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#1. Video scribing videos and Whiteboard animation videos in the World.  They are powerful and have unlimited benefits when it comes to marketing.  There is only one choice you should consider when creating a video and that is Video Scribing.  These Videos convert more prospects, maintains attention, can create more opt-ins and explain your message in such a way that you will be remembered.  There are so many uses and benefits that we can’t name them all here, but if you take a look at our site you will find the evidences.  These videos are powerful and are being used by some of the biggest names in the internet and commercial marketing world.  You want to do what the best are doing and they are all using whiteboard animation videos to convert, inspire, and impress.

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It is becoming more and more difficult to hold the attention span of consumers.  Without video scribing you run the risk of not getting your point across.  Text and newspapers are a lost cause and will soon be obsolete if you do not believe me take a look at the profits of your newspaper companies, they are struggling to stay alive.  Video, especially video scribing, is just getting started.  With iphones, ipads, and Google phones video can only increase, not to mention the new HTML5 that is coming on board has much quicker loading capabilities.   Lets look at what is happening in the video world.  Youtube has 48 hours of video uploaded every minute, 3 billion views a day  (that is half the world population) and 100 million daily mobile views.  The numbers are staggering! This is just on Youtube we are not even talking about all the other video sites.  So you might ask what is the best type of video to get your message across.  Obviously by reading the title of this article you know the answer.  Video Scribing is some of the most motivating, pattern interrupting, and attention grabbing videos on the web. Think about it, a huge chunk of the brain power that we have is dedicated for images.  Video scribing defines the way the brain processes information.  By taking a script and adding images, picture, music and effects you now engaging the right parts of the brain for future recall.  No wonder 86 out if every 100 people would rather watch a video then read text.  Here are 3 simple beneftis of video scribing

1.  Increase traffic

2. Increases google site rank by 53 times.  The new Google Panda update favors video and some of the sites that benefited the most from the panda update are youtube, metacafe, hulu, and reelz just to name a few.  Google realized that people are navigating towards videos

3. Increase your op-in rate

4. The younger generation will not have much to do with text.  Whether we like it or not that is the way things are going we are in the information age is passing and the communication age is coming into effect.  We will need to produce media that communicates quickly and do it with some entertainment or we will not be able to hold much attention.  Here is a perfect example while writing this article my 11 month year old daughter is watching “Signing times” on my phone.  Photo on 2011 10 30 at 13.30 300x225 Video Scribing