Animated Explainer Videos Improve Landing Pages

Animated Explainer Videos Improve Landing Pages

Animated explainer videos are essential for improving landing pages


Ydraw believes this, and wants to share with others the benefits of using animated explainer videos in landing pages.

Animated explainer videos improve landing pages in many areas, and here are four that are defined in detail.

Expanding Technology

Because technology is continually expanding and businesses are always looking for ways to increase traffic and improve their conversion rates, learning more about the current trends in advertising and promotion are very important to businesses.  Just because a website was fabulously popular a year ago doesn’t necessarily mean that it is still making conversions at the same high rate.  Many people are finding that using an animated explainer video is an excellent way to improve conversion rates.

Interest Level

One reason for this is the interest level that videos have over simply having text to read.  In today’s world, interest must be grabbed quickly and is easily lost.  Being able to grab and hold attention is the key to getting conversions.  Animated Explainer Videos move quickly and constantly as the scribing follows along with the voice to keep a person’s attention much longer than just text or an audio clip.  The clever pictures that are drawn and the injection of appropriate text keep the viewer interested and guessing what will come next.  This keeps the attention focused, which is what most businesses want to happen on their landing pages.

Increased Conversion Rate

Statistics seem to uphold the notion that video keeps attention longer than just text does, as companies have reported increased conversion rates when using video on landing pages.  When the overall marketing strategy has a landing page video to focus on, then email, social media, PPC advertising, SEO, and all promotions can drive prospective customers to the landing page where the video provokes a higher conversion rate.

Focal Point

Whether the animated explainer video is designed to instruct for the purpose of training, describes the company and what it offers, explains a service provided by the company, or demonstrates a product, its fast-moving animation keeps the customer’s attention riveted.  The combination of visual and audio input provides more information to the customer who is then more willing to make a purchase or at least take the next step to learn more.


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New Animation Production

New Animation Production

The animation production company Ydraw is now not only releasing video scribing videos, but animation videos as well.


When it comes to video marketing, Ydraw is indeed the place to go to for instantly appealing animation production. These videos are content rich and reach out to all age groups alike.


The animation production work at Ydraw is on par with any top animation studio, and after looking at all of their animated videos, it becomes quite obvious that they are made with all the standards of quality, craftsmanship and attractiveness kept in mind.


The animation production is done in a way that it should remind everyone of their childhood, sitting in front of their TV and watching Frankenstein being brought to life by the scientist. In this video however, it is a lead pencil that is made alive by the scientist who then proceeds to encouraging it to draw.


This is of course very close to what Ydraw is in reality i.e. making their art come to life via animation production and helping other organizations with their intelligent and innovative concepts of video marketing.


Ydraw helps people in bringing their ideas and products to life on the internet in a much refreshing way. And one can rest assured that any project they do would also be a very satisfactory experience for the customer in terms of the quality of the output.


Being a company that specializes in animated marketing videos, the people they work with have little to no worries regarding the development of their marketing strategies from the drawing board to the computer screens. And the final product is almost always exactly what the customer companies are looking for. Ydraw is indeed one of the pioneer companies of video marketing using animation production and is paving a way for small and big corporations alike to promote their businesses on the internet in a creative and subtle way.

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Animation Videos Now Released by Ydraw

Animation Videos Now Released by Ydraw

Animation videos are now being featured as a new and exciting Ydraw service


Previously specializing in specifically whiteboard animation and video scribing videos, Ydraw is taking a huge leap in business opportunities as they expand their services to include amazing animated videos.

Watch the new 2D animation video created by Ydraw.

Animation videos are now being featured as a new and exciting Ydraw service. Previously specializing in specifically whiteboard animation and video scribing videos, Ydraw is taking a huge leap in business opportunities as they expand their services to include amazing animated videos.

Animated videos have already shown amazing conversion rates with many animated marketing video companies, which is why Ydraw has announced their new release of services providing companies with not only whiteboard animation and video scribing videos, but animation videos as well.

Why not grow?  Ydraw started out as a whiteboard animation company, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay that way.  They specialize in video marketing, so naturally, they spread their wings and learned some new tricks of the trade to offer your company more options in order to promote your product.  While whiteboard animation still remains one of the best ways to promote your product or service, Ydraw understands that different products and services need to be promoted in different ways.

Sometimes to best promote a product of service, a 2D animation video serves that product or service better than a whiteboard animation could.  Ydraw understands this, and quickly became experts in how 2D animation in order to create the most powerful and effective videos for your business.

