Authenticity… WHAT IS IT?

First, I’ll tell you exactly what it isn’t.

We’ll use the “hot Instagram mom” as our example.

Go to any Instagram famous blogger’s profile and you’ll immediately notice a few things.
At first glance, you’ll see a perfectly formatted profile aesthetic that makes you question the time spent planning out their pictures.

Dive deeper into their individual posts and their life looks PERFECT. Keep scrolling and you’ll probably start thinking that they have never had a bad hair day in their life. Their kids never cry. Their husband surprises them with flowers every day. They do 10 squats a day and have six packs, AND they still eat ice cream. The list goes on…

Every picture is planned. Every caption is formulated. These paid posts are there to distort your perception enough to buy into whatever product they are promoting.

Although advertising through these influencers has become a go-to for companies, this is NOT being authentic.

Think about some of your favorite brands or people that you follow on social media. Why do you like them?

Is it because you relate to them? Because their posts are shareable? Or maybe because you value their honest opinion?

Hopefully, you have a few of these “real” Instagram friends. Those ones that tell it like it is, and as you’re reading the post you nod your head and say “yeah, I relate.”

But what does all of this have to do with you, your business and being authentic??

I promise that you don’t have to be a “hot Instagram mom” to be successful. It’s actually the opposite.

You need to be authentic.

Stop complicating things. It’s time to get real with your customers.

So HOW do you do this??


We love stories. We remember stories. We relate to stories.

Last week we sent out an email that featured our favorites! Don’t worry if you missed it! You can view the post HERE.

One example of an effective story is a customer review.

Check out this amazon review that was submitted to the Squatty Potty that we turned into a video.

Video customer reviews work because they’re honest, real, relatable, and reliable.

Why does it all matter?

Let’s face it… No one wants to feel like they’re being sold to. We want to make a decision for ourselves. Brands need to take this into account as they are producing authentic content for their consumers.

Ydraw was built on the “explainer video”. For years, we have created amazing videos backed by metaphors, facts, summaries, and fluff. Consumers no longer want to be bombarded with that information. What they do care about is getting right to the point so that they know exactly if they want do business with you.

So what is Authenticity?
-It’s being honest.
-It’s being REAL.
-It’s understanding your customer’s problems and actually FIXING them.

Find your story, and then contact us and we’ll bring it to life 🙂

BE AUTHENTIC. Tell stories.