Can We create an Explainer video Using other peoples artwork?

Great question.. and one that we get asked a lot. The answer is…AB-SO-LUTELY.

Client Sample sent to Ydraw

Client Sample sent to Ydraw

The other day a client came to us and asked us if we could put together a video using his artist’s work instead of using one of our Ydraw artists to create the video layout. It was important that the scenes could be matched perfectly once it was recorded under camera. Before we even received the sample, we knew that not only was our artist capable of the task, but he would make the video amazing! Well, needless to say, our client was more than happy with the results.

Here at Ydraw we know that there are lots of talented artists outside of our ‘Ydraw Bubble’. We understand if your mom is the most incredible artist you know, and you want her to create the artwork for your video. We aren’t even offended by that! We welcome clients who give us the opportunity of duplicating other artist’s work. We find it uniquely challenging, and quite frankly, refreshing.

In Ydraw’s past, we have done numerous videos for clients that fall into this category.  All of these videos have turned out amazing and our clients have always been happy with the results.

So, if you’re worried that Ydraw might not be capable of recreating or duplicating artwork that you bring to us.. DON’T! Check out the sample we received from a client and the video sample above to see what we can do.

Here at Ydraw, we are always open to trying new things and doing whatever we can to make your finished video look exactly like you wanted it to.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments for us here at Ydraw.

+Haley Zitting