Contact Ydraw today to see what video would be the most effective for your product or service.  Or, let them know if you have any questions, comments, or ideas for them to better their videos.

Ydraw creates new animation videos for you and your company or product.

Video Scribing Videos Ydraw announce increased ROI

Video Scribing Videos Ydraw announce increased ROI

Do You Make These Video Mistakes?

Video scribing by Ydraw is hitting the mainstream. Consumer experience is becoming increasingly competitive, and according to, video is the fastest growing online ad format. 181 million US online users watched almost 40 billion videos online in January, and there are 48 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute! We are competing with billions and billions of marketing videos online, which means your video to be the most unique, high-quality, and unexpected video to get the most views as possible. Most company videos today are ordinary, flat, long, and lifeless. That’s why we developed Ydraw.

Why Most Videos Make Mistakes

Many marketing videos online are informative but uninteresting, businesslike but un-amusing, low quality, and unoriginal. Why? We are used to seeing the same marketing videos, and copying them from others. Some examples of these unoriginal videos can be: an interview style video, a power-point presentation video, or an animated video. These videos have been seen and done. Viewers are now expecting more. Quality is important, because the quality of your video directly reflects the quality of your business.

What Ydraw Does for Video

Video scribing is a successful unique video marketing strategy. Ydraw’s video scribing videos are high-quality, created by professional Disney artists, specialized video editors, script writers, and researchers who are constantly looking for the new “wow “ factor to entice an audience through video.

Ydraw videos connect the viewer with the marketing company in a unique way. Video scribing educates, motivates, and inspires, impacting the viewer emotionally and visually. Our brain is wired to seek out and categorize visual stimuli. Numerous studies have shown that pictures inherently and automatically attract attention, especially pictures of people, animals, or anything that implies possible danger.

One of the basic ways that illustrations aid retention relates to the well-researched dual coding theory of memory.  This theory proposes that information is stored in long-term memory both as verbal propositions and as mental images.  It suggests that when information is presented verbally and visually, it has a better chance of being remembered.

Videos Increase ROI

Specifically, unique videos like whiteboard animation videos. Ydraw uses specific strategies to gain search engine optimization through keywords in titles and descriptions, as well as providing valuable linking opportunities through specific web video launching guidelines.

The basic principle of Ydraw’s videos are geared towards entertainment, education, effective marketing, and increased traffic to the targeted company. We want to inspire and impact viewers in a new light. Imagine the impact video scribing videos would have on education, if every time someone wanted to learn a new bit of information, they just had to look up the video scribing video and watch an informative, amusing video, explaining large amounts of information in only 3 to 4 minutes. This would optimize time spent looking up, studying, and researching valuable information. Video scribing is an easier way to learn and remember things, capturing both visual and contextual channels in the brain for optimized learning.

This excellent video marketing mechanism is priceless, and will soon take over the marketing strategies of many fortunate companies who feel the importance of this new viral trend.



Animated Whiteboard Videos

Animated Whiteboard Videos

Animated Whiteboard Videos by Ydraw show Higher Return on Investment

Animated Whiteboard videos have become very popular over the last couple of months.  Animated Whiteboard video have been seen on ESPN, numbers never lie, the Golf Channel (David Feherty) and last but not least UPS which was one of the first animated whiteboard videos to come on the market.

Here is a simple Whiteboard Video created by Ydraw so that you can see what we are talking about.


Marketing Videos by Ydraw show a Higher Return on Investment

With each whiteboard animation video released by Ydraw, there is more data that shows the success of video scribing. Ydraw has seen animated whiteboard videos provide companies with a:
  • Higher click through rate compared to previous marketing videos (more views)
  • Increased ROI (Return on Investment)
  • 85% increase in sales
  • 400% increase on views
Why does your company need whiteboard videos anyway? The short answer is because you want more leads, more views, and more money.  It is not the video you need it is the actual results that the video produces.  That is what you need!  Right? And why should you get a professional to do your video? When you can … record a 2 minute video from your I-phone, edit it on your computer, upload it to YouTube, and in no time…. Voila!! A thousand people view your video in a weeks time, Business comes rolling in and life is great.  Yeah… I wish it were that simple. We are happy you are reading this text, our job is to prevent you from making the same old mistakes that others make And save you a butt load of time in the process.  That is a great deal.. Right?   We want your videos to be viewed more than 7 times (5 of which were because of you and the nifty “refresh” button).