Best Whiteboard Animation: the Best Form of Edutainment

Best Whiteboard Animation: the Best Form of Edutainment

Best Whiteboard Animation: the Best Form of Edutainment

When it comes to trying to sell your product to consumers, especially in the current economy, you may become frustrated with their short attention spans, fast-paced lifestyles, and tendency to hum simple tunes while plugging their ears and clutching their wallets in a vice grip. If only there were a way to trick potential buyers into learning everything they need to know about a product or service all under the guise of being entertained! Well, you’re in luck! Whiteboard animation is the best way to entertain your audience while educating them about your business and all the many ways you can help them better their lives. Here are just a few examples of why whiteboard animation takes the cake when it comes to edutainment:


Improved communication of ideas

Whiteboard marketing videos don’t necessarily need to be promotional. If you have a complex set of ideas that you need to convey to potential buyers or even employees – whiteboard can help to improve learning and increase message retention. The symbolic illustrations in whiteboard videos make complicated ideas easier to understand and therefore, remember.


It’s a different kind of media

With all the many media inputs consumers are bombarded with every day, people have grown skeptical of anyone who even remotely reminds them of a salesman, whether or not they’re actually trying to sell them anything. You could have a product that will make peoples’ lives significantly easier, but if they’re not willing to listen to a sales pitch, you have no chance. Whiteboard animation bypasses message filters in the brain with its visual storytelling method. The creativity and artistic illustrations in a whiteboard marketing video can get through consumers’ thick skin, ensuring your message will reach the intended prospects.


It has an impressive teaching resume

When it comes to education, whiteboard animation has been used as chapter summaries for textbooks, to teach languages, demonstrate new software or products, or teach employees company policies or appropriate workplace conduct. Whiteboard animation has the unique ability to incorporate several different kinds of media including photos, illustrations, audio, animation, even other videos. People tend to find the variety of media in whiteboard videos much more engaging than a traditional advertisement or talking head promotion.


It’s simple

Whiteboard videos use a simplified manner of illustrating to give information to the viewers. The simplistic illustrations combined with voice-over narration promote the feeling of storytelling – in most cases taking the viewer back to the innocence and simplicity of childhood. The presence of a hand in the video, or live drawing, makes the video seem more realistic and viewers are better able to fully understand and retain the message. Whiteboard animation keeps your audience captivated by engaging them in the artistic creativity. Illustrations, combined with a pleasant background tune and professional voice-over make up a deadly trio of advertising – consumers just can’t complain about something so easy.

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4 Steps on How to Create an Exciting and Compelling Explainer Video

4 Steps on How to Create an Exciting and Compelling Explainer Video

Creating an Explainer Video is Easy

Explainer Videos are the new learning fad. Catching ahold of that fad, YDraw has made some awesome video examples on how to keep an audience’s interest. Focusing on whiteboard animation, they have made a new way to keep an audience entertained while learning. There are a wide variety of Explainer Videos one can find on the web from guitar tutorials, business tips, DIY videos, and many more. Making an awesome company explainer video is a great way to get people excited, interested, and spreading the word about product and business.

4 Steps to Create a Great Explainer Video

1) Plan: What is the objective? What is the content, tone, and medium of the video? One important thing to remember is to keep it sweet and simple, leaving customers with just enough information to want to know more, but not too much to overwhelm them.

2) Storyboard: Plot your outline on a storyboard, and get very detailed. This way, visualization and editing is easier to accomplish. The whole outline of the project can be visualized in one place, from the beginning to the finish. Make sure to have the whole project edited and finished before beginning filming, and edit the content so it will fit into 2 minutes or less. This will keep the audience interested without taking too much time away from their day.

3) Audio: Make sure to have a great voice-over. Nothing kills a video more than an annoying voice in the background. Let coworkers and friends listen to voice-overs to decide which one is the best. Once you have a good voice-over, find the perfect background music for the occasion. Make sure the music is simple and not drowning out the voice-over. A clean, soft, relaxing tune is best for most videos.

4) Launch: Be proud of the video, and flaunt the masterpiece. Put it on as many websites as possible. Make a scene, get the web talking about it, get everyone involved. The more it is talked about, the more others will start noticing it’s effect.

There is no better way to spread the word about a business or company than making a great explainer video. Visit Ydraw for some amazing examples of how to keep explainer videos sweet, simple, exciting, and compelling. Join the rest of the growing businesses which are ahead of the game and already catching onto the fad. Get started and create your amazing explainer video today.

Cutting Edge Tools

Ydraw’s Video Scribing and Whiteboard Animation are cutting edge tools that make business stand out above competitors. Ydraw’s video scribe videos are creative, unique, and get the perfect results. Taking topics that are hard to explain, Ydraw makes a simple video scribing video with hand drawn pictures, engaging the audience and helping them retain important information. Ydraw Video Scribe Videos can increase your customers views and drive more traffic to your site, thus increasing sales.