How To Create An Amazing Video: A Perfect Video For Conversion, Attention, and Retention.


Are your viewers doing what you want them to? Are they watching your video, taking action and bringing you more business? When it comes to video marketing you have to be focused more on what is working now. Get ready to learn the science of creating an amazing video.


Have you ever seen advertisements that pop up before a YouTube video plays?  Of course you have, but have you have you ever seen a good one? What about the videos that have 5 seconds of disclosures before they even start? Talk about throwing money down the toilet! The agency or company responsible for that ad should be fired … but come to think of it, that happens all the time.


You have 5 seconds to get our attention, if not we click skip as soon as possible and move on with our lives.


They would never admit it but most corporate videos fail to keep the attention of any audience for more then 5 seconds. Ydraw would like to change that so let’s jump into some stats.


Below is one of our highest converting videos created for Yinc (a sister company of Ydraw). The Yinc video is 1:15 seconds in length, it retains 98 percent of the audience for the first 30 seconds and then drops off to 75% by the end of the video.  (Watch Here. Yinc Don’t Be That Guy Whiteboard Video)

How To Be A Video Marketing Guru Video Marketing that works


By comparison, according to an article published by Business Insider ( ), almost 45% of viewers drop off by 60 seconds. That means our video is performing 30% better than most online videos. How?


1. Headline: Unique and Catchy


You MUST get people interested in what you have to say within the first 5 seconds. The Yinc video starts off with some catchy music, a hand drawing and a headline. It’s different than your everyday video and the combination of these 3 things manages to grab the audience and hold them there for the first 30 seconds.


2.  Unexpected and Random


Our Yinc sales video is actually a live video we created for our business managers Paige and Haley. This video holds 75% of the audience but we get an amazing spike between 1:00 and 1:15. Why’s that? It’s because we took a quick break to do something random and unexpected. Come on, who swings pink softball bats in their office? (apparently we do).



3.  Strong Call to Action


I know we keep harping on the importance of a strong call to action, but it is a must. Applying a simple CTA acts like a remote control to get your readers to get up off the couch and actually do something.  It breaks my heart (not really) when I see a million dollar commercial with no call to action.  If you want your audience to act… you should ask them.  This may not sound like rocket science but I figured it was time I shared all my magical secrets.


So there you have it.  Now your job (the reader) is to take these 3 simple steps and apply them to your videos. They work and the proof is in the numbers.

Have a great day!

+Jace Vernon

How To Create An Amazing Video: A Perfect Video For Conversion, Attention, and Retention.