3 Steps To Creating Viral Videos

3 Steps to Creating an Amazing Video

So you have finally decided that video is important and you want to create an amazing video that everyone will discuss for the next year.  You want a video that will go viral and be shared globally on facebook, twitter, and linkedin. Better said, you want a “Dollar Shave Club’s” Video that brought the client 12K new clients on the first day they launched the it.  They had no clue what a simple video could do to their lives.  They went from broke to rich in a matter of 24 hours.

These kinds of videos do not just happen over night, well maybe they do but the majority do not.  Do not go off and think you need to make some viral video or you are a failure.  Viral can not be forced it just happens.  A video just needs to do a couple of things to be successful and have a chance to go viral.

  1. Build Trust
  2. Make the Audience Like You
  3. Present an Offer so you can capture leads.

Here are 3 steps to help you create a great video

Write a Great Script That Tells a Story

Before doing anything you need to consider the message you want to share with your audience.  What do they need? How can you help them? And above all how can you entertain them?  Many people do business with those they like.  A funny video that is educational and entertaining will go a lot farther then a dictionary video. I have seen too many professional agencies focus on the product extensively and they make for some terrible videos.  “Benefits Sale, Features Tell.”

Let me show you what we did on our Ydraw Video.  You may first want to watch it.


We wanted to create a video that was upbeat, no narration, with a little bit of humor in it.  For some companies creating a video can be a huge hassle so this video shows how Ydraw can help. Our goal was to focus on the benefits and not the product. Yes, we can brag about how wonderful we are and how we have special technology that nobody has, but that does not mean much to the customer.  They just want the results.  My first goal was to show that transition from failure to success.  That was part of the planning process but my  ultimate goal was for people to watch the video and say “I like that.” So remember that all great scripts need to be fun, education and focused on the consumer.

Do the Unexpected and Random Thing

Any element of surprise can enhance sharing and give the audience something exciting to talk about. For a example the Dollar Shave Club had the perfect part where he grabs the machete and cuts the tape.  It was awesome and funny at the same time.  If you are looking for help it might be a great idea to find someone who is a comedian or  a kid who has a sense of humor.  Once they give you a couple of ideas have the courage to go through with them.  Stop worrying about all the red tape and make a leap of faith.  Trust me, it WORKS!  For the Ydraw video we did a couple of things.

  1. We used a fat little angel guy as the Ydraw character.
  2. We had the little cute guy try to kill himself.
  3. His mom was the buyer

Get The Video Out There

You have to distribute your video to as many different platforms as possible.  You have Youtube, Ydraw, Vimeo, Metacafe, Break, etc.  There are so many different video platforms out there so make sure to take advantage of them all.  Fill out the title, description and tags correctly so people are able to find your video then post them on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and more.  If you do not have the time to distribute your video you can always hire someone.  If you want to see what type of hosting platform and Video seo Ydraw offers you can head on over to yvideoseo.com

One you have a great video and you have sent it out all over the world it is time to sit back.  You have increased the odds that your video will go viral and that is all that you can do.  Sometimes great videos flop and another times horrible videos somehow get millions of views.  That is just the way it is.  So remember, be creative, be fun and people will trust and like you.

Until next time my friends.

+Jace Vernon

Amazing Marketing Videos

Amazing Marketing Videos

I love AMAZING videos and I have seen a lot lately but I wanted to just post 2 videos that I think are great.


Ydraw’s Choice Number 1:  Zendesk

It is not easy to create an amazing video with just music but these guys nailed it! I am sure Zendesk is proud.  They did a great job.  By creating situations that all of us are familiar with, the viewer is able to relate to the video even though there is no dialogue throughout the video.  Ydraw does have a couple of them that will be hitting the web soon so stay tuned, but in the mean time watch how engaging this video is.

Ydraw Choice Number 2: Dollar Shave Club

Once again a great video, but this video is perfect for all the wrong reason.   It launched his business and he deserves props for doing something that is extremely risky in the corporate world but a stroke of genius in the online video world.  I know several people who have actually signed up for this service, and it’s because of this video.  It’s smart, and creative, and a little bit insane.

What can we gain from these 2 simple videos? Be fun, be creative, and dare to take a little bit of risk.  People like to be entertained first and then sold.  Both of these videos show unique and new ways to capture an audience.  Both tell great stories.  Ydraw has said again and again that you need to tell a story with your video.  That doesn’t mean you have to have a narrator voicing over something, look at the Zendesk video?  There was no actual verbal exchange, but what a story it told.  Then you have the Dollar Shave Club which relied heavily on jokes and comedy to tell the story, but still got their point across coherently.

Good LUCK!

+Jace Vernon

Newest Video Scribing Video 3 Ways to Improve the Script

Newest Video Scribing Video 3 Ways to Improve the Script

3 ways to improve your video scribing script.

Here is the latest and greatest whiteboard animation video by Ydraw. We tried a  something a little bit different with this video. As you can see, instead of having a lot of different video scribing scenes we decided to try one big overall scene. I think it worked out great–take a look.

Video scribing is not the easiest thing to do.  It requires great artwork and scripting. When it comes to videos it is all about the script. Here are a few steps to help you write a better whiteboard animation script

1. Intro. You have to impress the the audience and establish credibility from the beginning. Having experts or celebrities endorse you and/or your product is one way to do this.

2. Story. We have discussed many times why stories are so important. Though I won’t go into it more here, its worth mentioning again.

3. Close with a call to action. I attended a webinar summit this last weekend where the importance of closing with a clear call to action was reinforced.

There you have it! So the next time you are producing a video or giving a presentation remember to start with a great introduction followed by a story and end with a close.

Parent Link Video Scribing Video

This video was actually done from a totally different angle. It ended up being a great success.  We took a movie theme called Drag Net and created a video for Parentlink.  They will be using this video for a conference. If you would like to watch more video go here to Ydraw Video Samples.


The next time you are looking to improve you video scribing video, get Ydraw

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