How to Pitch Your Business: 3 Pitches To Help Your Business

Revenue creation is all about giving the right pitch, at the right time, to the right people.  How would you like to create 3 pitches that are proven to move any audience?   Well, get ready because that is what we are about to do.

Over the last few week I have been reading a couple of books and I want to pass on the wisdom.  The first little bit comes from “To Sell Is Human.” He takes you through a few examples and I wanted to pass on the information to our wonderful fans.  Below you are going to find some information that will help you create 5 or 6 pitches. Since we use pitches every day in social media, videos, articles and websites it might be good for you to take this little workshop seriously.  When you are done you will have some great pitches that can be applied immediately.  Consider this a workshop so use it and abuse it.

1.  Story Pitch

Did you know that Pixar can summarize their movies into a simple formula?

Once upon a time__________.Every day,____________.One Day___________Because of that,______________. Because of that, _________________. Until finally____________.

This six-sentence format is both appealing and supple.  It allows pitchers to take advantage of the well-documented persuasive force of stories-but within a framework that forces conciseness and discipline.”  To Sell is Human

If it is good enough for Pixar, it is good enough for us so let’s apply this to our own businesses.  I will use my company as an example. This is my first draft so be kind.  I will make adjustments when I have a little bit more time.  Here we go.

Once upon a time attention spams were diminishing, people where confused and tired of the same old videos.  Every day, people would spend endless hours on the internet mindlessly looking for something amazing.  One day everything changed: Ydraw created a style of video that would mesmerize any audience. Because of that, companies from all around the world began to see a better way to advertise their product and ordered Ydraw videos.  Because of that,  revenues, leads, and prospects increased.  Until finally everyone realized how important Ydraw videos are for their business.

2.  Social Media Pitch

You want to keep your social media pitches short and sweet.  You will want to make sure to have a benefit to them in your first sentence.  Since Twitter will only allow 140 characters you will want your pitch to be between 100 and 120 characters.

3. Email Pitch

Every email you send needs to have a great subject line.  Our inboxes are so full of emails that we need to stand out.  I like to use their name in the subject line with a questions.

  • Bob, What can Whiteboard Videos do for you? Check this out.
  • Why Most Video Campaigns Fail Within The First Week.
  • Bob, Why Your Videos Have A 50% Drop Off Rate In The First 15 Seconds.

So there you have it.  Create some great pitches for you business and see what kind of results you can achieve.  If you are not the creative type find some pitches you like and adjust them to fit your business.

+Jace Vernon