When it comes to creating a video; simple, short and direct is always better.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that just can’t seem to get to the point?  They lack the turn off value.  As they are talking we think to ourselves “How long is it going to take for this person to get to the point?”  I have seen video and video scripts that have the exact same problem.  What ever you do keep your video simple, short and direct. Here is a fun video to prove our point.

Simple, Short and Direct Videos

Most of the video scribing videos we create are around 3 minutes.  Why do you think that is?  It is because our video limit will help you create the absolute best possible work in the shortest amount of time.  I am always surprised by what people can do with a time limit.  Here is something you should put into practice.   Take your video script that is 5 to 6 minutes and cut it down to 3 minutes then cut it down to 2 minutes.  Your audience or you superiors will appreciate that you cut out everything that was unnecessary and gave them the meat.  Nobody has time anymore and the more you respect other’s time the more grateful they will be in your ability to distill the essence of the message. None of us like spam mail, but we all have to go through it to get to the good stuff.  Do not put spam in your videos!

Subtract do not Add to Your Video Script

Here is what normally happens when we create a video script.  Our script writers present a simple direct version to the client the client then take that script and adds to it.  Then the video script goes up to their superiors and they adds some more.  By the time they are done we have taken a 3 minute video and turned it into a 7 minute video.  This happens to us all!  We take simplicity and try to complicate it.  We need to learn to be concise and focused when it comes to creating video scripts.

“Simple as it sounds, there is great wisdom in the short, fast, and direct route.  Knowing where you’re going in your conversation and demonstrating to others you know where you’re going by being concise is a big step toward leadership and respect.  Hone these skills in every situation and with every opportunity you have, whether you’re in line at the corner deli or in the boardroom.  Learn to economize.  People appreciate brevity in today’s world.”   Donald Trump


+Jace Vernon