Animated Whiteboard Videos by Ydraw show Higher Return on Investment

Animated Whiteboard videos have become very popular over the last couple of months.  Animated Whiteboard video have been seen on ESPN, numbers never lie, the Golf Channel (David Feherty) and last but not least UPS which was one of the first animated whiteboard videos to come on the market.

Here is a simple Whiteboard Video created by Ydraw so that you can see what we are talking about.


Marketing Videos by Ydraw show a Higher Return on Investment

With each whiteboard animation video released by Ydraw, there is more data that shows the success of video scribing. Ydraw has seen animated whiteboard videos provide companies with a:
  • Higher click through rate compared to previous marketing videos (more views)
  • Increased ROI (Return on Investment)
  • 85% increase in sales
  • 400% increase on views
Why does your company need whiteboard videos anyway? The short answer is because you want more leads, more views, and more money.  It is not the video you need it is the actual results that the video produces.  That is what you need!  Right? And why should you get a professional to do your video? When you can … record a 2 minute video from your I-phone, edit it on your computer, upload it to YouTube, and in no time…. Voila!! A thousand people view your video in a weeks time, Business comes rolling in and life is great.  Yeah… I wish it were that simple. We are happy you are reading this text, our job is to prevent you from making the same old mistakes that others make And save you a butt load of time in the process.  That is a great deal.. Right?   We want your videos to be viewed more than 7 times (5 of which were because of you and the nifty “refresh” button).