Do you have a Video Scribing Video?

Video Scribe Videos and Whiteboard Animation Videos seem to be the big thing right now.  That is great for Ydraw but it is even better for your company.  Video Scribing should be your only choice due to the fact that we have such a high retention rate.  You have 15 Seconds to grab your audience so you need to make sure it counts.  How do I know this? Lets just say I am the Scribing King.  Ok not really but Ydraw is the #1 Video Scribing Company.  Look around and check out some of our Video Scribing Examples.

If you are taking a look at our service you might be interested in reading this small testimonial.

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Quick note to compliment you and your team.  ”Customer Service” is obvisoulsy somehting Ydraw stresses internally.  We at English Cip were all very impressed with the attention and professionalism of your staff.  They were responsive to all of our team’s requests and created a very nice finished product that is fitting nicely into our app. We thoroughly enjoyed working with all of you – especially Annie who had to field long, static filled phone calls from me in the middle of the night. We are coming back for more videos.  Best, ME

There are so many uses and benefits of a video scribing service company.  We can’t name them all here – well actually we can but I do not want to bore you with so many stats.  There is a link below that will show you a few examples.   Scribe videos are powerful and are being used by some of the biggest names in commercial marketing.  You want to do what the best are doing, right? Well they are all using Ydraw’s Videos to convert, inspire, and impress.  We have seen video scribing used for tutorials, websites, youtube ads, conferences, trade shows and more.  The list seems to grow each and everyday.

Check out our video portfolio and see what we have to offer.

Video Samples

The Video Scribing Process

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1. The Script

The script is the heart of your video and usually the hardest part.   Let our professional writers create a script for your video that is engaging, fun, and delivers your message like nothing else can. You know, the Ydraw magic!  (the Secret Sauce, the big kahuna, the pure awesomeness)  It takes a special balance of word choice, visuals, pacing and more to create a great video – but don’t worry, that’s what we do! If you have your own concept, provide us an outline and our writers can help “massage” it into the best script for your audience and intended outcome.  But remember, a good script should draw viewers in with relevant, engaging and sometimes humorous dialogue. Attention spans are short, so be quick, be different and make people smile.  You can also research our script writing 101 articles for help.

2. Story board and Art Design

Ydraw will pull in our professional artists to create the art work, layout, and story board.  Since we only higher the best we like to let our artist apply their creativity.  This is usually a 7 day process.  You will receive a layout showing you exactly how the artwork will look and how it will flow with the script. We do not go into production without your final approval. With each video comes 1 round of changes and or adjustments of any kind.  Obviously you will want to make sure you make all the changes necessary on the 1st round.  There are million dollar costs and broken hearts associated with multiple changes. icon smile Video Scribing

3. Video Editing

Once our animators and editors have put on the finishing touches to your layout we go under camera where are hot hand models begin their magic.  We also bring on professional sound design, sound effects, and music to bring the video to life. Every video scribe  comes standard with a professional voice and music. Ydraw has hundreds to choose from and can provide you with the sound. When it’s ready, we’ll upload to dropbox or youtube for your approval.You have been scribitized.  Now you can die peacefully in your sleep because you now have the perfect video..  Not screaming and yelling like others do.     If you need a different format please let us know.  Ydraw can also provide you with ideas or show you how to use Youtube, Vimeo, and other video hosting sites.   We highly recommend using all the different video mediums available.

More stuff about video scribing and how to use it

Video Scribing videos, also known as whiteboard animation videos, is the real-time capture, processing, and iteration of information in a visual form. This could be presented in words, cartoons, pictures, diagrams, flows and hierarchies.

