I love AMAZING videos and I have seen a lot lately but I wanted to just post 2 videos that I think are great.


Ydraw’s Choice Number 1:  Zendesk

It is not easy to create an amazing video with just music but these guys nailed it! I am sure Zendesk is proud.  They did a great job.  By creating situations that all of us are familiar with, the viewer is able to relate to the video even though there is no dialogue throughout the video.  Ydraw does have a couple of them that will be hitting the web soon so stay tuned, but in the mean time watch how engaging this video is.

Ydraw Choice Number 2: Dollar Shave Club

Once again a great video, but this video is perfect for all the wrong reason.   It launched his business and he deserves props for doing something that is extremely risky in the corporate world but a stroke of genius in the online video world.  I know several people who have actually signed up for this service, and it’s because of this video.  It’s smart, and creative, and a little bit insane.

What can we gain from these 2 simple videos? Be fun, be creative, and dare to take a little bit of risk.  People like to be entertained first and then sold.  Both of these videos show unique and new ways to capture an audience.  Both tell great stories.  Ydraw has said again and again that you need to tell a story with your video.  That doesn’t mean you have to have a narrator voicing over something, look at the Zendesk video?  There was no actual verbal exchange, but what a story it told.  Then you have the Dollar Shave Club which relied heavily on jokes and comedy to tell the story, but still got their point across coherently.

Good LUCK!

+Jace Vernon