Blue Ocean Brain Video was a great success.

This is Tom. Tom is the CEO of a successful company on the rise. However, while business has boomed in recent years, Tom’s mounting concern is that growth and production have slowed. In fact, the company’s progress is starting to plateau.

Despite some turnover, Tom knows his company is well staffed with skilled people in the right positions. But while the desks might be occupied, the vacant stare in his employee’s eyes tell another story.

Tom worries that his organization is losing the drive and competitive edge it once had. Finally, one restless night

Tom is up watching an old monster movie, when it hits him– BRAINS!!

Tom realizes that to get the most out of his people, he must go beyond basic training and start challenging his people to think boldly … to ask questions and to craft innovative new solutions.

No question, physical wellness is important, but  nothing drives real innovation and progress like a healthy, energized brain!  So where does Tom turn?

The answer is simple — Blue Ocean Brain!

With Blue Ocean Brain, Tom can begin to drive brain health and jumpstart innovation.

A team of really smart people develop brain training exercises, brain health information, critical thinking puzzles and more.

Blue Ocean Brain sparks creativity and teaches big picture thinking, delivering waves of good ideas for Tom’s company.  It not only helps eliminate things poisonous to productivity, like stress and apathy, but builds brain healthy habits and increases morale! In other words, what’s good for the brain is great for business!

Short, simple, and amazing – Blue Ocean Brain offers  just  10 minutes a day of expert content that puts employees on the path to becoming productive thinkers.  And with low yearly subscription prices , Tom can feed his employees’ minds for a whole year for less  than the cost of buying them a single lunch.  Best of all, Blue Ocean Brain comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Like other top CEOs, Tom knows that building a creative and energized work force is critical to his company’s success.

With Blue Ocean Brain there is a new optimism in the air and the sound of laughter in the halls.

Innovative ideas are sprouting and production is booming once again.

Tom couldn’t have asked for better results and he couldn’t have done it without BlueOcean Brain!

Better thinking, better results. Good for business.

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Blue Ocean Brain Video from Ydraw on Vimeo.

Video: Blue Ocean Brain Video


Blue Ocean Brain Video was a great success. Blue Ocean Brain sparks creativity and teaches big picture thinking, delivering waves of good ideas for Tom’s company.