sarcasm, bashing and pessimism, those things hardly ever win followers.

So there you have it nice, short and simple.

+Jace Vernon