Corporate Training Video Production

Corporate training videos are a must in today business world.  Yesterday I was on the phone with a good friend of mine and he was talking about how busy he was training, cleaning up messes, which are caused by lack of training and answering questions that could be answered with a simple video.  Understand, he is a regional manager of his company.  He is busy and should not be spending his time on these types of tasks!  He is also overwhelmed by the menial tasks that fill up his day.  I would be to if I was in his shoes. The sad thing is as business owners we can all do better we can  solve this issue and many more with a simple corporate training video program.

How to create a Corporate training program?

We all know that people want to be shown how we do things not told.  They want pictures, images, and examples much more than they want text.  We all know the adage that a picture is worth 1000 words, what does that make a video worth?  Videos not only help your trainees understand your message they will remember your message days later. If they have forgotten, not a problem, they watch the video again.  Corporate training video should help your employees “see” how to accomplish the task at hand.  How are you going to accomplish this?  It is simple let Ydraw do it for you.  We create simple videos that can teach, train, explain, and coach your trainees.  Take a look at the video below and you can see how a large corporation used video scribing to get the point across to their employees.  It was a great success and proved to be a fantastic teaching tool.

Back to the headline of how we can create the perfect corporate training video?

1.  Create the Videos.  You take the everyday training material that you are constantly teach your employees and make a simple video.  A perfect example of this would be the following. Consider the fact that you need to show all your trainees the perfect way to set up a booth and the dos and don’t s of presenting.  This is extremely important information because is it trade secrets that could solve a lot of problems.  They are gems of wisdom that you have learned over time and consider it to be of great value.  Instead of repeating yourself a thousand times you create a corporate training video and put it online.  Now instead of having to explain things over and over again you just send them to your online training videos.  Simple right!

2.  Show them do not just tell them.  Why tell when you can show?  In your corporate training videos you need to make sure that you are showing them how to do things not just telling them.  If you want to teach employees about how they should go about accomplishing a certain task you should show them pictures or images of how that task is to be accomplished.  Let them see how it needs to be done.

3.  Upload and Automate. This is the power behind corporate training videos, you can automate the whole process.  Imagine having your employees go onto an online portal with a series of training videos.  No longer does your top executives  spend hours upon hours on menial task.  They can spend more time and being innovative.

There you have it.  Corporate Training Videos are a must have it today’s world.  A video can be there when you can’t be, a video saves travel time and expenses, a video is constant and can get your message delivered exactly how you want it.  Yes, producing a video scribing corporate training video does take time and money. But the long term returns out weigh the immediate cost.  Take action and create the the perfect corporate training videos!