Copywriting and Content Infographic

We love infographics here at Ydraw.  And we also love copywriting.  Not copyrighting (well, we love that too), but copyWRITING.  So what exactly is copywriting?  It’s a trick of the trade.  The infographic below will tell you all about copywriting.  I know it’s long, but don’t worry, it’s fun, and colorful, and it’s informative, and pretty, and special, and detailed, and so so pretty, and…and…and….oh just read it!  Because if that didn’t convince you that you need to read this infographic then perhaps I should be reading it as well in order to up my copywriting game!  I think I’ll do just that.

Video Scribing Ydraw

So, are you done?  Was it just as informative as I promised?  Hopefully your answer is yes.  Or at the very least hopefully you saved this image and plan to come back to it later.  Either way, just inform yourself about copywriting.  Everyone in the marketing biz (that’s short for business) is doing it.  It’s actually one of the very first things that you learn in marketing, so if you don’t know it yet, I’m not sure how you’ve been marketing.  But I’m gonna go ahead and assume your results haven’t been that terrific.  So, steal the information in this image.  Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, or Bing more information about copywriting and content.  You won’t be sorry and your marketing will get so much better, and your customers will actually enjoy listening to you and what you have to say.

Remember it’s copyWRITING not copyRIGHTING.  However, you should probably look into copyrighting too.  Just saying.

If you have any questions about copywriting, please let us know!  Or if you have any amazing tips or tricks that you would like to share with us, feel free to pass those along.  We’ll take good care of them.

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