Video Scribing – What Are The Benefits of it?

There’s an entire new meaning to the word, presentation. It’s called Video Scribing. Every so often, we see Video Scribing over the Internet. It has been around for a while but as of late it is gaining popularity due to its uniqueness and power of delivering a message.

It involves the use of creative pictures and drawings which produces a  far better understanding of a product and service. You can use it on websites, presentations, product launches, articles, blogs, guidelines, etc.

Here are some examples.

So often we’ve witnessed advertising on the television and these folks integrate actors and actresses, whether analyst, models, animals, and even cuddly babies.  Those are all great but we feel that the mind needs a little bit more stimulation.  Our brains yearn for more movement and entertainment so that is what whiteboard animation and video scribing provide.

Benefits include

  1. Retention improvement
  2. “Wow” factor
  3. Viral buzz
  4. Stimulates the brain
  5. Get your message across and uses entertainment

The benefit of employing Video Scribing is undeniable because of it’s potential to grab viewers’ interest. Because of its unique method and on how it engages the viewers, it provides further information and fortify vital points. Not only will it capture the attention of the spectator but it could also help them retain the information and like I keep saying time and time again: It is just cool and fun for everyone!  I have yet to meet anyone that doesn’t like video scribing.  It is a new and exciting revelation in the world of advertising. Take a look around the site an see all the different ways you can use Video Scribing.

Video Scrbing BenefitsWhat about in education? We’re referring to another use for Video Scribing. Lets face it, our education is lacking!  Imagine  training our young kids with videos. Ask them how they feel about spending 60 minutes being in the technology class, math, history, but more importantly ask them what they learned. A 10 minute video scribing video would hold attention better and teach more effectively.  But, to incorporate Video Scribing in college instructing, that is a game changer. I’m not attempting to say we are the only solutions for teaching, but it can’t hurt.  There’s a lot of educating procedure that work, but most do not. With the implementation of video scribing, the academic overall performance of the kids can definitely improve. Everybody will stop, look, and listen.

Why Video Scribing Is An Effective Method For Advertising

What is video scribing? Well, it’s a presentation with a little bit of a twist involved. Video scribing is  another form of conveying a message, story, or a small show through multimedia in which a presenter engages the mind of the viewer through pictures and drawing.  Video Scribing is a serious attention grabber, we have no doubts about that.

From the viewer’s point of view, they have to assemble the pieces in their heads of what is taking place and anticipate what will happen next. With video scribing we stimulate the brain until we are fully engaged.  It’s like the audience is connecting each and every dots just to have the full feeling of the presentation. This is exhilarating, and this type of communication channel produces much comprehension for the viewer, and gives them the pleasure by anticipating what is going to take place next.

From the presenter’s point of view, we get to provide a masterpiece with proven results.   After a thrilling script is approved, the artist will then record himself on video while drawing the layout. Bear in mind, the most important objective is for the viewer to have some sort of desired reaction.  If we fail to get our audience to react or eventually take some form of action then the video has failed to be effective.  Not everyone is a buyer but for those who are we need commitment.  People change no faster then they make and keep commitments.

Delivering the story looks easy enough, but it’s more than that. Even though the full video scribe story last for only 3 to 5 minutes, the actual procedure may take days or months to finish. When developing a video clip, you can’t afford to make errors.  We want our video scribing videos to be perfect and create a buzz.  First we want to catch attention and secondly we need to move them to action.  Whiteboard animation videos have no problem catching attention the harder of the two is getting people to take actions.  That is where are expertise can help.

So there are your benefits to Video Scribing.

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