Video Scribing can be used for

  • Social Media Videos
  • Software Videos
  • Marketing Videos
  • Finance Videos
  • Information Technology
  • How to Videos
  • Fund Raising and Non Profit
  • Electronic Videos
  • Directional Videos
  • Sports Videos
  • Presentation Videos

Is there anything more inspiring then a perfectly planned and delivered presentation or speech?   Yet if I were to ask the audience a couple of days later about the content of the inspiring speech they would recall very little. This is where scribing videos work so well.  Scribe Videos over come the memory problem.  The same goes with most verbal and written presentation.   Studies by educational researchers have found that three days after an event, people retain 10% of what they heard from an oral presentation 35% from a visual presentation, and 65% from a visual and oral presentation. (  We have seen a huge improvement when an audience can see a scribe video.

A ‘good’ presenter (including teachers, parents, bloggers, and leaders)  will spend hours on preparing the perfect speech or class.  Their hope is to inspire change, educate, and receive a standing ovation.  This is admirable, but by taking a powerful presentation and add Ydraw’s video scribe your message will become clear.  Your long hard hours can be rewarded with retention.  We make this happen with each video scribe.

Although some would think the scenario above applies only to public speakers, teachers, and leaders, think again!  Life is a presentation.  When you sit down to write a blog, an article, or a journal, you are trying to capture attention in hopes your audience with react take action.

Recently, Ydraw had the chance to present one of our video scribing videos in front of a large audience. The video scribing video had the whole audience mesmerized, it was amazing, if only I could have brought my camera.  Every eye in the room was glued to the video screen.  Just image what a video scribing video could do for you!

Think of your business plan, business cards, and business biography. These are all written and created to capture attention and promote action. The key to successful communication is realizing that all communication is an opportunity to educate, motivate, and inspire, and requires an emotional and visual connection to make an impact.  Video scribing brings all of these concepts together in one beautiful video creation.  I have personally read thousands of articles, blogs, business plans, and endured countless hours of classes, presentations, and church talks.  The sad truth is that I cannot remember 1/100th of the information I was presented. I wish teachers would have used video scribing back in my day.   By tapping into others emotions and creating a visual aid, your audience can retain and recall presented information weeks, if not years, down the road.  The brain is wired to seek out and categorize visual stimuli. Video scribing gives the brain the challenge it deserves.  Numerous studies have shown that pictures inherently and automatically attract attention. This occurs especially when pictures of people, animals, or anything that implies possible danger is presented.  One of the basic ways illustrating aid retention relates to the well-researched dual coding theory of memory.  This theory proposes that information is stored in the long-term memory both as verbal propositions and as mental images, and when information is presented verbally and visually, this theory suggests that it has a better chance of being remembered. What does that tell you? Simple. Video scribing works.

Not fully convinced yet? Lets look at a couple more studies. One study (Shepard, 1967) was recorded where people looked at 600 pictures, sentences, or words. On an immediate test, recognition accuracy was 98% for pictures, 90% for sentences, and 88% for words. Another study (Nickerson, 1968) found that people had 63% recognition accuracy for a group of 200 black and white photographs one year after initial viewing. Other researchers (Standing, Conezio, & Haber, 1970) showed people 2,560 photographs for 10 seconds each. After three days, the study participants recorded recognition accuracy of over 90%. Even another study (Reed and Barnsley 1977) showed adults pictures and text from their elementary school books they used 20 to 30 years ago. Recognition accuracy rates for pictures and text were better than chance, with pictures alone being recognized more accurately than text. Finally, the last study (Stoneman & Brody 1983) found that children in visual or audiovisual conditions recognize more products in commercials than children in auditory only conditions. Pictures allow rich cognitive encoding that results in high recognition rates, even years after the initial encoding takes place. Here is a simple way to add visuals to your everyday blogs, articles, speeches, and business plans.

More about Ydraw

The Best Video Scribing Company is Ydraw and if you do not believe us we highly recommend you take a look at Ydraw vs The Competition.  This a new unique way to capture attention, engage audience, provide additional information about your company or product, and reinforce key points.   Not only will these videos capture the undivided attention of your audience, but it also will help them retain the information that is presented. Humans tend to think in pictures. Here’s an example. If i was to say say “flag