In Video Marketing, ONE chance is ALL you get. Make sure it counts

Most people assume that they have more chances than one to sell their customer on a particular product or service.  Do not be fooled.  If a prospect does not see value and take action immediately the likely hood of them returning to your website is slim to none.  You might assume that your product or service is different and your visitors will return later to make a purchase.  Statistics and research have proven otherwise.  You have ONE CHANCE to inspire your audience to take action.  Make sure it counts!

Online videos can be the tool you need to convert more visitors.  Videos convert more prospects, get more views, have higher click through rates, and sell more product.  Those are the facts and it is now or never for any Marketer.

A prospect either takes the action you want when they land on your page.  Or they bounce into cyber oblivion.  And your conversion heartache begins.

Video Marketing Secrets

Since you have one chance our job is to show you how to take advantage of those few seconds and make sure your audience does not leave without listening to your messages.

1.  Video Marketing:  Headline (first 5 seconds)

You have 5 seconds to grab your audience.  Here is a headline I used in one of our marketing videos.

Here’s exciting news for anyone who’s ever sweat blood over marketing videos, but failed miserably because it was too expensive, too complicated or just too time consuming…

The first 5 seconds has to be powerful and hit some “Hot Buttons” (hot buttons are the pains your customer is feeling.  Your video headline needs to grab attention quickly and lead your prospects along to the next phase of the video. Most video marketers start right into their value propositions instead of writing a compelling Headline. That is like shooting blanks: it bring no results and fails to move prospects.  You need a great opening sentence on your video.

2.  Video Marketing:  Value Proposition (problem solving)

What Value does your product or service bring to the market place?  How is your video going to show this value?  Nobody cares what they can do for you, they only want to know what you can do for them.  Your product or service needs to solve a problem and relieve pain.  A great way to show your value is by using a story.  With a simple video you can create a story and show how your product came in and saved the day. Throughout the video, it is imperative that you stress the benefits of your product.  Keep in mind that all this is leading up to a “call to action.”

3.  Video Marketing:  Call to Action (offer)

Your video has to have a call to action.  Tell your clients what they need to do and do it quickly.  The nice thing about video marketing is you can use images and pictures to create a call to action.  If you need visitors to complete an opt-in form, tell them.  Remove all obstacles and spell out exactly what action needs to be taken.

4.  Video Marketing:  Remove all Risk

It is one thing to tell them about the value you create, it is another thing to prove it.  Each prospect you encounter will have to take on some risk.  There is always risk!  Your video needs to use testimonials, customer ratings, third party endorsements, or independent studies. Anything to out weigh the risks that your clients are taking.  Even when asking for a simple email address your visitor is taking on a risk.  Eliminate that risk by proving the benefits.

Good Luck!

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